Revealing the 7 Habits of Highly Addictive People

So what are the habits of Highly Addictive People:

Realistically, there are loads of individuals who can drug and drink, who can smoke and who can look at pornography and who can go to casinos and gamble, but never end up being cursed with a resulting addiction to one of these issues. Nevertheless, some people seem to be born with a predilection to addiction or addictive disorder who are simply wired that way, wired for addiction from the first drug, drink, puff, porn image, or taste of gambling.

7 habits of Highly Addictive People at houghton house drug and alcohol rehab
  1. Withdrawing from loved ones
    Highly Addictive People are consumed by their drug of choice and spend a significant amount of their time using drugs. This means they will usually skip social meetings or gatherings or will arrive late and leave early. They might not respond to emails, phone calls, or text messages.
  2. Acting secretive
    People addicted to drugs or alcohol don’t want to be caught. They do everything to conceal their addiction problems. They are experts in guarding their computer and phone, and lying about where they go and what they do. They oppose anyone who questions what they’re doing.
  3. Abandoning hobbies
    Activities or hobbies that used to hold the person’s attention no longer hold the same appeal. This is because individuals don’t have enough time to pursue their hobbies or simply don’t care anymore. Anxiety, depression, and lack of motivation are three common illnesses that can encourage a person to take interest in drugs and alcohol instead of once-loved pastimes.
  4. Skipping work or school
    Highly Addictive People usually have a hard time regularly attending school and work. They’d rather go to party or sleep off a hangover than force their mind and body to function at school or work. Whether they go to work late, leave early, do careless work, or call in sick, people hooked on a substance will have a noticeably poor academic or work performance.
  5. Spending cash quickly
    Most people addicted to drugs burn through cash very quickly. It is not in their habit to save money. Instead, they spend their cash as quickly as they can make, borrow, or steal it.
  6. Engaging in risky behavior
    Jumping off cliffs, driving extremely fast, and acting shamelessly can give a person a high much like that of their drug of choice. Because drugs can cause hallucinations or paranoia, people who use them are more prone to accidents.
  7. Neglecting their personal appearance
    Some individuals forget to look after their personal hygiene and appearance. They don’t care how they smell or what they look like. They can’t conceal the physical effects of drug use, including meth mouth, bloodshot eyes, persistent cough, and weight loss.

Highly Addictive People tend not to plan and to be spontaneous, they have difficulty to stay focused and plan goal-setting. Instead, their personalities are focussed on being unique because as addicts lack the follow-through to process goal oriented ways that are  success paths in society.

How Can You Stop your Addiction?

Rehabilitation Treatment at a decent facility like Houghton House  can help you to cope with uncomfortable feelings and help you disentangle the complicated thoughts that keep you addicted. Stopping is never easy or straightforward, but Houghton House’s tried and tested treatment programmes will help you achieve it when you are ready.

7 habits of Highly Addictive People at houghton House Rehab

If you or a loved one are Highly Addictive People and in need of assistance please do not hesitate to call our office for more information on dealing with alcohol or  substance abuse and getting yourself into rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

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