Halfway House for Addicts -Tertiary Care

Houghton House’s Halfway House for Addicts is a tertiary care programme and focuses on men and women who have completed a residential treatment programme and are now willing to commit to a long term structure of living for recovery. During this particular stage of their recovery, residents are generally fully re-integrated into the working environment or are looking for jobs.

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Halfway House for Addicts living

Houghton House’s tertiary care programmes are housed in Ferndale, Randburg. Not far from our Primary facility.


The road to recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism is a life-long battle, which requires solid commitment. Whenever a recovering addict leaves a structured environment, the chance of a relapse increases. The longer one stays within a controlled and well-structured environment, the better their chances of successfully breaking their habits and dependency of addiction will be. Communal living is an important component at Houghton Houses Halfway House for Addicts successful tertiary care programme.

The Halfway House for addicts of all types includes:

Residents are encouraged to work or job-hunt during the day and to actively participate in a culture of recovery at all times, whether by taking part in therapeutic activities, overseeing the running of the house, attending 12-step programme meetings or attending relapse prevention meetings. This greater sense of freedom helps our clients in tertiary care to develop a sense of self-reliance while still feeling secure and accountable to their friends, families, employers and housemates.

Halfway House for Addicts Facilities:

  • Shared bedrooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Television lounge (with satellite TV)
  • On-site and secure parking
  • Beautiful garden
  • Wi-Fi access
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