New Innovative & Luxurious Residential Drug Rehab Clinics

Residential Drug Rehab Clinics

Reclaim your life from addiction. Houghton House Addiction Rehab Centres is there for you. Our inpatient drug rehab centres in South Africa offer comfy, living where we provide you group community and personalized support to help you live a healthy, rewarding life not abusing alcohol and drugs. Our home-like settings, let you explore the primary motives for your addiction. Houghton House teaches you coping skills to sidestep triggers so you can survive the many issues life can throw with you.

Best Rehab in Johannesburg Welcome to Houghton House Alcohol and Drug Treatment CentresInpatient Drug Rehab Centre

Houghton House Addiction Rehab Centres process is a multidisciplinary, structured approach that is based on 12-step recovery principles and medical, evidence-based models. Our in-house drug rehab programmes include:

A Comprehensive Assessment

We address the issues that keep you from living the great life you want. Our professional addiction specialists assess your conditions and decide what underlying mental health disorders need looking at. The decision if you need a dual diagnosis treatment will be made. Our professional assessments will guide the treatment plan so will get the right treatment that is comprehensive and relevant to your diagnosis.

Individual Therapy at Houghton House

The individual therapy programResidential Drug Rehab Clinics Residential Drug Rehab Clinics at Houghton House will help address the emotional pain and stresses that contribute to your addiction and substance abuse. Exploring issues from your past experiences that get in the way of your current well-being. We also identify triggers to doing drugs and substance abuse and learn better ways of managing them. Individual therapy is a safe space to discuss problems and issues you’re not ready to bring to the group discussions. It can be used to process thoughts and issues that came up in group discussion, this allows you to give the topic more focus.

South Africa needed to take a fresh look at drug rehabilitation after drugs hit its shores in 1994.

The private sector took a major step to deal with this issue and they established several drug rehab centres within the country. In addition to this, they designed programs for the treatment of drug addiction.

Residential Drug Rehab Clinics make it possible for the patient to take up residence for the duration of the program. This helps the patient to break the cycle of drug abuse with professional and medical staff to assist them in fighting the addiction.

Residential Drug Rehab Clinics at Houghton House addiction rehabilitation in Gauteng

The rehab program also allows the involvement of the family members of the patient and group sessions take place for interaction. They also get involved with the families of other patients with the same problem so they can share experiences.

The program provides physical and psychological treatment since those areas are affected by drugs. Some of the residential drug rehab clinics also make provision for a patient that cannot go on a full-time programme. They hold group discussions in the evenings so people can conveniently attend. The same highly qualified staff members from the centre are available during these programs to assist with the needs of the patient.


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