Great Scott! Holiday in rehab?


WHY YOU SHOULD SPEND  YOUR Holiday in rehab?

I bet you are raising an eyebrow at that headline right about now, right? Well, just take a moment before you react as we explain why!

The Festive Season is often a difficult and painful time for many addicts and their families. If this sounds familiar, please think about it don’t suffer in silence. Particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing stopping many family get-togethers. You may want to do things differently this year. Take the gap and come to Houghton House to sort your life out. We are available for alcohol and drug addiction help over this December year-end and the New Year period. See:>>Could you be drinking too much and drinking yourself into trouble?<<

HOLIDAYS IN REHAB Rehab-reviews-drug-and-alcoholAs the pandemic is changing life as we know it this December the holidays are the perfect time of year to leave your family behind, forget the parties and gatherings (and shopping) and markets and come to Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. It’s probably the most nostalgic time of the year. It’s steeped in tradition and spending that time in Johannesburg’s finest rehab to get sober and leave addiction behind may not exactly sound “festive” but, December in rehab could save your life.

If you’re struggling with addiction, it could be the best time ever for you to go for rehab treatment. Not only will you allow yourself to escape a trigger-filled environment, and come to a safe place that is fully COVID compliant, but it may also lend itself to creating opportunities for you to get ahead on your New Year’s resolutions and begin the new year with a fresh start, a new life that is free from the addictions of Christmas past ( see what we did there?).

Here are our top reasons why we think spending the holidays in rehab is a great idea:

A place to get away from everything

You will rarely find a holiday event in the festive season that doesn’t involve alcohol. Drugs, too, can be found at a lot of these events. Office parties with colleagues, neighbourhood s gatherings where nearly everywhere you turn there is the offer of a welcome drink or a toast at a party. If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction it feels like the only safe option is to stay at home away from everyone.

Rehab-reviews-drug-and-alcoholAt Houghton House, you will be guaranteed a safe Covid compliant space where you won’t be tempted by anyone or anything. No FOMO, no family member around asking if you’d like a drink or some friend who despite your many please to avoid booze, asks if you won’t just have one for the festive season… You’ll be in an environment that is free from temptation, where you can focus on your needs and not having to spend the day fending off peer pressure.

Christmas isn’t always magical

Let’s be honest, it isn’t always a Hollywood movie. December and family gatherings can, and often does turn out to be one of the most stressful times of the year and that’s BEFORE you throw addiction into the mix. Being around family might not necessarily be a good thing if you are trying to rid yourself of your addiction. Unstable family relations and an erratic home environment can be a factor in your drinking or drug abuse. Not only that, but judgment at family gatherings can also affect you negatively. Christmas has bad memories, connotations, and feelings attached to it for many people. Loved ones who have passed away, an abusive situation that took place over the festive period or childhood memories of unfortunate events around this ‘jolly’ time of year can lead addicts to the crutch of alcohol or drugs as a means of escape during the festive season. So, although Christmas in the rehab centre may not sound like the way to celebrate the festive season, you need to ask yours

December in rehab -You will not be alone

If you do not to have family or friends to spend the holidays with, Christmas can trigger feelings of loneliness and despair, especially when you see others having a ‘great time.’ That itself can be a major trigger for addicts. At Houghton House, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by people who can relate to your struggles. Not to mention the numerous supportive staff who are passionate about helping you design a better life. See: >>Tips for surviving a Sober Holiday <<

The best gift you could ever want

What’s the best gift you could want as an addict? To be FREE from the clutches of addiction of course! The feeling of freedom that comes with being sober is a present that no money can buy. Your family and friends will also be receivers of this gift too, as addiction can and often does take a huge toll on them as well as yourself. If you know you get out of hand during the holiday season, perhaps the best decision you can make is to have Christmas in rehab and take a break from it all. Disclaimer: This is about YOU, and always must remain so. Addiction is beaten by you alone so remember that the gift is for yourself!

Intimate treatment

Rehab centres are often at their quietest over the festive period, which is not a bad thing at all (aside from the fact that you should be in rehab over that time if you are an addict!). That magical period around Christmas in rehab can be the best time to start treatment as capacity is lower while the number of staff remains the same. In other words, a higher staff-to-patient ratio exists which means that as a client, you are privy to more individual attention and better help.
Houghton House Group of Treatment centres are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The festive period does not mean there is a slow down for those who are dedicated to saving and changing the lives of addicts.

What FOMO will you really experience?

Go back in your memories over the past few Festive Seasons events? Yes, everyone has some great memories of moments they treasure, but, if addiction overshadowed the good times, you will find that the memories are tainted with painful reminders, which you do not enjoy thinking back to. Remember the fight you had with your family over the over drinking? Or the near accident you had behind a wheel while drunk? Or the embarrassing staff party incident? See: >> Sober Festive Activities <<

Exactly… Rehab may not pull you away from the good so much as give you a chance to not create more bad memories.

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