Medical Aid Cover for Drug Addiction Treatment

Medical Aid Cover For Drug Addiction Treatment

The Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres is aligned with all major medical aid schemes. Our financial case managers have an expert understanding of using medical aid benefits, and will work closely with medical aid schemes companies to streamline the process and ensure that patients receive the maximum benefit available.

As a diagnosable and treatable disease, substance dependence disorders are deemed to fall under a prescribed minimum benefit which is covered by all medical aid schemes to varying extents. Most privately operated treatment centres do require some co-payment.

Most Medical Aid and Hospital plans will cover costs.

Don’t allow the costs of treatment to stop you from contacting us for an assessment. As part of our ethos to accommodate those that are financially constrained but desperately need treatment we reserve a number of subsidised beds. We are here to help you to make financial arrangements to cover any shortfalls.

Payment options should be discussed with us and we will help to find the best payment solution for you.