How to Stop Taking Drugs

We’re here to help to make some positive changes in your life. Stop Taking Drugs

If you’re worried about your drug use, dealing with it and stopping drug abuse now can help you to be emotionally happier, healthier and safe.

An outline of some of the steps it takes to realise you have a problem.Houghton

  1. It is always hard to take that first big step, look at your life and decide to do something about your drug use, but it has a massive impact on how physically healthy and mentally happy you can be.
  2. All drugs can become problematic, whether its prescription painkillers, cocaine even especially cannabis. A person does not have to be taking drugs all the time for them to affect you emotionally and substantially be addicted. Addiction and cravings for a drug can be physical, psychological or both.
  3. You may be unable to work or do normal things without using first, on the other hand you may be experiencing physical withdrawal when you’re doing drugs
  4. Perhaps you have started living dangerously, driving under the influence or having unprotected sex, taking risks that put your health or safety in danger. If friends and other people have seen a change in your behaviour, and comment perhaps it’s time to stop.
  5. With the right support and whatever your reasons, change is always possible.
    Consider that you may have a secondary issue causing your addiction more here on that >>>

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House can help you to stop taking drugs.

Stop taking Drugs and change your life for the better.

Firstly it’s much simpler to make constructive changes to your life when you’ve got help and support from friends, family and addiction professionals If you’re considering taking the step and stop taking drugs, don’t be afraid to reach out for support and help.

It’s always best to:

  • Discuss things with your doctor as medical professionals they can advise and be able to give you the best and most useful information.
  • Though difficult if possible include and talk to family and friends about your issues, addiction drug use. Asking family members for their support can make a massive difference in your recovery, especially in the early days of physical withdrawal and drug therapy.
  • Talk to the experts here at Houghton House and have a discussion session with one of our therapists or addiction councillors this may help with your direction on your future drug free path, we are always here to help and guide you to stop taking drugs.
  • Join our online or evening support groups that take place at the Outpatient centre in York st.

Remember to please speak to a medical professional before stopping using suddenly, particularly if you have a dependency, so we can medically manage any withdrawal symptoms

How you can begin to decrease and stop taking drugs

These are the steps we suggest you follow to reduce your drug use:

  1. Start writing a diary about your day. Make a note of if or when you use drugs, what it is and how much you take. Include information on where you did drugs, who you were with, and details on what you’d been doing that day.
  2. What you are trying to do is see if you can spot any repeated habits and patterns in your day. It may be that you always use around particular people, or perhaps when drinking, or a particular place for example.
  3. If you can figure out the things that trigger your drug use, be they people, places or alcohol you can begin to avoid these triggers and make a concerted effort to stay sober and clean. It may be best in the long run to trigger your drug use, and avoid confrontations with things and people that make you want to use .
  4. A slow decrease in use rather than “cold turkey” is often the best way to quit if you are doing it on your own. Take all the time you need to.  If there is an urgency come to Houghton House and do a professional medically supported detox in our care to stop taking drugs..
  5. Celebrate each step towards your goal, the big steps and the small ones. Don’t feel bad about stumbling blocks and setbacks, be kind to yourself and love yourself. We know what a process it will be for you and every challenge is an opportunity to grow and to learn more about yourself,
  6. If you start having cravings, distract yourself for a few minutes. Music or meditation apps and videos are good distractions.

Remember your relationships are important for your mental health and wellbeing. They help you to build a sense of belonging and self-worth, they give you an opportunity to share positive experiences, they provide emotional support and allow you to support others

Always remember that with Houghton House you’re not alone. Our Professional team of counsellors and doctors are there to provide support and help you to stop taking drugs.

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