Crack Cocaine Addiction here are the facts

Crack … so what are the Facts?

Describing it simply, Crack Cocaine is the crystallised form of cocaine. It usually comes in powder form, solid blocks or crystals. The colour varies from white to yellow to pale pink. The drug is heated and smoked through a ‘lolly’ or crack pipe. Crack is the most potent form of cocaine and it appears to be the most dangerous. This is because it is between 75% and 100% pure. It acts faster and is stronger than regular cocaine.

Crack Cocaine Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg drugs Alcohol gambling sexInhaling the drug allows it to reach the brain faster this creating an immediate effect, however short lived. The high lasts just 15 minutes. Thus the need for more and more and more… Like many substances, an abuser can easily become addicted after their first hit.

Crack costs less than cocaine, often referred to as the ‘rich mans’ drug. The thing is, the need for large amounts is more than that of cocaine as the effects last for a shorter time. Thus those that become addicted spend more and more, becoming broke and desperate very quickly.

Crack Cocaine the effects:

Crack creates a very short-lived and highly intense high. This high is immediately followed by a severe low, depression and a craving for more. An endless cycle of buying, smoking, getting money, buying, smoking, doing anything for more and more and more…

Those who abuse it often don’t sleep and don’t sleep. They are able to experience an increased heart rate, convulsions, muscle spasms and strokes. Paranoia, anger, hostility and anxiety sets in – even when no longer high.

Crack Cocaine the health risks:

The use of crack (no matter how frequent or infrequent) increases the chance of:

• Seizures
• Respiratory failure
• Strokes
• Heart attacks
• And yes, death.

Crack, mixed with other substances, emits toxic fumes when burned. This smoke remains potent for a long while and crack pipes (lollies) are usually very short. With this in lips are usually blistered – this is commonly referred to as ‘crack lips.’

The long term effects of Crack Cocaine

• Respiratory problems – coughing, shortness of breath, lung damage and lung bleeding.
• Heart damage
• Liver damage
• Kidney damage
• Malnutrition
• Paranoid and aggressive long-term behaviour – usually associated with psychosis

Choosing life over Crack Cocaine

Crack is Wack! Cocaine Addiction here are the factsComing down from crack is horrifying. It causes severe and traumatising depression that becomes deeper and darker after each hit. This can become so chronic that people will do just about anything for more, from committing murder to prostitution. We have all heard the term ‘crack whore’ for a reason.) This offensive phrase rings true in the lives of many a crack addict.

However, rehabilitation is possible – DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! If you choose recovery you will recover. Seek help and change your life… one day at a time. And remember… rock bottom has a basement.

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