A Place of Hope for South African Substance Abusers

Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre is making it even easier to find help no matter where you are with an emergency line which makes help and treatment more accessible than ever, offering  a place of hope for South African substance abusers.

Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre in Johannesburg is fast becoming the place to recommend when it comes to rehabilitation for substance abuse in SA and with a 24 hour emergency line 079 770 7532 you or someone you love can get that all important attention needed to begin the road to recovery. Whether you need advice, support or to check in yourself or a loved one, Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre‘s hotline is the number to have on your phone.Place of Hope

Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre, Gauteng’s premiere private rehab centre is ensuring that this month in particular you are aware of just how simple it is to get help. June 26 is International Day against Abuse and illicit trafficking, and now more than ever you should know that help is a mere call away. Director of Houghton House, Dan Wolf said in a recent interview regarding help “Get the support from professionals who can contain the situation, who can assist in accessing an individual who can actualise their potential and reclaim their life.” Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre is the place of hope for South African Substance abusers wanting to find a way out.

It is no secret that abuse of drugs and alcohol is a massive problem in South Africa and those who are using are getting younger with every passing day. It is also important to realise just how big of a problem drug abuse in South Africa is becoming. Statistics released by the South African Community Epidemiology Network on Drug Use (SACENDU) are alarming. The average age of experimentation in South Africa is 12, and it is going down. Although the treatment ages of users in Gauteng ranges from as young as 9 up to 82, there is a majority of users between the ages of 10 to 19, in fact it has increased to 29 per cent, according to a 2017 report by SACENDU.

Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre is a light at the end of a very murky tunnel. By calling the emergency line on 079 770 7532 you can help someone take that first step towards recovery or make that first step yourself.

You can also call our landline 011 787 9142


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