Help with Addiction, Drug Addiction Assessment Process

The Help with Addiction process begins by calling the Houghton House enquiry line. You will then speak to a professional person who is equipped to carry out a brief telephonic evaluation of the next step forward. This may involve immediate admission and or setting up an assessment.

Should the individual require and be willing to be admitted directly the practical aspects of this process can be facilitated with our support. An assessment process will identify the treatment needs based on the individual’s emotional, physical and psychiatric history.

Help with Addiction Understanding Addiction is the First Step to Ending itTreatment for a drug or alcohol problem begins with an addiction assessment. The purpose of an assessment is to decide whether an addiction is existing, what the extent of the addiction is, if there are conditions that are co-occurring, and to help with addiction recovery in the building of a treatment plan. A diagnosis professional will conduct alcohol and drug abuse assessments privately. Information provided is kept confidential and used to assist in your treatment.

The financial considerations and the relevant medical aid cover will all be addressed.

Should the individual be suitable for Help with Addiction treatment at any of the treatment options at Houghton House arrangements will be made. If an alternate treatment facility is preferable we will assist with referrals.

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Help with Addiction, Drug Addiction Assessment Process

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