Facing COVID-19 – the time to enter recovery is now!

Lockdown – time to clean up and enter recovery

Enter recovery now Houghton House Rehabilitation Centre is keeping its facilities open during the COVID-19 lockdown. Their facilities remain safe and with professional staff employed the team remains strong for those who they currently treat and for those yet to come.See:>>Confidential Drug Rehab in Johannesburg<<

time-to-enter-recovery-is-now clean up houghton houseAll nations of the world are contending with the consequences this disease has brought upon us. As restrictions – such as social distancing, self-isolation and bans on alcohol and cigarettes have been placed – populations with substance abuse disorders are being hit much harder than others.

Those addicted to smoking cigarettes, marijuana or vaping are placing themselves at far greater risk – as the COVID-19 virus attacks the lungs.
Pulmonary and respiratory health is worsened by the use of opioids and methamphetamine use. Addicts and alcoholics are far more likely to be incarcerated for illegally sourcing their drug of choice. They may find themselves homeless and in circumstances that pose difficulties in keeping the virus from spreading.


Those with a history of meth addiction, or those currently in active meth addiction are also at a higher risk of contracting the disease. The use of meth restricts blood vessels, a property contributing to pulmonary damage and hypertension.

Vaping and smoking

The cells of the lung are harmed by exposure to tobacco and other harmful products in cigarettes and marijuana. Aerosols from e-cigarettes are just as damaging, ultimately diminishing the lung’s ability to respond to infection.


Opioids act in the brainstem in order to slow breathing, having a direct effect on respiratory health on those who abuse this drug. Opioid abuse can cause hypoxemia – a harmful disease of oxygen in the blood. Lack of oxygen in the blood is particularly damaging to the brain, especially as when this state persists.
Respiratory health is also affected by opioid abuse often causing chronic respiratory disease, diminishing lung capacity and making users more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and potentially not surviving.

As with many other diseases and pandemics in the past, those with compromised health can easily find themselves at an increased risk to contract COVID-19. People who face the disease of addiction could likely find themselves extremely ill, but may also face dire and fatal consequences if they don’t enter recovery.

These risks do not only pertain to the above-mentioned drugs, but to all drugs, including alcohol addiction.

With knowledge of the above-mentioned risks of addiction, especially during this time, now is the time to take the first step into recovery.

The time to enter recovery is now

time-to-enter-recovery-is-now houghton houseHoughton House Rehabilitation Centre is keeping their facilities open during the COVID-19 lockdown. Their facilities remain safe and with professional staff employed the team remains strong for those who they currently treat and for those yet to come.

Lockdown can be far more difficult and challenging, mentally, emotionally and physically for the addict. Addicts and alcoholics who have not stockpiled may become increasingly desperate to obtain their drug of choice illegally. This puts them at a greater risk of being caught, fined or incarcerated so the time to enter recovery is now. Families may suffer due to the outrage and bad moods taken out on them by an addict or alcoholic.

This article not only pertains to the addict or alcohol, but also to the family and friends of those addicted. Should you know that your loved one has a problem, now is the time to create an intervention, and get them the correct help to enter recovery they will need in order to recover.

Addiction is a disease that not only affects the addict but direly also their family and the population around them.

Houghton House will remain open to continually support those in dire need.

Our outpatient programme, First Step, will also be running as per normal during these times. We have increased our number of virtual meetings via Zoom, bringing further support, as we can now provide Continuing Care Services to clients in other cities and countries.

Support Groups

All AA, NA, CA, MA etc. support groups are now available on Zoom. Support groups for families of addicts and alcoholics such as Nar-Anon and Al-Anon are also providing online meetings to enter recovery. Narcotics Anonymous have expanded their online programme to ten meetings, each day of the week.

Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs can be fatal, should the addict not be medically supervised. Should you find that you suddenly have no more alcohol and drugs at home, with the knowledge that there is no way to secure more, it will most likely send you into panic.

Use this lockdown as a chance to free yourself from the devastation of drugs and alcohol. Give yourself a chance to find a new way to live life.

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