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Specialised Addiction Drug Rehab in Johannesburg

The Houghton House Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg is the leading Private Drug Rehab in Johannesburg that assists individuals with overcoming their addiction. They offer a complete spectrum of patient care services and interventions for individuals and their families. Houghton House understands that addiction is a powerful disease and that an addict needs the love, support and mentor-ship to fight this battle.

Drug Rehab Johannesburg At Houghton House Drug Rehab Johannesburg we can help you

With specialised resources, Houghton House can help you and your loved ones with addiction and ensure that the addict receives the help and care that they need. With a proven track record and is recognised as a top-class Private Drug Rehab in Johannesburg, Houghton House has helped several individuals create a new life for themselves. Their trained specialists are there to help you with your battle on a daily basis and empower you. Since recovery is an ongoing process of the staff at Houghton House ensure that you have the tools to focus on your recovery after your treatment at the top Drug Rehab Johannesburg.

Addiction also affects the family of the addict,

Houghton House encourages strong family involvement within its programs. These family intervention programs allow the family members of the addict to actively be involved in the recovery process. Assisting the family in understanding the disease of addiction can only help the addict and give them stronger recovery.

Intervention with an Addict

Interventions usually have a positive outcome and help with the overall rehabilitation process. By providing family involvement during the treatment process, patients and loved ones have the opportunity to discuss underlying issues that they may be facing in a safe and private environment. This allows for healing amongst the addict and their loved ones and also allows them to move forward in a positive light.

Houghton House the best Private Drug Rehab in Johannesburg has a holistic approach and believes that recovery is a process. Speak to Houghton House today if you need help for yourself or a loved one. Together they can help you take the steps to the journey of sustained recovery.

24  hour emergency helpline 079 770 7532 (local) +27 79 770 7532 (international)

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