Is Drunk Me the Real Me, Taking a Deeper Look at Yourself

Alcohol is an omnipresent part of the society we live in.

But if you can’t stop after just one or two drinks, you may eventually fall down the rabbit hole of a blackout, only to wake to the harsh reality in the morning, laced with the ugly, embarrassing truths of the things that you have done the night before. And can’t remember. Thinking to yourself “is drunk me the real me”?

Psychologists say that there are four ‘drunk personality types’ and this is based on how you handle your liquor.

Is Drunk Me the Real Me, real at Houghton House Alcohol and Drug Rehab

According to a study published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory ( there is science that proves “drunk types” really do exist.

This research was conducted on around 200 undergraduates form the University of Missouri-Columbia. The students were divided into subgroups, based on a five-factor method, the fields psychologists use to establish personality, which include:

  1. Openness
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Extraversion
  4. Agreeableness
  5. Neuroticism

The following guide is not just useful in finding out what your ‘drunk personality type’ is, but also a guideline for determining if you might have a serious problem with alcohol.

  1. Hemingway

Members of this group represent people who do not experience any alcohol-related consequences, or undergo radical character transformations. This group can drink what they want without anyone batting an eyelid, just like Ernest Hemingway.

  1. Mary Poppins

Like the cheerful nanny with her sunny disposition, this group shows more of an increase in extraversion than others. This group of drinkers is the sweet, responsible types who experience few to no alcohol-related problems.

  1. The Nutty Professor

This essentially, is the shy guy who becomes the life of the party after some liquid courage. However, this personality would not go as far as blacking out or behaving in such a way that regret would be on the cards the following morning. Just like the Nutty Professor, people in this group are transformed, chemically, into the extroverted “Buddy Love”.

  1. Mr Hyde

Taking after the evil alter ego of Dr Jekyll, members of this group experience the most negative drunk transformation. Behaviour include lack of responsibility, intellectuality and minimal to severe hostility. This is the only group that is statistically more likely to experience harmful consequences from their drinking behaviour. Members in this group often drink to the point of blacking out. If this is you, you might want to seriously reconsider if drinking, and the consequences you and those around you suffer from your drinking, is worthwhile.

The dreaded blackout

Alcohol affects the prefrontal cortexIs Drunk Me the Real Me at Houghton House Alcohol and Drug Rehab, the area in the brain that is responsible for judgement, impulse control and decision-making. The moment you overdo it, drinking too much and too quickly, your brain loses its ability to organize your emotional processing centre. During a blackout it is impossible to control your actions and thoughts, simply put, there is no reasoning around whether what you are about to do is a good or bad idea; you have become a loose canon.

Due to a shutdown of the storage process in the brain, which is part of what occurs during a blackout, you no longer catalogue memories either, which leaves you with the awkward anxiety, once you wake up, of figuring out what happened the night before.

Is drunk me the real me?

You may be any of the four ‘drunk personalities’ in your lifetime, but one stands staunchly alone against the rest – Mr Hyde. The inebriated horror that throws a dark shadow over any kind-heartedness that may have been exhibited when sober. The one who wakes up in the morning, and have to listen to the pain they caused, with no recollection, but faced with the horrific consequences of a drunken night.

Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

The profound mental change that occurs in this ‘drunk personality’ can affect your life, and those who stand in the path of your destruction, with huge devastation. Never knowing which drink will flip the switch to blackness is a indisputable clue to avoid the very first drink, and evade the wreckage all together.

Seek treatment

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