Dangers of Hallucinogenic Drugs

Here we list some of the dangers of hallucinogenic drugs. All drugs are dangerous, but hallucinogenic drugs carry their own risks:

  • Getting a bad trip. Anyone can get a bad trip, but it happens more often when somebody is uncertain and when someone has psychological problems. You can for years, or in some cases even your entire lives continue to suffer from recurrent depression and /or anxiety. When you experience a bad trip from hallucinogenic drugs, you may suffer from negative feelings such as depression, anxiety, loss of self control, confusion and paranoia.

  • Flashbacks. One of the dangers of hallucinogenic drugs is that you might experience flashbacks for up to a year after the bad trip occurred. This can happen while you are driving and could present a problem, depending on your situation.
  • Reduction of reaction and concentration. Because of this, you run a greater risk of getting into or causing an accident. Sometimes it leads people to perform dangerous stunts.
  • Overdosing on hallucinogenic drugs. Because it takes a while for the feeling to start, a person could take too much, because the effects take a while to kick in. There is no way to know exactly how strong a specific hallucinogenic drug is, so it’s very easy to overdose.
  • When mixing hallucinogenic drugs with alcohol or other drugs, the risks are unpredictable.

Using hallucinogenic drugs are not worth the danger. The above mentioned risks are only a few of the ones that exist.

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