Two-Week Relapse Prevention Programme

Bounce Back Stronger: Houghton House’s Two-Week Relapse Prevention Programme

Have you experienced a setback on your journey to recovery and are searching for the right support to regain your footing?

Bounce Back Stronger: Houghton House's Two-Week Relapse Recovery Programme

Houghton House Rehab has designed a two-week Relapse Prevention Programme specifically tailored for you. This programme is for those who have encountered a relapse after completing our 30-day Inpatient Programme. It is centered around understanding the causes behind the relapse and equipping you with practical tools to rebuild your sobriety.

Relapses can be challenging and often bring about feelings of disappointment. However, the early stages of recovery can be a testing time, and this is where our two-week programme steps in. It provides a safe and supportive space where you can reflect on your relapse, understand its triggers, and prepare to prevent any future setbacks.

Therapy Sessions in Relapse Recovery

A crucial part of the Relapse Prevention Programme is individual therapy sessions. These sessions pair you up with a member of our team of multidisciplinary professionals who can help you identify and understand the specific triggers that led to your relapse. Through open conversations, you will gain a deeper insight into the underlying causes of your addiction and learn practical strategies to manage these triggers effectively.

Our programme also incorporates educational workshops and practical exercises, which are invaluable in your relapse prevention journey. Here you’ll learn about coping mechanisms, relapse prevention techniques, stress management, and how to address emotional issues healthily. By providing you with these essential tools, we aim to empower you to navigate daily life without succumbing to addictive behaviors.

Physical and Emotional Well-being

We also believe in the importance of physical and emotional well-being in recovery. That’s why our Relapse Prevention Programme includes recreational activities that can help reduce stress, lift your mood, and provide new, healthy ways for emotional expression.

Moreover, we understand that a relapse impacts not just you, but your loved ones as well. Therefore, our programme also includes family therapy sessions. By involving family members in the recovery process, we help to mend relationships, enhance communication, and establish a strong support network for your continued recovery.

A Relapse Prevention Supportive Environment

At Houghton House, we see a relapse not as a failure, but as a learning opportunity. It’s a chance for self-reflection, growth, and renewed commitment. Our Two-Week Relapse Prevention Programme offers you a supportive environment to understand your relapse, identify triggers, and build effective strategies to prevent future setbacks.

By participating in our Two-Week Relapse Prevention Programme, you gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to regain your sobriety and stay committed to your recovery goals.

Join Houghton House Relapse Preventiontoday and turn your setback into a comeback.

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