Nyaope a Devastating Drug of the South African Slums

First reported in Durban, Nyaope also known as Whoonga, the devastating drug of the South African slums is a new and lethal drug that has spread to townships and suburbia throughout South Africa. This highly toxic mind altering substance is also cheap and easily accessible, making Nyaope that much more menacing.

Nyaope or Whoonga: The Frightening Facts

Whoonga Nyaope and addiction at the best rehab in Johannesburg drug and alcohol rehabilitationRat poison, ARVs (anti-retrovirals), low grade heroin and soap powder, Nyaope is a mixture of toxicity. The drug is distributed as a powder and is usually added to tobacco or marijuana. The noxious concoction is then smoked and the result is one of the most poisonous and deadly drugs in the world, alternatively the powder is cooked and then injected.

Whoonga is extremely addictive. The side-effects are frightening. The substance leads to violent outbursts, anxiety, severe depression, stomach cramps and a slowed heart rate. Heart and lung function quickly diminish when an overdose occurs, this is fatal.

The withdrawal symptoms are similar to those of alcohol and heroin. The user feels extreme cravings and physical aches and pains, temporarily relieved by renewed doses of the drug. These withdrawal symptoms can be deadly.

Whoonga costs very little and the addict requires several hits throughout the day, in the end it all adds up. As the drug slips its way into the South African slums and targets the poor, crime can quickly become a way of life for the struggling addict. It is the only way to get more of the drug, anything to stop the deadly pain that comes with Whoonga withdrawal.

Another disheartening fact is that due to the rising popularity of the drug Nyaope, many HIV/AIDs patients have been robbed of their medication while local government clinics are experiencing vast amounts of ARV thefts. If that is not saddening enough, some struggling patients sell their medication in an attempt to support their families – this is how deep the drug runs amongst the South African poor.

To quote an Al Jezeera report, “Backroom experimentation produces an ever-changing array of concoctions that offer a cheap and lethal high. With South Africa finally making inroads in the battle against HIV and AIDS after years of denialism, Nyaope is a dreadful blow.”

The South African authorities are well aware of the momentum of the drug as it gains traction throughout the country. The National Addiction Council and the police have said that they are doing what they can to stop this substance from spreading even more than it already has. The drug is highly feared because most of the ingredients are legal, from rat poison to medication – they cannot be banned by Government. However, the main ingredient being heroin, is what makes this drug so dangerous and highly addictive.

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What is the solution to prevent the use of Nyaope? 

There is really only one way and that is education. South Africans need to understand the dangers of the harmful effects of substance abuse and dependence-producing substances.

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