Lockdown Levels have relaxed – our safety precautions have not!

Our safety precautions at the top Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg Gauteng

As South Africa and the world try to find stability in these challenging times, one thing remains the same: our number one priority is and will always be to protect and care for our clients, staff, families and friends. Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres remains committed to providing the best addiction rehabilitation in Gauteng.
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Lockdown Levels have relaxed – our safety precautions have not! Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg Gauteng covid 19

At Houghton House, we recognise that addictions can be very difficult to cope with and can have a negative impact on lots of different areas of your life. This, coupled with the ongoing global pandemic and all of the additional challenges that come with this, has made it more important than ever for you to reach out and seek help. But is it safe to go to rehab? That’s the question being asked by people who know the importance of addiction rehabilitation even during the coronavirus crisis.  Although we cannot guarantee immunity to the virus, we have worked hard to create a safe and healthy environment for our team and our guests at Houghton House.

The Houghton House team are continually monitoring and responding to the pandemic as it evolves. We follow the latest advice from government and private bodies regarding safety measures and continue to  take the appropriate steps needed to keep our facilities safe and COVID free!

As a leading rehabilitation centre, we remain committed to welcoming new clients in need of help, providing the highest quality treatment to everyone in our care and serving our communities.

Our clients, both new and current undergo COVID testing which includes, temperature testing, screening of symptoms and appropriate precautions to limit interaction if external contact has been made with someone suspected of being Covid-19 positive.

Our facilities are deep cleaned regularly and we have strict Covid-19 protocols to protect our staff and clients. These include: Wearing of masks at all times, social distancing, constant cleaning and sanitization of communal and private areas within the Houghton House facilities. Lockdown Levels have relaxed – our safety precautions have not!

Additional measures in our pre-admission protocols include:

  1. Increased pre-admission protocols and screeningLockdown Levels have relaxed – our safety precautions have not!
  2. Our medical staff evaluate each new client on a case by case basis
  3. Screening of all new client admissions for COVID-19 symptoms, travel history and exposure risk
  4. Daily health checks to all staff and clients for COVID-19 symptoms
  5. Following the strict guidelines set daily by Government and the Department of Health
  6. Increased level of infection prevention and control, sanitation and hygiene
  7. Temporarily suspension of group-based meetings and family visits as a precautionary measure and in line with current guidelines
  8. Zoom based meetings and interactions where possible
  9. Employees who are not in direct care roles will be working remotely
  10. Cancellation of staff travel to decrease exposure on planes, trains and other public modes of transport to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.
  11. Only essential travel is permitted ( such as traveling to work etc)

Online Meetings

To ensure that we are able to support those who are leaving treatment during the coronavirus crisis, we have easily accessible online aftercare support sessions hosted on Zoom.  All clients leaving treatment during this time will be given access and the support they need to start their recovery journey.

For more information on our ongoing efforts dealing with the Coronavirus or how to help yourself or a loved one with alcohol, stop doing drugs, or any other addiction issue and getting yourself into rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now: Lockdown Levels have relaxed – our safety precautions have not!

office hours:  011 787 9142

24/7 emergency helpline: 079 770 7532

Click on the green envelope below and fill in our contact form, and one of our professional staff members will get back to you via email or phone, respecting your anonymity at all times.stop doing drugs, How to stop doing drugs in 5 steps, Best Addiction Rehabilitation in South Africa, Best Addiction Rehabilitation in South Africa

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