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Inpatient Detox and Around-the-Clock Care

Houghton House Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs provide 24/7 supervision and care for you while you stay at the centre for the extent of the programme. Hospital-based inpatient facilities offer access to medical services when needed.

Due to the severity of the effects of most of the drugs that are out there, it is very important to give treatment to patients at inpatient detox centres to help the patient overcome the problem of addiction.

Inpatient detox medically and environmentally enhances the healing process

Inpatient detox Best rehab centre is Houghton House Addiction Centres

These inpatient detox centres are designed to medically and environmentally enhance the healing process of the patient. It is designed in such a way as to create the right atmosphere for both the patient and the staff in order to get the best results for the patient.

It allows the patient to have enough time and space to reflect on the situation he finds himself in and to get a grip on the situation. With the help of medical and other professional staff who are always present, the patient is able to cooperate fully with the different processes and make a meaningful contribution to his own rehabilitation. This is imperative to the program because, without the cooperation from the patient, this program will not be worth it.

Detoxification can be defined as intensive medical treatment, usually with counselling, during which the patient is aided to overcome the physical and psychological dependence of their addiction. The initial objectives of detoxification are to help the patient relieve immediate symptoms of withdrawal, treat any medical or psychiatric conditions and achieve a substance-free state. This helps prepare the addict for entry into long-term treatment and rehabilitation, which is the definitive goal of detoxification.

Detoxification can be accomplished safely and efficiently in both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings.

The inpatient detox centres also cater to the needs of the family of the patient who is in most cases traumatised by the patient’s addiction. The interaction of the patient with his loved ones in the process of healing is part of the program at the detox centres. The detox centres also allow for the patient to interact with other patients with the same problem. They share experiences and they soon feel that they are not alone in their quest to win this battle. This goes for the families too as they interact with other families of patients in a similar position.

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