Houghton House Rehab is 28!

Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centers, Gauteng’s premier drug rehabilitation center is 28 years old!

The incredible place of healing has lots to look back on and, more importantly forward to, as it continues to grow as a leading place of recovery for thousands of people.

A World-class Rehab Facility

This world-class facility renowned in South Africa, the center has stood as a symbol of hope, successfully guiding countless souls from the clutches of addiction to the embrace of recovery.

September is a special month for Houghton House, because, just like Spring sees the restarting of life in the wild, Houghton House rehabilitation centre marks September as its birthday month; the month in which new lives for many were made possible thanks to the work done over the past 28 years at the Centre.

Set up in humble beginnings as a halfway house by Alex Hamlyn in 1995, Houghton House has grown and blossomed into a medically sophisticated, highly professional group of treatment centres.

Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres,  28 years old!
Alex Hamlyn and Dan Wolf are proprietors, directors and proud members of our multidisciplinary team of professionals at Houghton House Rehab.

Supported by a talented and passionate multidisciplinary team of professionals, Johannesburg’s most sought-after alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre has seen many people come and go through its doors over the years. These patients hail from South Africa and abroad, showing the incredible reach and reputation Houghton House has.

Houghton House: 28 Years of Excellence in Addiction Recovery

Considered by many as the best rehab centre in South Africa, the centre offers a perfect blend of expertise and care.

The New Dual Diagnosis Unit

Gauteng’s premier drug rehabilitation centre is 28 years old!

Houghton House has now been awarded 30 dual diagnosis beds at our Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centre. A Testament to Comprehensive Care and Houghton House’s unyielding commitment to excellence and holistic health. Beyond just infrastructure, this unit embodies the spirit of comprehensive mental health services.

What truly earmarks Houghton House as South Africa’s leading rehab centre? At its core, the institution prioritizes group therapy, supplemented with intensive one-on-one sessions. Their adoption of the 12 Step programme, combined with the Minnesota Model of rehabilitation counselling, offers a holistic approach to recovery, addressing not just substance abuse, but also other addictions prevalent in South Africa, such as gambling, sex, and eating disorders.

Their holistic approach doesn’t stop there. Houghton House’s alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres in Johannesburg have received top ratings from International Rehab Reviews, solidifying their standing as a global leader in addiction recovery.

Houghton House: More than Just a Rehab Centre

Substance abuse is undeniably a mammoth societal issue in South Africa, with its ripples affecting not just the individual but the community at large. At Houghton House, they not only acknowledge the enormity of the problem but also wield the tools and expertise to tackle it head-on.

Recognizing addiction’s dual nature – the compulsion to use more and the continuation despite adverse effects – Houghton House believes in a blend of professional healthcare intervention and robust family-peer support. Their stellar track record over nearly three decades proves their efficacy.

As Houghton House commemorates its 28 years of unparalleled service, it opens its arms wider to those in need, backed by a rich legacy and an unyielding commitment to transforming lives. With continued community support, this institution promises to shine even brighter in the years ahead, offering solace, healing, and hope.

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