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Houghton House: Providing a Model of Continued Care.

There’s a myth perpetuated in addiction-treatment circles that only a very small percentage of addicts or alcoholics recover. That is, in the sense that they achieve significant, long-lasting recovery. But this is not true.

Making a Difference

What makes the vital difference in the lives of many patients is the time spent within a care-giving recovery-based system. At Houghton House, for instance, we employ a multidisciplinary, multi-tiered approach of continued care designed to aid patients every step of the way. The benefit? Up to 60% of our admissions go on to live meaningful lives.

Primary Care

HELPING-HAND Continuing CareOur Primary Care facility is where the individual faces up to their addiction while simultaneously being separated from their substance of choice. Through lectures, counselling, group and individual therapy, and other activities, they’re enabled to overcome the first hurdle.

If they choose – as we recommend they do – to enter our Secondary Care programme, patients have an additional three months of intense soul-searching. This involves not just in-depth therapy. They’re also afforded the chance to experience more freedom in continued care. However, this is structured to best suit their current stage of recovery.

Secondary Care

Through Secondary Care, boundaries are broadened while still being monitored, and the discipline and further insights learnt give them tools. Tools which equip them with coping mechanisms for the return to normal life.

Then there’s our aftercare and intensive outpatient programmes, for both graduated primary and secondary patients: trice weekly or daily meetings with a trusted group as they reintegrate into outside life. Perfect for support and reinforcement of the recovery message,  this continued care provides a safe place for people in recovery to talk about complexities arising in their lives.

Tertiary Tier

But what can be immensely beneficial to people seeking recovery is the Tertiary tier in our continued care. These are our halfway houses. Essentially, communal living with fellow addicts where food is taken care of, chores given, and further structure strengthening their lives. Within this, they’re free to start working again, making a life again, finding the way back again. All within the safe confines of our continuing care system.

There is nothing quite as powerful as a community who stand by each other. Rough day at the office? Some may head straight for the bar. Or call the dealer. That’s far less likely if they’re required to check-in with the halfway house and its manager, along with their fellows. Topped off with a communal meal together, the support is invaluable.

We advise a year of this. At a decreasing monthly cost, considering benefits like the basics being covered, it’s not only worthwhile but provides an opportunity for these individuals to reclaim their lives.

Recovery Maintenance

Finally, our Recovery Maintenance (RM) groups are once-weekly group therapy sessions that former patients can continue throughout their lives. RM has helped many of them retain their sobriety even in trying times. They’re now at an advanced stage of their recovery. And through the guidance of trained addiction professionals, they offer support to each other during major events and even minor ones.

What all this continued care does is keep the individual further away from their substance of choice for longer. While also reinforcing recovery-based thinking. Especially as every step of the way literally follows the 12 Steps of Addiction Recovery, originally from Alcoholics Anonymous.

And the end result?

With our professional help, an addict or alcoholic is far, far more likely to recover.

The time to enter recovery is now! For more information on how to help yourself or a loved one with alcohol, drugs or any other addiction issue and getting yourself into rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

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