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The core components and functions of a good rehabilitation centre

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One of the most important, yet, daunting decisions of an addict’s or their loved one’s life, is finding a rehabilitation centre that is suitable in all aspects. This decision can be seen as imperative, as it may be the deciding factor of a successful treatment outcome or an unsuccessful one. Whilst it is incredibly difficult to be faced with addiction or a loved one who is struggling with an addiction problem, oftentimes the last thing on one’s mind is to search for a rehabilitation centre that is adequate and includes all important amenities. However, this should always be taken into consideration to avoid any adversities or mishaps. It is fair to say that some treatment facilities may be rated better than others and it is important to weigh up the options before selecting a suitable facility. One must familiarise themselves regarding the characteristics of a good rehabilitation facility in order to ask the right the questions to a dedicated service provider at the facility. There are several factors that make a rehabilitation centre distinguished and exceptional.

A Specialised Multidisciplinary Team

First and foremost, it would be imperative to investigate whether the rehabilitation facility specializes in your or your loved ones specific addiction. There exist various types of addictions, not only restricted to alcohol and drugs. This is important to note as some addictions may require extensive detox procedures that some facilities may not be fully equipped with.

This provides light onto the next important aspect of a good rehabilitation facility. The team of health professionals that are affiliated with the facility should be the next deciding factor. An exceptional rehabilitation centre should possess a multidisciplinary team of health professionals in order to assess, diagnose and treat, adequately. A multidisciplinary team should include qualified addiction counsellors, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, doctors and nurses. This is required in order to provide the patient with holistic and extensive treatment during their journey. Addiction is a specialised field that requires professionals that are trained and competent in this specific field. In addition to this, health professionals that are passionate and dedicated to the field of addiction is a key aspect in choosing a suitable rehabilitation centre.

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Expert Rehabilitation Centre Leadership

Expert leadership and management form the basis of any organisation, as this will determine how the organisation is run and whether the programme is based on scientific and psychological research. Experts in the field of addiction that may form part of the management, play a pivotal role in whether an individual attains sobriety and is able to maintain it. It is important that the management of the rehabilitation centre have created a programme based on extensive research around the most successful form of addiction treatment. There exists a large body of literature that alludes to different forms of recovery treatment as addiction is such an intricate disease and taking this into consideration is important.

A rehabilitation centre that is well established and has been running for many years would be a good indicator of success and positive results. In order to attain this information, it would be beneficial to conduct research into rehabilitation centres on social media platforms such as Facebook and their websites. Reading through reviews from former patients may prove to be helpful and oftentimes the best form of attaining an honest assessment from those who have experienced the facility. Word of mouth often plays a role in this.

Options for Further Support

Another aspect that one must take into consideration is what type of facility it is. This could include both an inpatient and an outpatient facility. The trained service provider at the rehabilitation centre may be in the position to provide more insight on whether the patient in question will be best suited to an inpatient programme or an outpatient programme. This is also important to consider as further treatment and support is always crucial to an individual’s recovery. Research suggests that the longer an individual remains in treatment/recovery, the better their prognosis is. Recovery does not end when the individual leaves treatment; it is often a life-long process and a top-rated rehabilitation centre will recognise this and provide it. The option of further treatment should be available, as well as, ongoing meetings, after-care, individual counselling, group therapy and recovery maintenance. The consideration for the well-being of the addict post-primary treatment is a good indicator of a top-rated facility.

Family Inclusion

The inclusion of family members within the recovery process is crucial. The addict’s actions and behaviour often includes consequences that have affected family members and loved ones. In a distinguished rehabilitation facility, family sessions should be provided in order to get a broader view of the patient, attain collateral information, equip the family with skills to better interact with their loved one and psychoeducation them on addiction as a disease. It is fair to say that a support structure within the recovery process is a motivator for change.


Facility amenities such as excellent nutrition and exercise options, comfortable and clean accommodation, medical resources and equipment, the implementation of rules and duties in order to keep the patient accountable, as well as, structure and routine which are all imperative in the therapeutic process of recovery. An upstanding rehabilitation centre should also include a number of therapeutic activities such as group therapy, individual counselling, lectures and the 12 step program. Research suggests that group therapy is often most effective for the addiction population, in addition to the inclusion of the 12 steps. It is important to research and educate oneself on the 12 steps as there often exists myths and misconceptions regarding this.

Things to Avoid in a rehabilitation centre choice

Things to avoid when selecting a rehabilitation centre include, coming across a centre that are promising a cure to addiction. Whilst addiction recovery is treatable, it is not curable. Some facilities may promise a guarantee of success; however, this is not possible as addiction is different for every individual. Rehabilitation facilities that offer quick and rapid detox can be alarming, as detox is a dangerous and volatile process that needs to be tailored to each individual and their unique needs. Furthermore, top-rated centres should be open and transparent regarding answering questions and scheduling meetings in order to provide information about the facility prior to admission. Choosing a rehabilitation centre that is distinguished and top-rated should not be as daunting as it seems if it is well-known and includes the above characteristics.

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