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We know alcoholism can affect all aspects of a person’s life.

But with the right treatment and support, you can begin to get your life back on track. Houghton House can help. It’s what we do.

And to successfully fight alcohol addiction, you’ll need to trust in an alcohol rehab program of some kind, perhaps our Kind.

Alcohol Addiction is considered a brain disease that has both emotional and physical manifestations. Alcohol Addiction interferes with a person’s daily life and has multiple social and behavioural consequences.

Alcohol Addiction – Alcohol Rehab – Withdrawal at Houghton House

Celebrating Sobriety with Houghton House and Getting Clean TimeDepending on the magnitude of physical dependence, alcohol withdrawal may range from mild to physically dangerous. Symptoms include irritability, anxiety, agitation, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, seizures, and in rarer cases, delirium tremens.
Alcohol withdrawal is particularly dangerous when done on your own, because of this, our supervised, medical detox with in-house medics and doctors helps avoid unnecessary discomfort or life-threatening withdrawal complications.

Does My Medical Aid Cover Alcohol Rehab Treatment in South Africa?

Alcohol Rehab can be quite costly; however, cost should not stand in the way of receiving quality care. Many Medical Aid and Hospital plans provide full or most coverage for alcohol rehab and addiction treatment. But call us and discuss your payment options with one of our admission personnel and we can help you through the process as it is important to know if it will be is accepted and what will be covered.

We’re committed to your recovery.

When you invest and successfully complete our in-house treatment at Houghton House Addiction Centres, you will have created the most solid foundation for your long-term goals of sobriety.

  1. Work to rebuild trust with family & friends
  2. Maintain sobriety & prevent future relapse
  3. Regain physical & emotional health

The process of Therapy for Alcohol Abuse

Intervention Rehab in JHB inhouseAlcohol abuse is a type of self-destructive conduct that can be dealt with through behavioral treatment. During our In-house therapy sessions, Houghton House trained professionals to work to uncover the underlying reasons driving the patient to excess and drinking to the extreme. And what things may trigger negative reactions. Group therapy sessions inform and allow participants to practice, strong coping mechanisms, and ways of managing stress and triggers. Houghton House therapy sessions for alcoholics and addicts can be performed around a person’s existing obligations on an outpatient basis or as part of a residential addiction treatment program.

So Where Can I Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centres in Johannesburg?

Houghton House provides care for Alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders with the help of a team of dedicated and passionate providers, their numerous achievements and accreditations make them a leader in the industry.
Houghton House remains open and committed to serving individuals struggling with alcohol addiction while enforcing safety and prevention as a top priority in regard to COVID Amidst the global health crisis, Houghton House is strictly following the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s recommendations, taking proactive actions to protect our current and future patients and staff.

Call our 079 770 7532 (24Hr Helpline) any time to have your questions about alcohol addiction treatment answered. We understand the issues of those struggling with the dangerous effects of drink and substance use. More than ever, we are equipped and proud to serve our patients.

Discovering the right Alcohol Rehab to meet your explicit needs can take time and be baffling. Our resolution is to help you select the greatest Alcohol Rehab in Johannesburg which equals both your treatment and rehab requirements but also your financial plan and preferred style of help.

Houghton House Alcohol Rehab has over 25 years of involvement in dealing and aiding with alcohol addiction and associated issues in the addiction arenas in South Africa Houghton House is the perfect Alcohol Rehab Programme in Johannesburg for you. Call us now!

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Alcohol Rehab

Going through Alcohol Rehab alone is not advisable, as the success rate is far lower than Inpatient Addiction Alcohol Rehab Programme

With inpatient Alcohol Rehab, the addict books into rehab for 30 days and up to three months. During this time, they take part in various therapies including group therapy, individual therapy, relapse prevention therapy, workshops, cognitive behavioral therapy & complimentary activities, fitness programs, meditation, relaxation massages, yoga, etc. There is 24-hour supervision & assistance available as well as an extensive aftercare program.

The inpatient Alcohol Rehab Programme gives the addict everything he/she might need to get through recovery successfully. The best chance an addict has at successful recovery is going through inpatient Alcohol Detox Programme.

Addiction Alcohol Rehab Assessment and Evaluation

Our private Alcohol Rehab Programme assessment process begins in the first phone call and meeting with a senior Houghton House counselor who will determine what treatment process makes sense for you or your loved one seeking help and treatment —Being comfortable in this difficult time is encouraged and finding the right Alcohol Rehab Programme is important to your eventual wellbeing
If your condition involves many and multipart problems, we endorse residential evaluation so the Houghton House Alcohol Rehab multidisciplinaryteam specialists can over the course of the initial period learn more about your personal issues and addiction and work out the best processes to counter addiction and put a rehabilitation plan into action.

Learn more about our assessment and evaluation process.

Houghton House Alcohol Rehab Programme

In developing the Alcohol Rehab treatment plan, realising that with addiction, every individual’s condition is different, our multidisciplinary treatment team will consider multiple options, including:
• substances used by the patient
• the patient’s physical health and condition
• the patient’s mental health
• how the addiction affects family relationships

Developing the most effective Alcohol Rehab Treatments, it is crucial to understand these variables and it is important to consider the required therapies, services, and medications that may be needed—to help with recovery and mental stability through the process.
Main treatment activities include:
• educational sessions
• individual sessions
• group sessions
• special-focus sessions & groups

For more information on Alcohol Rehab, Drug Treatment, alcohol or substance abuse and getting yourself into Rehab to start a new life, callHoughton House now:

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Click on the green envelope below and fill in our contact form, and one of our Alcohol Rehab Professional staff members will get back to you via email or phone, respecting your anonymity at all times.The journey continues, Bones – The journey continues “No Matter What”. Best Addiction Rehabilitation in South Africa

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