Prescription Drug Treatment Program

Prescription Drug Treatment Program

The abuse of prescription drugs is rampant not only in South Africa but all over the world. People are under the impression that it is safer to use because it was prescribed by a doctor. Any medication taken for any other purpose than what it was prescribed for is dangerous and can put people at risk both physically and psychologically. It is highly recommended that a prescription drug treatment program is considered.

As for any other form of a drug addiction the patient is evaluated to establish the best treatment. In most cases the patient needs help both physically and psychologically to overcome their addiction.

The ideal for each patient is to get onto the residential treatment program where the patient is monitored by highly qualified and skilled staff around the clock. The patient gets all the support in the critical beginning of the program to help them adapt to their new environment and to help them come to grips with the situation with the help of professional staff.

The aim of the prescription drug treatment program is to build the confidence of the patient and to establish a lifestyle pattern away from the addiction. The program includes the family of the patient and is aimed at re-establishing family ties that could have suffered due to the problem.

Individual and group sessions form part of the program to help the patient build confidence and self worth. The patient gets enough alone time to reflect on his treatment process and to help the process with his own positive contributions.

Although not all patients are able to embark on the residential program, the contents of any less intensive treatment will remain the same as with the residential program as well as the aim to help the patient to overcome his addiction.

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