Types of Treatment For Addiction

Types Of Treatment For Addiction

The South African drug rehabilitation centers, with the rehabilitation centers of Johannesburg in the front-line, are doing sterling work. Patients from all over the world are coming to these clinics that provide excellent service and value for money treatment with outstanding, professional staff.

There are many different types of treatment for addiction to choose from. A proper evaluation is done with each patient to work out a program that will suit the patient’s needs. Due to the side effects of the drug abuse, a great number of patients need to start off with detox to get their system clean. The ideal solution is to get all patients into the residential treatment program.

In this program, the patient is being cared for by highly qualified professional staff around the clock to cater for their physical and psychological needs. The patient doesn’t leave the premises for the duration of the program.

Some clinics in Johannesburg have a secondary care program that is not as structured as the resident program. The same professional staff are also involved with the patient and the areas covered are the same as for the primary care program. The period that they stay is normally shorter.

Some clinics in Johannesburg have a treatment program to help the patient that has completed one of the above programs to commit to a long term residential structured form of living in order to help the patient to re-integrate into society and the workplace. A great number of patients are in need of this when you consider where they came from.

There is the outpatient program that helps those who are not able to stay at the facility. Their problems are managed on a day to day basis with the same professional staff of the clinic and many of the programs they follow are based on the same principals as that of the residential program.