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Houghton House Leading Rehab in Johannesburg – Saving Lives since 1995

Founded by Alex Hamlyn 23 years ago. Houghton House Rehab in Johannesburg has grown from its modest beginnings to south Africa’s  Leading Rehab in Johannesburg. From a halfway house started by Alex Hamlyn and Russell Unterslak in 1995 to the group of treatment centres, it is now.

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At the time Alex had moved to South Africa from London and was in the early phases of his own substance abuse recovery. Discovering that residents in recovery from drug addiction and alcohol addiction that were coming from the rehab centre to the halfway house had experienced subpar primary care treatment. This provided the impetus to establish Houghton House and the primary care programme in 1996. Russell and Alex also discovered a large number of professionals in the field that were similarly frustrated with the state of current treatment centres at the time. They were excited to become involved in this new venture. Houghton House was first featured in Carte Blanche in 1996 it was a long way off from the Leading Rehab in Johannesburg Houghton House is today.

 Alex hamlyn  discisses his recovery from drugs and abuse in this video

From its early days starting out in a house in Houghton. From whence the organisation gets its name. Houghton House built a reputation for trying harder, being firm but fair. Taking the lives put into their hands seriously and with care. “Often circumstances are akin to a life or death situation.” says Alex “This is not something to be taken lightly.”

One of the most Innovative and Effective Addiction Rehabilitation Organizations in Southern Africa

At present Houghton House is run by Alex and Dan Wolf a qualified psychologist.  Dan is a well-recognized authority on the rehabilitation of addicts and alcoholics. They partnered in 2006 with Dan’s secondary treatment program, the GAP (General Addictions Program). Which was merged with Houghton House in 2009.
Subsequently, Houghton House is one of the most innovative and highly effective rehabilitation organizations. Working with individuals, companies, communities, local and international partners. To help, educate, inform and reintegrate addiction sufferers of all nationalities. To live life as a sober and valued member of society.

Alex freely admits if he had not gone through the rehab system and been fortunate enough to have found decent addiction treatment and recovery, he would probably have not made his 33rd birthday. He maintains recovery statistics in South Africa were pretty much all over the place but most definitely edging on the ”way too low“ side.“I really wanted to do something to help and to make a difference. To attempt to repay the huge debt I felt I owed” says Alex “If anybody understood what addicts go through in their darkest hours. I felt it was me. I could at least lead the way and show them the door to some respite from the malevolence of addiction and life not well lived.”

Through the years as the Leading Rehab in Johannesburg Houghton House has had its fair share of Excitement, Mad Moments, Successes, and Celebrities.Leading Rehab in Johannesburg lindewi hani

“We have been very fortunate in many ways,” says Dan Wolf Co-director of Houghton House. “The mad moments have been containable.” He comments with a wry smile. “ I can’t disclose which other celebrities have been treated by us. However Lindiwe Hani felt so strongly about her recovery, She worked with us doing a motivational video to help people in active addiction.
Our profile and success rate at the Leading Rehab in Johannesburg makes Houghton House the place to come to if you need help. It’s obvious we are doing the right thing and that our staff and processes are focusing in the right places”

Leading Rehab in Johannesburg Dan Wolf

He continues, “You need to control your life choices when dealing with drugs and alcohol abuse, the odds of positive treatment for substance and successful rehabilitation treatment and recovery are greatest when all approaches  are considered and combined.”

Treatment at the Leading Rehab in Johannesburg

Treatment at Houghton House is a well-practised mix of a number of effective programmes. All based around the Minnesota model combining the expertise of medical and therapeutic professionals. Other programmes include the classic 12 step process from Alcoholics Anonymous. Adapted to deal with drug addiction. With a number of other proven effective remedies and rehabilitation techniques. Tried and tested by Alex and Dan over the subsequent 23 years, which have been found to add value and substance to the recovery. as a Leading Rehab in Johannesburg services at the rehab centre including medical assessments, individual, family and group therapy. One on one counselling extended to supervised patient recreational activities are incorporated into each of our addiction treatment outpatient rehab and inpatient programmes

The Houghton House focus is to stop drug dependency and addiction. With treatments targeting a broad range of addictive issues. Including alcohol, street drugs, prescription medications, sex and gambling addictions. With specific treatment and medical drug detoxification programmes in a controlled environment. Rehab in Johannesburg

Professional Addictions Counsellors

The team includes registered medical professionals, nurses, doctor’s, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, addiction and occupational therapists. Oversee the process of treatment programmes ensuring a smooth experience and a positive outcome. Options offered at Houghton House Leading Rehab in Johannesburg include full access to recovery and behavioural therapy for dual-diagnosis patients. Those struggling with mental illness and bipolar disorders as part of the addiction problem.

The Houghton House alcohol abuse and drug abuse centre has:

  • Integrated medical aid and hospital plan system.
  • Relationships with all South African and international medical aid covers.
  •  Sophisticated rehab process with access to medical professionals and addictions counsellors.
Leading Rehab in Johannesburg

“It’s a tough business.” says Dan “Helping people struggling with their demons can often be taxing. A real uphill battle. That’s why taking control of your life and the celebration of any success and the beginning of the next phase in your journey to recovery. Even birthdays! Birthdays are important!”

So. Thank you  Houghton House!

May you have many more years of successes and many more Recoveries and reasons to celebrate!


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