Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres, Gauteng’s premier drug rehabilitation centre is 27 years old! The incredible place of healing has lots to look back on and, more importantly forward to, as it continues to grow as a leading place of recovery for thousands of people.

all the people helped by our multidisciplinary team of professionals at Houghton House Rehab
Alex Hamlyn and Dan Wolf are proprietors directors and proud members of our multidisciplinary team of professionals at Houghton House Rehab

September is a special month for Houghton House, because, just like Spring sees the restarting of life in the wild, Houghton House drug rehabilitation centre marks September as its birthday month; the month in which new lives for many were made possible thanks to the work done over the past 27 years at the Centre.

Set up in humble beginnings as a halfway house by Alex Hamlyn in 1995, Houghton House has grown and blossomed into a medically sophisticated, highly professional group of treatment centres and programmes. Supported by a long list of talented and passionate therapists, specialists and experts, Johannesburg’s most sought-after alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre has seen many people come and go through its doors over the years. These patients hail from South Africa and abroad, showing the incredible reputation Houghton House holds dearly.

Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres, Gauteng’s premier drug rehabilitation Centre 27 years old!

Primary Care, the premier and top programme at Houghton House, began in 1996 after it was found that the need for quality primary care was paramount to the success of individuals who sought success at Houghton House drug rehabilitation centre but had come from less than ideal primary care elsewhere. 1996 was also the first time that a television show (Carte Blanche) covered Houghton House. When we say humble beginning, it is not mere lip service; Houghton House began its journey treating only three patients, and now, it successfully boasts careful care of between 65-80 patients across Primary, Secondary and Tertiary treatment centres. Factor in the outpatient groups and the number easily cross over the 100 mark.

Houghton House continues to grow, with new ground being broken as we type this, building a new larger more sophisticated hospital wing and drug rehabilitation centre treatment rooms added on to the main rehab area. Giving more opportunities for this successful and dynamic rehab to help even more people escape the ravages and grasp of addiction.

This month, as Houghton House, observes and celebrates the milestone 27th anniversary as a leading place of recovery and new beginnings, staff, friends, former patients, current patients and partners of the Centre are invited to join in and celebrate this momentous occasion together. You can let us know about your experience over the years at Houghton House by emailing us with your story. We would love to hear from you!

Finally, a massive thank you from Houghton House and the many people who have worked or continue to work at the drug rehabilitation centre to change lives. We are passionate about life, and helping those in need, but we thank you for the support and partnerships we have enjoyed over the past 27 years. Long may Houghton House continue to serve.
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