Authorized and Open During Lockdown in Beautiful South Africa

Our doors remain open and the rehab open during lockdown – your dealer’s does not.

Houghton House is a safe secure environment during the COVID-19 lockdown period for alcoholics, addicts, users and abusers to effectively detox.

This is the official statement from the government as received through the DDG:

“The following services [may be open during this time]…

…Services rendered by mental and relation institutions-thats us rehab open during lockdown!

Houghton House Addiction Rehabilitation open during Coronovirus Lockdown

  1. Mental health care
  2. Diagnostic assessments of new referrals in respect of people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities
  3. Psychological assessment
  4. Therapeutic Counselling services and any other form of counselling
  5. Mental health crisis management
  6. Court preparation and assistance for victims who are users
  7. Rehabilitation services [Our emphasis]
  8. Treatment (including assistance with adherence to medication)
  9. Training (only to the extent that it is offered to the mental health users.”

This gazette also refers to “the service of distribution of chronic medication” and “the Services rendered by Medical Officers in public”.

Most of these gazetted allowances apply to our rehab. From medical staff to the distribution of necessary medication, and the treatment of addiction suffers, through both psychologically and medically related treatment, we are allowed to continue keeping our doors open.

As millions of South Africans prepare for lockdown, they can rest assured that food markets will still be open at this time. But with drugs, it is a different story.

Be aware that dealers will cease to do business until after the 21-day lockdown.

It is too risky for them to operate they will not open during Coronovirus lockdown. And they certainly won’t want to be caught breaking lockdown rules by coming to a residence to do a drug deal.

The army will be out in full force, helping the police to maintain the lockdown. This means being stopped, maybe searched, and having to prove your identity.

Far distance travelling will be questioned. For instance, if you have to go to another neighbourhood to get your drugs. Both your pharmacy and a perfectly fine supermarket are in your area. Already imagine the questions that’ll get asked.

Houghton House Addiction Rehabilitation open during covid-19 rehab open during Coronovirus lockdown Then there’s the fact few addicts can afford to “stockpile” their drugs of choice over this period. Which means you’ll go into involuntary withdrawal – especially dangerous with narcotics like heroin and other opioids, where you can actually die from unsupervised withdrawal. So rehab open during lockdown Yay!

Similarly, if you’re an alcoholic, chances are you’re not used to stockpiling booze and may not be able to now with restrictions in place. Withdrawal from alcohol without a medical team is extremely dangerous.

And bottle stores, in line with lockdown laws, won’t be open. Which you may have been aware of. What you might not be aware of is: supermarkets that sell liquor, like Woolworth’s and Checkers, etc, won’t be able to sell even the wine they have in-store, too. Unless you somehow knew to stock up, as unlikely as that is, you may be out of time now.

Especially with restrictions on the number of items you can purchase a day.

Literally, no alcohol will be on sale at all during these 21 days. There won’t be a single bar, bottle store, or wine section in a supermarket open during this period.

Fortunately, we most definitely will be open during the Coronovirus lockdown. Now’s your chance to safely, under medical supervision, be taken off alcohol – one of the few substances that can outright kill you in withdrawal.

Now concerning the pandemic itself. If you’re worried about exposure to the coronavirus COVID-19, be aware we have protocols in place to screen those who come in. Unfortunately, anyone showing signs of COVID-19, like too high a temperature, will be sent home. But this makes it safer for you.

Where would you rather be, at your house going through withdrawal unable to get your substance or in a professional rehab with a beautiful garden and an environment full of people in the same boat as you?

Houghton House Addiction Rehabilitation open during Coronovirus Lockdown codependent behaviorFor one thing, you won’t have to experience the pain of social isolation.

You can use this lockdown as the chance to get clean and start a new way of life. One free from the tyranny of drugs and alcohol.

Considering how unlikely it is you’ll make it to the end of the lockdown with your substance of choice – due to lack of availability – you may want to think about this carefully.

If you are struggling, we’re here to help. Rehab open during lockdown for the foreseeable future to ensure the best care possible for our clients. Houghton House also has services available to pick you up from your own home and bring you to the safety of our care.

You’ll be welcomed with open arms by our dedicated professional staff, from doctors and nurses to the expert counselling team. It really will be the safest, most enjoyable way to get through lockdown. They’ll be with you on this journey every step of the way.

Use this time constructively. If you are on leave due to the lockdown, now is when to make the most of it.

Rehab open during lockdown Finally… you’ll have the opportunity to be free of the monkey on your back – for good.

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