Addictions Treatment In Johannesburg

Addictions Treatment In Johannesburg

Houghton House is a well known and safe rehabilitation centre located in Johannesburg. They assist individuals and help them overcome their addictions, be it alcoholism or substance abuse. With a proven track record of over 20 years, Houghton House has seen the recovery of several individuals from across the globe.
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These people have called Houghton House their home and place of sanctuary. The team at Houghton House in Johannesburg provides mentorship to anyone who joins the program.

The Success of Houghton House  Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The Success of Houghton House  Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Houghton House owes their success rates to the highly qualified staff that assists and support patients in every way possible. They offer a broad spectrum of services and have the best-extended care rehab, secondary care rehab,  tertiary care rehab and outpatient programs within South Africa, especially in the Johannesburg region. They will assist all types of individuals and their specific needs. The facilities of this rehab are located in a comfortable and nurturing environment.

Since the risk of relapse is common during the rehabilitation process, Houghton House has a strong relapse prevention plan that they introduce to patients. Relapse prevention is an important part of the treatment process and it helps both the addict and the families to spot the signs and symptoms of a relapse. They are equipped with the tools to address and prevent any further relapses. The outcome of a relapse can be very damaging, but prevention is possible with these necessary steps. This post-treatment relapse program ensures that patients see a full road to recovery from day one.

Treatment Programmes in the Johannesburg Addiction Centre

With their treatment and programmes they can help you as an individual to break the dreadful cycle of addiction and build a strong healthy life. It is never too late to fight addiction and start anew. Take back your life and join Houghton House – where the journey begins.

Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres specialises in addictions treatment in Johannesburg.

The treatment of substance abuse-related problems depends on the type of drug, the specific problems it causes, the phase of the addiction, your insight and motivation, and whether your environment is enabling your addiction.

Recognising the Problem of Addiction

Addictions Treatment In Johannesburg at Houghton House Rehab Gauteng

Before any addictions treatment in Johannesburg will have a chance to succeed, you must recognize that you have a serious problem with your substance use and you have to possess the motivation to change your behaviour and to stop using the addictive substance. Often the person with the problem is the last to see the addiction and he/she will want to consider treatment only after they have confronted their addiction.

Addictions treatment in Johannesburg can mean the difference between a long, happy life and a life ruled by your addiction. Houghton House has rehab treatment centres located in Johannesburg, creating an atmosphere where you’ll feel safe to confront your addiction.

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