Cocaine Addiction Your Survival Treatment Programme!

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programme

If you want to save a loved one from a cocaine addiction and its potential impact on the body and mind, it is of the utmost importance to bring the addiction to an early end. There are so many possible solutions, so what do you do to get the right answers?

Cocaine addiction treatment programmes are readily available, and the first step would be to call a professional. You aren’t the first person to go through this and they’ll be able to give you sound advice on your particular situation.

Houghton House Cocaine Addiction Treatment ProgrammeThe Houghton House view of addiction as a chronic disease reinforces the theory that addicts have little if any control over their behaviours. Cocaine addiction, like other forms of addiction, is a complex disease that impacts physical, mental, and spiritual damage on the addict. Research suggests a genetic component to Cocaine (and other addictions) and points to the physiological deviations in the brain resulting from drug abuse.
At this point, no successful specific drug-based treatment does exist for addiction to cocaine. Houghton House uses medically supervised detox in order to achieve long-term recovery. Treatment interventions include incorporating physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

How Cocaine affects the Brain

A physical dependence on cocaine occurs when the brain starts to treat its changed dopamine levels as the standard or default condition. If the subject’s dopamine levels fall below this new average, withdrawal symptoms begin, and the harshness of the symptoms characteristically affects users causing a strong incentive for continuous cocaine use.
Physical detox is required to break a person’s dependence on cocaine and move towards treatment programs. Addiction occurs when this stimulus becomes obsessive, and cocaine or other drugs a compulsive focal point of daily existence.

Dopamine directly affects an area of the brain called the limbic system, which triggers pleasurable sensations in response to certain actions and activities. Depending on the method of ingesting (injection, smoking or nasal inhalation), the Cocaine rapidly increases the brain’s dopamine supply. When levels of this dopamine chemical increase, feelings of pleasure generated in the limbic system increase. In turn, this increase creates a rewarding feedback loop that emphasises the probability of future partaking in the negative actions and behaviours

Cocaine Inpatient Programme

Houghton House Cocaine Addiction Treatment ProgrammeCocaine is an extremely difficult addiction to recover from without participation in the quality inpatient programme at Houghton house or at worst our Houghton house intensive outpatient treatment program.

Finding the reason behind cocaine addiction is a very important step in the recovery process. Emotional dependency causes someone to feel worthless when they’re not using. That’s why it’s very important to know the real reason behind the cocaine abuse. Therapists play a very big role in recovery and increase the chance of long term recovery.

Houghton House has a trusted cocaine addiction treatment programme in Johannesburg. They offer addiction assessment to determine the extent of the addiction. You can talk to them about the addiction and find a course of action that’ll suit your needs.

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