Crystal Meth Treatment Program

The effects of addiction and Crystal Meth Treatment 

These effects are physical as well as psychological. There is no blueprint for the treatment of patients. Each person’s Crystal Meth Treatment Program has to be evaluated on its own and has to be worked out for a specific patient. Specialized medical personnel aid in this process.

An impossible dream

Crystal Meth Treatment at houghton House Despite claims that it’s an impossible fix, crystal meth addiction can be successfully treated. A meth user who starts Houghton House’s Crystal Meth Treatment Program will undergo psychiatric and medical evaluations and go through a controlled detox if required. Individuals will also go through individual counselling, group therapy, and relapse prevention classes that help them develop skills to cope with out drugs.

The positive news is that crystal meth addiction can be treated successfully by The Houghton House detox and addiction treatment – its always best that the Crystal Meth Treatment Program measures are followed up by long-term aftercare and regular checking by medical professionals.
Many times, those who battle with crystal meth addiction can relapse after long period of being clean
Houghton House recommends that the best way to fight the problem is our  all-inclusive treatment that targets dual diagnosis and underlying or co-occurring problems continually checking with the client, ensuring they are continuing the their sobriety program.

The process of the Crystal Meth Treatment

involves a therapeutic and educational process both for the patient and family members. The most effective treatment would involve an inpatient program to help the patient break the cycle of Crystal Meth use. This would include a complete assessment of the patient both physically and psychologically to determine the best treatment for the specific patient. The patient will be booked in at the centre and stay for the duration of the program.

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The assessment

Crystal Meth Treatment at houghton House Done by highly skilled medical personnel to ensure the safety of the patient during the program. The crystal meth treatment involves the use of medication in conjunction with behaviour therapy for the patient. There is no medicine available at present to cure the addiction as such. With the constant supervision of the medical staff, an evaluation is made on the use and effect of the medicine prescribed to ensure that it enhances the Crystal Meth Treatment Program.

Mental depression

This is severe during the withdrawal process of the program and after completion of the treatment and often lasts longer than that of cocaine users. It is therefore imperative that the patient follows a long-term crystal meth treatment program like the 12 step program to ensure the long-term recovery of the patient. In this program the patient gets exposed to group therapy and interacts with people who have the same problem as them. They help and motivate each other to overcome their addiction problem over a long period.

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