Why are Drugs Addictive

Why are Drugs Addictive and some people get addicted while others do not.

  1. Environmental Reasons  – People, places, and things are huge impacts on people who decide to pick up drugs or alcohol. The occurrence of poverty, abuse, exposure, and peer pressure can all play a major role in the growth of addiction.
  2. Neurological Reasons– The effect that drugs have on neurotransmitters inside of the brain is perhaps of the biggest fundamental cause of addiction.
  3. Biological Reasons– This includes risk factors ascribed to genes, gender, ethnicity as well as any kind of mental disorders that may be existing.

Why are Drugs AddictiveRegardless of what factors cause addiction and Why are Drugs Addictive there is a solution to this disease: treatment.

Houghton House treat drug addiction as a disease, just like any other. It is a disease that will not go away ever, but it can be treated and controlled. Although the initial decision to start using a drug may be a choice, giving up drugs or even alcohol can be very difficult and it is not a matter of willpower or choice. As drugs are so addictive and relapsing is such a recurring problem is the main reason people need to come to a professional centre while in recovery.

There are so many factors to consider when looking at drug addiction. One’s social environment can have a huge effect. If a child is reared in a home where there is alcohol or drug abuse, they are likely to think this is normal and live that same path. Friends and peer pressure is also a deciding factor particularly for youth. There are physical and biological reasons that may cause drugs to become an addiction. Mental disorders play a huge part and misdiagnosis and incorrect medication or doses can also result in drug addiction

So .. again  Why are Drugs Addictive?

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