Cocaine Rehab Costs

Cocaine Rehab Costs can be High

Cocaine has been around for many years. Millions of people all over the world are addicted to this drug. It is a highly addictive stimulant derived from the cacao plant that grows in Peru and Bolivia.

Unlike other countries in the world  Cocaine has only been a major problem for a decade or so. Due to the apartheid regime and lockdown of our borders, this drug was not readily available in South Africa for many years. When South Africa became part of the global society, the availability of this drug, with its social problems, became part of life in South Africa.

How Cocaine Affects you

Cocaine Rehab Costs Treatment Of Cocaine Addiction at Houghton HouseThe cocaine user is affected both physically and psychologically. Physical symptoms are: raised blood pressure, increased heart rate, diluted pupils and increased body temperature. Because these symptoms affect the heart, this addiction can lead to cardiac arrest and possibly death.

Psychological effects can be long lasting as well as deadly. The cocaine user can get to a stage where immoral acts are committed to sustain the habit. These crimes can lead to jail time or death. They experience very low periods when the high wears out and go into a state of depression.

Cocaine Rehab Costs & Treatment

The treatment for cocaine is no different than with most other drugs. It is the detox process that differs from other drugs. Each patient has to be evaluated both physically and psychologically in order to find the best treatment. This is done by highly skilled medical staff. Cocaine rehab costs can never be too high when compared to the relief experienced by the addicts themselves and the family who was mentally damaged due to his addiction.


A Warning on Referral Agencies & Referral Fees

Many medical aids pay for either the full treatment or a substantial part thereof. Some of the medical staff that treat the patients are rehabilitated addicts themselves and give treatment to patients not for the monetary reward only, but as a gesture of giving back for what they once received.

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