Important Info on Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in South Africa

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation is a method requiring mental, emotional, and transcendent change. It all begins with stopping using.
To quote Alex Hamlyn the founder and director of Houghton House:

“If you want to stop using, you are going to have to stop using“.

Alex Hamlyn

Coming Into Rehabilitation in South Africa

Rehabilitation in South Africa

For anyone battling drug or alcohol abuse. Coming into a rehabilitation centre in Johannesburg is an intimidating experience, but many of our patients – in fact, most of them go on to lead prosperous lives after recovering from their addiction.
There are a number of options for substance abuse rehabilitation in South Africa at Houghton House rehab facilities. It is the first step in a long road of sobriety choice and fulfilment.

We offer the full continuum of addiction treatment care helping patients with alcohol issues, commonly abused drugs and other types of substance abuse. At our addiction recovery centre treatment options include interventions, dual diagnosis, mental health and relapse prevention support, together with a combination of therapeutic techniques and the integration of the effective 12-step recovery process.

The Rehabilitation Process

What happens in group therapy sessions?

One of a patient’s first questions before entering rehab is:

“What happens at an inpatient rehab that I can’t do by myself?”

Or possibly at the outpatient facility that Houghton House offers?  The idea of discussing your addiction, your experience and your feelings in front of a group of strangers can be intimidating. Most patients are initially nervous and would not consider the idea of sharing and discussing personal issues and problems. The 12 step programme effective for over many years has shown group therapy to be one of the most effective operational tools in the treatment of substance abuse.

The answer seems that the success of sharing problems is something that is difficult to do, it becomes easier when you realise that your issues are just like the other people’s issues in the room. They have problems that they deal with that are as difficult as yours. Sometimes more difficult, it’s about people caring and helping each other.
One addict helping another addict. One patient aiding another patient by sharing, helping another. When patients at Houghton House are able to communicate with each other honestly, share their experiences and be open and honest about their state of mind in a space that is safe and respectful, real and long-lasting change start to occur.
If you are searching for help, the programme at Houghton House Rehabilitation Centres comprises of professional programmes, facilitated group therapy sessions, lectures and individual counselling facilitated by our multi-disciplined team of professional staff.

 What Process is used for Rehabilitation in South Africa?

12 step Substance-Abuse-Rehabilitation-in-South-Africa

We use the 12 Step programme, in conjunction with the Minnesota Model and process of rehabilitation counselling. Which has evolved to become a holistic addiction recovery model. It deals primarily with substance abuse and recovery. The key element of this dynamic and novel approach to addiction treatment is the blending of professional medical staff and trained nonprofessional (recovering) staff around the 12 step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous

At Houghton Houses rehab, we ensure that addicts are introduced to our process and steps in treatment so that they continue to include it in their everyday lives. This includes important parts of the process such as getting a sponsor, completing written step work and beginning to understand what it is to be of service to others.

Our Patients are introduced to a group of men and women who strive to help each other in their recovery. With our help, a combination of the Minnesota Model and 12 steps process is a vital part of the options for substance abuse rehabilitation in South Africa.

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