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Houghton House, Johannesburg’s premier Group of Treatment Centres
recently unveiled its newly renovated Dual Diagnosis Unit, bringing with it, the next step in professional care for its valued patients.
The newly upgraded Unit not only offers patients a sophisticated and integrated approach to personal care, but professional care and a proven method of treatment that touches every aspect of recovery. The Centre’s commitment to every patient’s well-being is unwavering, with an army of dedicated team members ready to address all forms of addiction, from alcohol and drugs to gambling, internet, sugar, and related disorders. .

What makes Houghton House’s Dual Diagnosis Unit so unique?

The answer lies in detail. Aside from a world class setting that combines a clinical setting with a tranquil and innovative space; Houghton House is a haven of serenity where professional care, physical and emotional comfort is always top of mind.

In this secluded, off-the-grid environment, distractions fade away, allowing patients to focus on the central goal; the preservation of physical, psychological, and emotional health. The Unit’s 24-hour patient-centred nursing care ensures safety and well-being, with medications administered safely and professionally.

The Unit boasts a multidisciplinary team approach, featuring regular psychiatric consultations and frequent individual psychotherapy sessions led by addiction-focused therapists. With a deep understanding of the effect addiction has on the individual and their entire support system, the Houghton House team offers individual and group family support therapy, occupational therapy, and a range of allied healthcare services.

Rounded off by a systematic range of professional care, aftercare options which taper in intensity, the new, focused and invigorated path back to daily life is well paved, and proven by a superb track record of positive successes experienced by patients.

Professional Care – We can help. The Houghton House Team of Experts is on hand, call us to get help now.

Office hours: 011 787 9142�24/7
Emergency Helpline: 079 770 7532
Working directly with all Medical Aids
Clients are individually assessed, duration of treatment can vary

So what can a patient expect at the Dual Diagnosis Unit?

A unique and effective Unit
The Unit is a both a psychiatric hospital and a rehabilitation facility. This unique combination gives the Unit a well-rounded and integrated strategy to address addiction.

Licence to heal

As a fully accredited professional care centre, Houghton House’s Dual Diagnosis Unit is capable of managing a wide array of addictions, ranging from alcohol, drugs, and gambling and all emerging issues, and more. What’s more, Houghton House is recognised by all major medical aids, ensuring coverage for primary, secondary, and outpatient treatments.

Class leading Professional Care Techniques

Houghton House harnesses a combination of psychotherapeutic methods such as CBT, DBT, and motivational interviewing. These professional care techniques are deployed both in one-on-one and group settings ensuring focus on every patient’s needs.
In essence, Houghton House’s Dual Diagnosis Unit is a pioneering force in addiction treatment, offering not just recovery but a genuine chance at rebuilding lives. Through its unique blend of cutting-edge therapies, compassionate care, and a serene environment conducive to healing, the centre epitomises a holistic approach to rehabilitation. By seamlessly integrating psychiatric expertise, personalized therapies, and a supportive aftercare system, Houghton House paves the way for enduring recoveries. This renovated unit signifies more than just an upgrade in facilities; it signifies a profound commitment to the professional care and well-being of patients, promising a future where the grip of addiction loosens, and the promise of a healthier, happier life takes its place.

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