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As addiction to Drugs and alcohol has lasting effects on many facets of an individual’s life. Selecting the best or even a top rehab isn’t a choice to be made too fast or arrived at lightly. Particularly the decision should not be limited by how close to home a specific drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility is. If you’re looking for the best rehab centre don’t limit it to a rehab near me!

 Rehab near me in Joburg rehabilitation centres in Gauteng

Houghton House has one of the best recovery rates anywhere. Sticking to the programme is paramount. The support and help from other patients and the staff at the best rehab in Johannesburg are what gives us the edge.

Houghton House as your choice of Rehab in South Africa a Rehab near me

With a dedicated team of experts, the team at Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres in Joburg is ready to take you in and transform your journey today!

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In the busy city of Joburg, more people than ever are getting help for their addiction.

With Covid-19  taking its toll on people throughout South Africa and the world, more people have turned to addictive substances to find relief, only to find that what was perceived to be a way to deal with the stress and challenges of the global pandemic, has turned out to be a prison, and you, the addict are the only one who can unlock the prison door! No matter your addiction, there is a treatment programme at the Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres in Joburg that can help you with your rehab.

Should I consider travelling to Joburg for treatment?

Leaving your current environment behind is helpful because it’s easy to associate certain places and people with the urge to use or drink. Often, those people and places can trigger a relapse or a return to using. This is why many people travel out of town for rehab to Johannesburg to receive treatment at Houghton House. Getting treatment out of your current place/location can help you break negative habits, build healthier relationships and remove temptations. Travelling to Joburg for addiction treatment is especially beneficial for those looking for high-end rehabs or simply a change of scenery.

The Premier Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg Gauteng

A place of change and hope

If life has thrown one too many challenges at you or a person you love and you are looking for that lifeboat, look no further than Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres, one of Gauteng’s top rehabilitation centres for addiction assistance of any kind. Regarded as one of the top private rehabilitation centres in Gauteng, this Johannesburg rehab centre offers the full spectrum of treatment for alladdictive disorders and associated problems.

The first step to a new life

From the moment you pick up your phone and call Houghton House, you will begin to see why we put our patient’s needs first. A friendly, caring voice on the other line is often the first step in the journey you or your loved one needs to make a change.  From there, the highly specialised and effective team at Houghton House will take care of all your needs, starting with our famous treatment programmes. Treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s needs. From there, we offer short- and long-term residential treatment, outpatient services, ongoing aftercare, relapse prevention as well as halfway house accommodation (otherwise known as sober living options).

Top Drug Rehab Centres in Gauteng

For more information on looking for a Rehab in Joburg. Dealing with and addiction, drugs or alcohol issue and getting yourself the help you need in a Joburg rehab and starting a new life, call Houghton House now

We have earned the position as one of the top drug rehab centres in Gauteng. We have a simple design for our model. We operate on the belief that alcoholism/addiction are recognised and diagnosable diseases and not, as popular culture will suggest a moral failing. As a result of this, we dedicate each day towards reaching the goal of creating an environment where our patients feel respected and their dignity can be restored.

Seven Reasons why Houghton House is your best choice of Rehab in South Africa

  1. We provide medical assistance for detoxification and withdrawal from alcohol and drug-related addictions.
  2. We offer a level of expertise that is unparalleled. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts including doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, certified addiction counsellors, nurses and other medical professionals ensure that patients are treated holistically.
  3. Trained counsellors that have gone through the experience of moving from active substance abuse to recovery are able to personally relate to the patients’ challenges as well as provide living proof of the new life that can be achieved in recovery.
  4. We promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle while in the programme including educational, therapeutic and social activities.
  5. We facilitate a strong and inclusive culture of recovery within the patient community.
  6. We combine best practices in addiction treatment while simultaneously locating these issues within the broader perspective of dual diagnosis. More often than not, it is not just about addiction. The underlying causes need to be addressed before a patient can get well.
  7. We provide a respectful safe constructive environment where people can explore the consequences of their addiction free from judgment and condemnation.

Finding the right Rehab Centre for you is Important

The importance of filtering through the marketing, the ploys and the efforts from charlatans to entice you or a loved one into a less than favourable rehab centre is something you need to keep top of mind when making such an important life-changing decision. Once you have found a potential Treatment Centre, you need to take further steps to ensure that you have chosen the right place.

Weeding out the facts when choosing a Best rehab centre is Houghton House Addiction Centres

We pride ourselves in unequivocal transparency throughout our organisation and urge you to seek the same.  In saying that, we have put together a list of questions and topics to cover when discussing treatment options at a drug and alcohol rehab centre.

More than ever before, prospective patients need to have the tools at hand to decipher what is good and bad about a rehabilitation centre, before it is too late and you end up as a witness on a television show investigating the dodgy dealings of the centre you are checked into! Here are our important questions to ask along with the topics you should be considered when discussing a future check-in at an addiction rehabilitation centre.

What Official Certifications do they have?

Like any legitimate organisation, a reputable drug rehab centre will have certification from The Department of Social Development with official documentation backing up the qualifications of the professional services offered at the Centre.
In addition, drug rehab centres need to be certified in order to advertise their programmes and services on Google and Facebook. This certification ensures that only legitimate treatment centres can advertise their services online.
Does your staff have the correct credentials?
As mentioned above, it is imperative that the people who treat those in need of rehabilitation are qualified. Licences and proof of credentials offer peace of mind that the services offered to meet the minimum required for professional practice. If staff are not licenced, they may not be able to correctly treat you or a loved one and could end up doing more damage than good.  Request proof of qualifications and tick that very important box immediately!

