Best Advice on Rehab over the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with stress, anxiety and partying. It’s a weird concoction that can have serious consequences. November and December burnout is a very real possibility and the crux of overdoing it at parties and functions becomes a reality for many. It may be a good idea to spend your time at rehab over the holidays instead, and conquer the very demons that are at your door over this challenging period.

Attending rehabilitation has a number of benefits at any time of the year, but Rehab over the holidays over the holiday season is even more impactful. Besides, how are you supposed to handle future holidays when you are still battling an addiction? Our advice is to start now and take control of your life before the addiction is the paint that your holiday canvas is made up of this year…

A good alcohol or drug rehabilitation programme could be the difference between you going over the addiction edge, relapsing or suffering from ill-made decisions over the holidays, however, there are a number of reasons why we, as Gauteng’s premier drug and alcohol rehab centre recommend taking this time to attend rehab. Here’s our list:

Rehab over the holidays - A choice to survive!

Dodge triggers and bad situations

There are a number of events to attend, from family events, to work functions. There are family dinners to cook and big shopping lists to tick off.  These events can trigger a recovering addict, and they can cause untold amounts of stress which can lead to drug use or drinking abuse as a way to cope with these challenging situations. A way to avoid this is to simply attend rehab, and you can avoid these situations! At a rehab centre, you can take the time you need to focus on yourself and not have to worry about being blindsided by friends, family and work colleague triggers.

 Rehab is affordable

At the end of the year, you along with your medical savings may be drained. If you head to Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres for rehab in December and your medical aid pays, you can extend your time with us and follow on into January when your renewed medical aid kicks in.

Getting time away is easier

Do you think that going into treatment may be affected by leave? Well, we have good news! There is a good chance that your company finds it more acceptable to take leave during the holiday season, than in other parts of the year, so you can simply take the time off! Should you feel like you need to cover the reasoning, simply say you are heading away for a while, if it is something you do not want to discuss with colleagues, (especially the nosey ones!) Unfortunately, there are still stigmas around rehabilitation and should you feel uncomfortable revealing this, then you don’t need to!

Remove the dangers of relapse

If you are able to get into rehab, then you are more likely able to add strength to your resolve about kicking the addiction. This in turn builds up your stamina to take on a situation in the future which presents itself as an opportunity to relapse. You will be in a safe space, with other people who empathise and understand the fight to remove the bad habits you are trying to kick.

Bond with others over the holidays

As there are a number of important days and observations around the holidays, the temptation to believe that you won’t be able to enjoy the important time at rehab. This could not be further from the truth. Just because you are not drinking or taking drugs, does not mean you cannot enjoy a really good holiday celebration with people of like mind. There is a supportive group of people who are with you and wanting to have fun, celebrate and grow with you!

Rehab over the holidays  to survive addiction !

The ultimate gift to give is you.

Not sure if holiday season rehab is for you? Well, what if we told you that rehab is the best thing you could present yourself and your loved ones with as a gift? That’s right, it is!  Getting through recovery and becoming the true you is a true gift. Some say it is life-changing and we tend to agree! Your family will love you for it, and will not care that you are not with them for a short holiday, compared to a lifetime of being there in your real, true form!

At the end of the day, choosing rehab over the holiday season may end up being the best decision you could make this year. It is filled with love, resolve, and promise, and you could end up changing your life and ending a terrible cycle, whether it exists already or could be waiting in the wings. It is not an easy decision, but it is one you need to look at, especially if you want to show the world who the real you is (or could be).

We’re here to help you recover from addiction.

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