7 Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs

Seven Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs to watch out for 

Cocaine is a extremely addictive substance. What starts off as apparently harmless experimentation can rapidly develop into a actual life-threatening addiction with shattering individual, professional, monetary, family destruction and consequences.

These cocaine addiction warning signs are just a guideline and although there’s a good chance, it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is a cocaine addict. Confronting an addict is a difficult thing to do, and having professional support, might mean the difference between recovery and eventual death. Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs for houghton House addiction rehab You are probably reading this because you suspect someone close to you is using cocaine.

The 7  cocaine addiction warning signs you need to look out for are

  1. Continual partying until the early morning without a hangover.
  2. Daytime sleeping.
  3. Little appetite for ‘normal’ food, just for sweets.
  4. Cannot make eye contact and restless.
  5. Excuses to avoid family participation.
  6. Always has a cold (runny nose), often with a bloody nose.
  7. Large pupils and shining eyes.

Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs

Cocaine abuse can often results in a cocaine addiction, but not everybody gets to have a problem. Some people can use this drug occasionally and recreationally without ever having an addiction problem. Though, it is vital to be able to distinguish the indications and signs of a cocaine addiction before it becomes a problem. The earlier one acts, the faster you can take control of your life again.

If cocaine use spirals out of control, the consequence of usually a crippling addiction are high. An addiction that may be enormously difficult to stop. You can understand that that early intervention is definitely the answer and the path to a full recovery from cocaine addiction and drug abuse.

Looking out for the cocaine addiction warning signs can help you detect an addiction early enough to prevent serious medical and psychological problems. A course of action is to phone a professional at Houghton House for some sound advice on which course of action to take.

The Houghton House drug rehabilitation treatment centres located in Randburg, South Africa, provide specialist assistance in cocaine addiction cases and have been assisting patients to beat their addiction problems for the past 20 years.

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