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Why going aboard for mental health treatment at Houghton House is a good idea

Expert TreatmentExpert treatment involving environmental factors such as family life, economic stature, career and relationships play a key role in facilitating substance abuse; addiction and depression. These “realities” are key factors which give us a glimpse into why addiction is such a prevalent problem in society. And what a problem it is.

Statistics from across the globe reveal that hundreds of thousands of deaths are as a result of drug overdoses and that millions more battle substance abuse. A 2018 UNODC World Drug Report revealed some shocking figures about drug abuse. Roughly 31 million people struggle with drug use disorders.  Add to that the 2018 Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health from the World Health Organization which puts an estimation of around 283 million people who are struggling with alcohol use disorders across the country and you can see the world is suffering from a pandemic.

That being said, with all these factors and statistics and close to home realities fuelling addiction, it may be wise to step away from it all. In other words, the key to your recovery may not lie nearby. Instead, a complete remote disconnection may arguably be the best way to recharge, reset and recover.

That being said, we have put together reasons why you should consider seeking expert treatment abroad:

Claim your privacy

It takes courage to admit that you have an addiction and to actively seek out help. In some cases, you may want to take part in drug and alcohol treatment with the peace of mind that you have the privacy and discretion that you need. Sometimes you even want to keep it from people close to you, including your employer. Staying local for treatment has a whole range of advantages, obviously, but going abroad for rehabilitation gives you that much-needed privacy. You don’t need to tell anyone why you are travelling, and you are less likely to bump into those you know.

It’s easy on the pocket

More often than not, treatment centres abroad are less expensive than their local counterparts; this obviously depends on where you live currently. If you are from the USA, Professional South African Rehabilitation centres like Houghton House will be much cheaper, and you won’t be sacrificing the quality you deserve. Ditto when you head to Thailand and call England home.  It’s not often spoken about by people but the ability to access a treatment centre is sometimes dependent on the economic viability of booking in. Sometimes you just cannot afford it or you don’t have the medical aid scheme to cover it. In that case, it could save your pocket quite a bit to travel abroad for recovery. In addition, you also get to explore another part of the world, which, as any therapist will tell you, will do you the world of good!

Stop the rut of normality.

Life tends to become a cycle for us. We find ourselves in routines and by removing yourself from it and all that surrounds that universe can be as refreshing as a cold shower under a Swedish waterfall in Winter! Look around you right now, metaphorically of course. There is a good chance that you are cornered and surrounded by many reasons/people/places which lead you to abuse a substance or alcohol. It’s not just a person at the pub, it could be the tensions you feel at home from a loved one which makes you find a need to numb it out with a substance.

Heading abroad means you can remove yourself from the rut of normality and routine, you can get away from the enablers and the downers in your life. You know the ones; the naysayers, the judgers, the hateful negative forces around you. It’s also a great way to get rid of one of the most powerful dangerous “swayers” of your decision to use, peer pressure. Abroad you can begin to regain control over your choices and can make the decision to improve and get better in your time, sans fear of what others may think or say.


Find fresh perspective

Do you know what is a good way to kick-start the road to recovery? A fresh outlook. A new perspective.  Our skew on the world can be just as impactful as an enabling factor which leads us to use a substance as family and friends are. The way we look out onto the world can really trigger some serious abuse of ourselves through alcohol and/or drug use. It is very common for an addict to see things with a negative skew and we all know that one golden saying: negativity breeds more negativity.

Maybe it’s about money. You aren’t making enough and you get upset about it. Maybe family life isn’t so great and you are taken advantage of. It may be a big issue or even a little issue, whatever it is, new experiences, new cultures and observing a new way of living life can help you shift your perspective.  By changing your outlook on everyday experiences and activities you can escape the dark hole and find some light!  Great weather, good food and a different pace and give you a chance to just take in a moment and BREATHE.

2. Get expert treatment

Look, there are many people across the globe dealing with addiction. There are, consequently many treatment options all over our wonderful planet which are there for you to use. Each country may also have its own treatment approach to help heal you. It’s an open book of choice, with one goal across the globe, to get you better. Also, expert treatment specialists often specialize in particular areas and gain a reputation in those areas as a result of their skills and abilities.  You may hear about these specialists and therefore to get to them, you would need to go to abroad.

There is a conclusion to this

Sometimes you need to experience something new and different to find the wealth of life within yourself. Addiction and substance abuse can often cover your life like a damp cloth and treatment abroad may be the hands needed to remove that cloth. Those hands come in the form of perspective changes, removing unhealthy environments and getting specialist expert treatment at an affordable price, amongst a plethora of other wonderful benefits.  The buzz your mind and soul gets from interacting with a new place, a new culture and new things can be the very buzz that changes your life for the better, forever.

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