A rehab centre full of multidisciplinary specialists

The best inpatient substance abuse treatment programmes in South Africa will always involve a team of multidisciplinary specialists that can address every aspect of addiction namely the body, the spirit and the mind. The centre you are considering needs to include a mix of professionals who work in unison to create an individualised treatment plan specific to your needs.  Be aware of anyone who is a specialist in more than one field, as you typically want to be seen by licenced in their particular field. A multidisciplinary treatment team can/should encompass the following fields and have a professional in each field:

  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Nutritionist
  3. Nurses
  4. Wellness specialist
  5. Chemical dependency counsellor
  6. Psychologist
  7. Medical doctor
  8. Counsellor
  9. Occupational Therapist
  10. Do you offer Mental Health services?
  11. Spiritual care

It is well known that many people who are struggling with addiction also have a co-occurring mental health condition such as anxiety or depression present. To ensure that the right treatment (which treats the right disorders) is given, an accurate dual diagnosis is needed. Often, the most promising treatment for patients with a dual diagnosis incorporates care for addiction and the co-occurring mental health disorder simultaneously. This is impossible if the programme does not provide a mental health service.

Does your choice of rehab centre use evidence-based treatments?

Best rehab centre is Houghton House Addiction Centres

Evidence-based treatment programmes are the most effective forms of treatment as they rely on empirical evidence proven through research backed by science. Check the format of the treatments on offer; if they are not backed by evidence, are they safe?
What is the success rate?

Why would you enrol in a treatment facility?

That does not quantify, through its results, the effectiveness of its treatment?  Be wary of those who offer the “100% Success” rate claim, as success can be measured differently depending on the provider. A good quality rehab centre facility will offer results via data and all too often treatment outcomes are not measured by rehab providers or they’re measured inconsistently. Even the definition of treatment “success” can be different among providers. Be wary of rehab facilities that claims to have “the cure” or 100% success rates; these stats should be proven via data collected using agreed and widely available testing methods.

What Medical Aid/Insurance offerings are there?

Substance abuse treatment can be an expensive journey therefore you should ask what options the facility can provide which tie in with your existing insurance provider/medical aid. Simply saying on a brochure that the facility ‘works with medical aids’ is not good enough, get the details based on your individual needs.

Do you offer specialised programmes?

A good quality treatment programme is not a ‘one size fits all thing.  It is essential to find a facility where care is individualised and tailored, be it the allocation of targeted treatment for teens, gender-specific programmes, young adults or other types of specialised rehab. Many issues discussed during rehab can be a challenge if addressed in a mixed group.
How long the rehab programme and what post-treatment recovery support do you offer?
In rehabilitation, most often, progress determines the length of treatment. The idea is not to see treatment in terms of the number of days needed but rather the effectiveness of treatment as the indicator.  Some substance abuse programmes give an estimated time frame, but if progress isn’t made during that period, the length of time in treatment could be extended and you should be prepared for that as an eventuality. Search for programmes that offer multiple levels of rehab so that as you progress, you can step into a less intense level of care.  Typically, addiction treatment involves a high level of support and care. When drug rehab ends and you’re back in the world, on your own it’s important to have a rehab centre support system set up to help prevent relapse. A good treatment facility will offer a number of post-treatment options; find out what they are before you make a decision.

Is there support for my family?

There is a good reason why addiction is often named the ‘family disease.’ It is a condition which not only affects the addict but embeds into the very fabric of the family around which the addict is surrounded by.  Families of addicts need help and support too, so as a potential facility that you or a loved one may soon check into, it is imperative that you find out what support your family will receive during the process, from the treatment centre.

Look for legacy

Yes there are many organisations that are starting out that may offer great treatment options, however, there is a reason why those who have been around for a long time, continue to offer support and treatment for addicts. Look for the legacy, and remember that success is often indicated by the longevity of an organisation.

What Else Should I Know?

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Depending on your specific needs and situation, there are a multitude of additional questions to ask treatment providers when you are trying to select the right drug rehab centre for yourself or a loved one. Be sure to read reviews on Google, Bing, Facebook and other sources of consumer feedback.

Conduct your own web search to find more information about specific drug rehab centres.

Here is a list of questions to assist in your research

1. What type of accreditation or licensing does your rehab centre have?
2. What credentials or licenses do the clinical staff hold?
3. Is treatment done by a multidisciplinary team?
5. What is the patient-to-counsellor ratio?
6. Do you use evidence-based practices?
8. Do you have gender-specific programmes?
10. How successful is your treatment programme?
12. Are you in-network with my medical aid?
13. Do you provide mental health services?
14. Do you offer medical detox or other medication-assisted therapies?
15. Do you offer treatment specific to teens, young adults, older adults or other populations? (as it applies to your situation)
17. How long does the programme last?
18. What kind of post-treatment support do you provide?
19. Do you offer family support?
20. How long have you been providing addiction treatment?

The Rehab centre programme marks the beginning of a new way of living.

The insights you gain and the changes you make during rehab will become the foundation for your recovery throughout the challenges life brings. Keep this in mind as you choose a treatment rehab centre. It will help you determine a good fit and identify the best treatment approach for building a solid foundation for lifelong recovery.

Learn more about Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres and the efforts we’ve taken to become a premier addiction treatment centre of choice and how we can help you reclaim your health and your life from addiction.

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