Extended Inpatient Care

Who is it for:

The extended inpatient care programme is geared towards individuals who have completed a detox and primary care programme.


On a month to month basis with a suggestion of three months.


The General Addiction Programme (GAP) is the Houghton House Group’s extended inpatient care facility, in Ferndale, Johannesburg.


Addiction affects every area of a person’s life, which is why alcoholics and addicts need to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle after the initial detox and primary care process has been completed.

The GAP offers people a chance to establish and build a new lifestyle combined with self-awareness and a deeper sense of responsibility. The programme provides guidance on establishing a lifestyle, which is conducive to a sustained and successful recovery. It facilitates greater education, goal setting and lifestyle change in each client.

Each client is equipped with the tools to cope with the challenges of real life without resorting to their addictions. Relapse prevention forms a key element of the treatment programme. Here we help clients identify and prepare for risk situations that could threaten their recovery.

Emphasis is placed on building the self-confidence and self-worth that is required to lead a healthy and independent life. The treatment style is less intensive than in primary care, allowing clients to start interacting with their communities as they gradually transition from institutional living to everyday life.

Clients are also encouraged to actively work on relationships and to further engage in a culture of recovery and form a long-lasting support structure. This gradual reintegration into a better way of living means that the individuals who undergo secondary treatment are better able to deal with the hardships that will inevitably come up when they return to their lives without turning to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism.

We strongly encourage our clients to participate in several sport and social activities.

The programme includes:

  • Daily group therapy sessions
  • Individual counseling
  • Educational workshops
  • Exercise
  • Family workshops
  • Re-integration activities


  • Shared bedrooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Television lounge (with satellite TV)
  • On-site and secure parking
  • Beautiful garden


Our staff members are highly qualified and proficient, treating clients with the dignity, care and empathy that they deserve to help them to re-establish a more positive self-image that is fundamental to overcoming their problem.

Our residential treatment centre is staffed by a range of professionals, including medical doctors, social workers, certified addiction counsellors, nursing staff, consulting psychologists and psychiatrists.

Range of services:

We offer a range of services for your personal situation, including:

  • Expert counselling
  • Psychiatric care
  • The 12-Step process
  • Medical supervision
  • Educational, therapeutic and social activities