Residential Drug Rehab Clinics

Residential Drug Rehab Clinics

South Africa needed to take a fresh look at drug rehabilitation after drugs hit its shores in 1994.

The private sector took a major step to deal with this issue and they established several drug rehab centres within the country. In addition to this they designed programs for the treatment of drug addiction.

Residential Drug Rehab Clinics make it possible for the patient to take up residence for the duration of the program. This helps the patient to break the cycle of drug abuse with professional and medical staff to assist them in fighting the addiction.

The rehab program also allows involvement of the family members of the patient and group sessions take place for interaction. They also get involved with the families of other patients with the same problem so they can share experiences.

The program provides physical and psychological treatment since those areas are affected by drugs. Some of the residential drug rehab clinics also make provision for a patient that cannot go on a full time program .They hold group discussions in the evenings so people can conveniently attend. The same highly qualified staff members from the centre are available during these programs to assist with the needs of the patient.