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As the world moves into a new normal and online searches increase, people are finding new and original ways to scam those in need. Reputable Drug Rehabilitation centres in Gauteng for alcohol and drug addiction are, like many other institutions being targeted by charlatans to prey on the weak with devastating results.  Unfortunately, deceptive marketing and unethical practices are becoming more prevalent with these ‘health vultures’ preying on the weak, the desperate and seeking only monetary gain.

Choosing a Rehabilitation Centre

Houghton House Group of Treatment CentresHoughton House Drug and alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Enable an Addiction is one of the more Reputable Drug Rehabilitation centres in Gauteng and we are determined to give you the tools needed to decipher the fake from the real, the dodgy from the respectable when it comes to choosing a treatment centre for yourself or a loved one.  

As one of the premier addiction centres in Gauteng, Houghton House believes in giving you the tools to change your life for the better. This includes ensuring that you have the correct foundation to start with and that means finding a reputable organisation to start that journey.

It is not always obvious to tell whether a rehabilitation centre is indeed ethical or unethical so caution is the best practice when researching a place you are intending to use.  Here are some of our top tips to go through when selecting Reputable Drug Rehabilitation centres in Gauteng

Customer/client reviews

Houghton House Drug and alcohol Rehabilitation Centre the most Reputable Drug Rehabilitation centres in Gauteng

Google is not only a search engine to find your next pair of shoes! Google reviews, on Reputable Drug Rehabilitation centres in Gauteng a feature on Google Maps is a fantastic way to sift through the marketing talk about a rehabilitation centre. Look for both positive and negative reviews of the organisation AND how they respond to comments. A good place may have had a bad review but how they respond to it can be quite telling. Similarly, bad places can organize glowing reviews – watch out for that marketing ploy! 

Word of Mouth on Reputable Drug Rehabilitation centres in Gauteng

One of the most honest and reliable information a treatment centre can provide is from the lips of someone else! Word of mouth spreads fast, good or bad, so asking around is a fantastic way to get information about the credibility of an organisation. Remember, word of mouth is rarely ever a paid exercise and therefore personal connection to the comment is often attached. This can be both positive and negative.

Rehabilitation Center Research

You research information about a car before you buy it, an area before you buy a house in it and a restaurant before you eat at it, why not do the same with a rehabilitation centre before you check into it? It is crucial to study the place which is going to change a person’s life, especially when it comes to a loved one!

Discount  Prices

Your future life and your rehabilitation count on getting the best treatment that will break the cycle of addiction and give you the skills to move forward. Decent treatment with a full complement of multidisciplinary staff members is not something you get “discounted” prices on the cheap for.  Getting treatment at a rehab that undercuts a professionally run rehabilitation centre is perhaps not the best choice.

If the rehab seems desperate to get you in with a “special only for you” “one time” discounted rate that is way below others. Be wary of the quality of the services and the treatment you will receive.

Search for media on the organisation

You really don’t want to be on an investigative show like Carte Blanche because the place you checked into is run by a crook. A simply word search such as “ rehabilitation centre+ carte Blanche+ news” for example will give you all the info you need on places you should probably avoid. Do the same with other news outlets and you will quickly have a clear picture of the less than desirable places to consider.

Reputable Drug Rehabilitation centres in Gauteng – anybody can fall for it

A large number of charlatans are gamblers. Not of the casino kind, but of the humankind! Knowing that you are probably not going to question what they say/offer, they hedge their bets that you will fall for their ploys. Even the odds.  Assume there is an alternative motive until you are dead sure that it’s a legit place.

Drugs at Rehab? * Red flag *

The whole idea of a drug rehabilitation centre is to get you or a loved one off and away from drugs. Going to a place which endorses drug use ( of any kind) or has a drug on-premises policy of any kind, should be carefully considered. 

Look for the Rehabilitation centre history

History will attest to the fact that good, reliable service and treatment leads to a lasting relationship. When looking for a rehabilitation centre, carefully consider if it is a new kid on the block, or is an established treatment centre with years of experience, service, reliability and the know-how to care for people who are most vulnerable. That is not to say that newly established organisations are no good, however, there is reasoning behind the reassurance that the longevity of an organisation is often dependent on the quality of its service. Quality which takes time to perfect.

Beware the ad trap!

Ad campaigns for Reputable Drug Rehabilitation centres in Gauteng are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to a treatment centre. A great ad campaign for a “fantastic” Rehabilitation centre can be as fraudulent as they come, regardless of how shiny and complete the campaign looks. Be aware of the flash of marketing, it is there to sell a product, not confirm a truth.

In conclusion addiction treatment is the start of a new life, for you or a loved one. You will gain insights into your life like never before and it is important that at the start of the journey you have the correct, strong and powerful foundation laid out before you. Keep these tips in mind when searching for a rehabilitation centre and you will be able to determine if the centre you have chosen is a good fit for the future you! 

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