Celebrating Sobriety with Houghton House

Celebrating your Sobriety with Houghton House.

Making your one year sober anniversary is a monumental achievement, a milestone if you will. Getting to one year clean takes hard work. A recovering alcoholic/addict who makes it to one year, has committed to making difficult life changes. This achievement should not be underplayed but rather celebrated. In one year a recovering addict has had to basically relearn everything, sit with uncomfortable emotions and ride a tidal wave of transformation.

Your sobriety anniversary is an emotional time, and the Houghton House team recognizes this and we are here to celebrate this milestone right alongside you.

Celebrate Recovery. Celebrate Life

The Houghton House Group of Treatment centres is proud to announce a gathering to celebrate the achievements of our clients who have achieved a year or more of sobriety.

Date: Sunday 18th October 2015
Time: 13:30 – 15:30
Venue: Chabad of Strathavon, Sandton

Please RSVP astridbleazby-hodgetts@houghtonhouse.co.za or 011 787 9142

We believe that it is important for addicts reaching any milestone to reflect on the good that has come with recovery. What area of your life has begun to flourish? What self-improvement have you made? What are your gifts of recovery? And of course, what have you got to look forward to?

The answer… LIFE!

Support, celebrate and reflect with Houghton House.