Covid-19 virus and Anxiety Issues

How To Stop The Anxiety Spiralling Out Of Control with the Covid-19 virus.

“It’s natural for us to worry about potential dangers to our safety and wellbeing. So if you’re feeling concerned about the Coronavirus, you’re not alone. Yet, for some of us, this concern can quickly grow into anxiety, even panic. Hearing about shortages of hand sanitizer, people stocking their homes with food, and the number of Covid-19 virus deaths worldwide only fuels this fire.” says Clinical Psychologist, Dessy Tzoneva

Covid-19 virus Best addiction Rehab for drugs and Alcohol Houghton House Centres

If you’re finding yourself overpowered by fears of exposure, infection, death, here are some ways to regain your balance:

Click for more to: Educate yourself on the facts from reliable sources[(WHO / CDC)

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  • Limit time spent on news watching/following (whether SA has 1 or 10 Covid-19 virus cases, nothing changes about what you need to do.
  • Remember that what you hear on the news depends on what they choose to focus on, & that they tend to use shock value, reporting on the extremes.
  • If you have a compromised immune system or a medical condition you’re worried about, speak to your doctor for more specific guidance.
  • Practice relaxation techniques to ease stress levels & help your immune system.
  • Try Mindfulness to stay in the present moment, rather than living in future ‘what ifs’.
  • Question your thoughts to see if they’re facts or fears, knowledge or assumption.
  • Remind yourself that uncertainty does not guarantee danger.

Fake News

We as a society need to avoid sharing fake news during this time as the panic created by media is turning out to be worse than the disease itself. To learn more about Covid-19 virus and the latest information shared on the matter click here : 

Covid-19 virus Best addiction Rehab for drugs and Alcohol Houghton House Centres

And if you’re battling with constant anxiety, disturbed sleep, worrying about the Covid-19 virus and trouble getting through your daily activities. Click here Link to SADAG for more self-help.

Covid-19 virus Best addiction Rehab for drugs and Alcohol Houghton House Centres

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