Amazing Sober Festive Season Activities

Ideas for sober activities

An issue that many recovering alcoholics have to deal with is the concept of creating new holiday memories minus alcohol. Now, with the world going into holidays” Sober Festive Season Activities are even more challenging. Think about the holiday parties, the office parties, the wines and ciders, the braais and good times – how many of those events don’t involve alcohol?

Sober Festive Season Activities

Well some of those parties will have to be avoided. These can be tough waters to navigate as a newly sober (or just sober for that matter) person, so you are going to need a bit of help getting creative with your social life and festive season planning. Luckily you don’t have to look too far to find new, fun, Sober Festive Season Activities to take part in or host.

Here is our list of ideas for you to make the most out of your festive season celebrations while staying true to the course of sobriety.

Hit the Outdoors

Sober Festive Season Activities is the order of the day!

A half-hour spent outdoors is worth 6 inside, especially when social distancing is the order of the day! Well, at least in terms of soul-satisfying feel-good vibes it is! Any time being sober and spent exercising outside, especially during our lovely summer festive season months; you’ll need to stay hydrated with water or other non-alcoholic beverages. Therefore, inviting friends and family on an outdoor excursion is an easy way to ditch the alcohol. Plan a hike through a park or a municipal garden. If you are lucky and live near a mountain or trail area – go for a trail run. Take a walk on the beach. Climb to a watch point to watch the sunset. (Cape Town is wonderful this time of the year to watch the sun go down!) Your body and soul will thank you for the movement and you’ll feel extra energized now that you don’t have to worry about hangovers. You will save loads of money too. And remember, studies have shown that the increase of Vitamin D and warmer conditions are good in keeping the body healthy( just remember the sunblock and to take other vitamins too!)

Put Up a Real Christmas Tree

have a Xmas tree for recovery! with Sober Festive Season Activities

If your household celebrates Christmas, harvesting a live Christmas tree from a nearby farm or nursery is a guaranteed fun-filled adventure for the whole family. Some tree farms and nurseries get into the Christmas spirit completely and offer activities while you are there- which is great for your children.  Schedule your Sober Festive Season Activities outings in advance and begin a family tradition to pick and collect a live Christmas tree on that day every year, so the adults know to take off work and the kids can look forward to the experience. Just remember to wear your mask and sanitise everywhere you go!

Sober Festive Season Activities Movie Marathons

Heard of Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and live! There’s not much that beats a bunch of pillows, snacks and good friends and family all gathered around the TV watching those good old festive season movies! And what’s even better is discovering a new hit movie for everyone. It could be a marathon of Grinch movies or a cute festive season love show vibe, regardless of the theme you choose, it’s a great way to relax, booze free and fun filled with people you don’t need to offer or consume alcohol with to enjoy the activity. So, put on those funky socks and sweatpants, whip up some snacks, and prepare for a nostalgic feel-good night of fun!

Board Games Rule!

A good board game can occupy an evening with friends better than any night out at a pub! Choose a game based on interests, age, and attention span. Call over a bunch of mates for a silly session of Cards Against Humanity or hit the classics like Monopoly or Scrabble with a more relaxed crowd.  Regardless of the game of choice, a night spent using your brain’s with, intelligence and creative side can prove to be even more fun and rewarding than you know! Also, should others be drinking while you are playing, offer to be scorekeeper and you are sorted!  If you are hosting and there is a call for some kind of party drink – look at mocktails, they are quite the talking point for Sober Festive Season Activities.


Christmas and festive season fun more than Mince pies and Sober Festive Season Activities!

Nothing says Christmas and festive season fun more than Mince pies and Christmas cake! Whether you are after pies for dad or cookies for Santa – there’s always a need for a good baker! What’s better than cooking alone? Cooking with friends! So create a bake-off or entertain friends with an array of yummy baked items with tea and coffee. One of the big benefits of sober baking and kitchen based activities is bonding. It could be gossip to start off with, but kitchen talk leads to strong relationship building (if you don’t burn the cookies that is!)

Build A Gingerbread House!

Staying in the kitchen, sort of, a gingerbread house-building day is the best way to keep a young family occupied for hours! Dedicate an afternoon to building and decorating gingerbread houses and you have a recipe for a successful activity! The creative results may just surprise you! The options are as endless as houses themselves – do you build a mansion or a rondavel? What icing should you use to colour the house? So many options!  Just make sure you are prepared, which leads us to the next activity; Food shopping!

Sober Festive Season Activities Food Shopping Fun 

It may seem like an adult-only thing to do but food shopping can be quite an adventure. Add in the festive nature of the season and you can really make a day out of it. Create a wish list with your younger family members and give everyone tasks, some can hit the bakery, others tinned food and others get wrapping paper duty! Remember that with your Sober Festive Season Activities ideas of a bake-off or a gingerbread house build-off – you will need to get all the ingredients and some special additions, so that can prove to be quite an adventure for those willing. It’s a day away from the temptation to drink, and it can be a good way to bond with the family in a busy social space.

Light The House Up 

Decorations are the best part of the holidays Sober Festive Season Activities!

Decorations are the best part of the holidays! Lights, inside and out can really give your home that extra holiday season pop and besides who doesn’t love a set of sparkly Christmas lights hanging from the roof? Many stores stock a range of colourful and light-emitting wreaths, inflatable reindeer and nativity scenes – even a giant Santa is available in some stores, so why not be the talk of the whole street and create a fun scene at your house? It will take a bit of time and need parental guidance around the electrical bits, but what a fun way to spend a day – the rewards are instant – just wait for the sun to drop and you have a wonderland lit up for everyone to enjoy!

Give The Gift Of Activity! 

The journey towards sobriety often includes a reflection on the ideologies of consumerism as a whole. There is a realisation that the beast of marketing plays a big role in what we think we need to buy in order to fit in and feel like we belong, that we are enough for society, our friends and our family. Put the brakes on that beast this festive season. Halt gift-giving and instead give the gift of activity. Think about a trip to the movies, a hiking weekend, maybe an art show or bonsai display workshop, there are many fun things to do during the festive season that can both be accommodating to your budget and overwhelmingly precious in terms of making memories.

Take loads of pictures and film it, these are the things you can re-watch and revisit during the dark days. Working on creating your own holiday memories with a sober tint to them can create both memorable events and remind you that you don’t need alcohol to enjoy your holiday season celebrations.

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