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The quality and type of care offered by a rehab affect the total cost of getting sober and the ultimate results. The decision really is what is the ultimate cost to your family your relationships and your life of continuing with your addiction. What is your life really worth?  Inexpensive treatment that does not work as below par institutions or cost-effective treatment that is proven to have lifelong positive results.
Treatment types are also different for some addictions. There are many other factors that affect drug rehab costs, from medical care to amenities. The following discussions are based on costs reported by studies and individual facilities.

drug rehab costsThe state health care system in South Africa is under tremendous pressure. With the coming of the new democratic era in 1994, the state had to reach out to the previously disadvantaged population. It was virtually impossible for the state to handle the new social problem that came with the flood of drugs reaching the country.

The challenge of drug rehab costs

The private sector stood up to the challenge and drug rehabilitation centres were established to cope with this new problem. Johannesburg became the drug capital of South Africa virtually overnight and it was here where world-class facilities were established at very high costs. It is a known fact that medical and other professional drug rehab costs that go with the rehabilitation of drug addicts are expensive.

The facilities established in Johannesburg attract patients from all over the world because of the value for money they offer and success rate with the highly trained staff in these facilities. The rehabilitation centres in Johannesburg are up amongst the best in the world and that is the reason why foreigners choose them for their rehabilitation.

It is difficult to quote an amount for the rehabilitation of patients as not one single patient will need the exact same treatment. Each patient is evaluated to establish the best treatment for that patient. It is obvious that the rehab centres in Johannesburg are attractive for overseas patients because of the value for money they offer.

The best would be to phone some of these centers to get an idea of basic charges and the type of care they offer for their patients. Some medical aids cover all the drug rehab costs and others only for some of the treatment at the centre. Remember that to join a programme is like an investment for the future and in this case the life of a suffering addict. Can it ever be too expensive?

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