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Suckers for Pain – Lean

Why Lean is Uncool – Downright Dangerous – and will Kill You Last September rapper Lil Wayne once again had to cancel a show when he was hospitalized for multiple violent seizures. While Weezy has struggled with epilepsy throughout his life, it’s no secret that his addiction to Lean (also known as “Sizzurp” or “Purple […]

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Why halfway houses help keep addicts clean

Life is tough, especially when you’ve had your crutch taken away. That’s why halfway houses exist: to offer the support and structure needed to rebuild your life post-addiction. All names have been changed to protect their anonymity. Houghton House halfway Houses. Shaun couldn’t shake his addiction to cocaine. “I tried. Multiple times. Was in and […]

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Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction – The XXX Factor

Is porn addiction such a big deal? The arrival of the Internet has not only changed the way humans communicate, study, do business and shop; it’s also changed our sexual behaviour dramatically. In fact, the consumption of porn online has mushroomed beyond control with more Porn Addiction sufferers that ever before. A study in 2016 […]

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