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During COVID-19 Family Support meetings will be online on Zoom Meetings on Tuesday Evenings >>please click here to contact us for details 

Who is Family Support for?

The programme is designed for friends and family members of alcoholics and addicts.


Houghton House is located in Ferndale, Randburg. Call 011 787 9142 for details


Family support and friends of clients at Houghton House are welcome to attend this programme for as long as they wish.  This is held on a Saturday from 12:30 pm to 14:00 pm at Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres in Ferndale, Randburg.

Aim: Family Support education and guidance

Families of alcoholics and addicts often feel confused, frustrated, angry, and helpless. Attending a support group will help to alleviate confusion and anxiety. Family support group counsellors help to promote healing by identifying how addiction affects families and what family members can do to take care of themselves. By engaging with other individuals in a similar situation, loved ones of those with addiction learn that they can’t control addiction but by they can identify new, healthy ways of coping with their relationship with an addicted person.

family support for drug addicts at Houghton House

Through education and guidance in small-group discussions with other family members, you will gain knowledge on and practical skills to support the addiction recovery process. You will:

  1. Understand the disease of addiction and its impact on you and your family
  2. Learn about the effects of alcohol and drug use on your loved one
  3. Develop new techniques for living with a person in recovery
  4. Gain support through interaction with other families
  5. Plan for continued self-care and recovery

The Programme includes:

  • Group sessions
  • Educational lectures


Our family support groups are facilitated by a range of professionals, including certified addiction counsellors, social workers and counselling psychologists.

For more information on how to help yourself or a loved one with alcohol, drugs or any other addiction issue and getting yourself into rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

Office hours:  011 787 9142

24/7 emergency help-line: 079 770 7532

Click on the green envelope below and fill in our contact form, and one of our professional staff members will get back to you via email or phone, respecting your anonymity at all times.Loving an addict, Loving an addict, Best Addiction Rehabilitation in South Africa, Best Addiction Rehabilitation in South Africa


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