Rehab Clinics in Johannesburg

Rehab Clinics In Johannesburg

The hardcore drug trade arrived in South Africa in the mid nineties after it became an open society. For many years it was a closed society and isolated from the world at large. South Africa became well known for drug lords and they thrived in the new market.

This new trend brought along the social problems that go hand in hand with drug abuse. The young democracy faced tremendous problems and was not geared up for this new challenge. The private sector stepped in and with the help and experience of countries like the U.S.A. and Europe, world class rehab clinics were established in Johannesburg.

The rehab clinics in Johannesburg are amongst the finest in the world today. They have superseded the masters in many ways. Many overseas patients choose the rehab clinics in Johannesburg for their treatment. The professional staff and rehabilitation programs at these facilities are of the highest quality and provide excellent value for money.

The programs at most of these facilities cater for the complete rehabilitation of the patient and offer detoxification, primary care, secondary care, tertiary care and outpatient programs.

The staff members at these premises are highly qualified and are experts in the field of drug rehabilitation and treatment.