Cocaine Cravings

Cocaine cravings – An irresistible need

Cocaine causes excruciating cravings and the irresistible urge to use the drug, can often drive users to despair. Addicts will do anything to get that fix. Scientists explain cocaine craving based on changes in the brain from cocaine use.

Unlike heroin, Cocaine has no physical withdrawal symptoms. Houghton House deals with cocaine cravingsThe danger of a cocaine craving comes from psychological addiction.

Another aspect is the duration of the addiction. After an addict passes a certain threshold, it becomes very difficult to overcome cocaine cravings.

Lots of cocaine users think they have it under control. They pay their rent, groceries, and other bills before purchasing some coke. They don’t realise the cocaine cravings will only get worse over time.

Going through Cocaine Cravings

When going through cocaine withdrawal cravings are part of the process, however, you can do a few things to reduce the cravings.

Exercise is good for you

  • Exercise releases endorphins in the mind which increases your good mood and helps reduces cravings. Keeping busy and focusses your mind on something other than your cravings.

Identify what your triggers are for Cocaine Cravings

  • When you are in certain circumstances or surrounded by particular people are your cravings more powerful? You need to try avoid those locations and persons. Anything or anybody who does not back your sobriety is poisonous to you, you must attempt to remove them from your life.

Become more Rounded and Holistic

  • Give different therapies a try even if you are unconvinced. Massage, Meditation, even acupuncture, is known to drastically reduce the trauma and angst that often goes together with cravings.

Look for Support

  • A close friend or loved ones you can unburden yourself to and request help when your cravings get too extreme. They will help to keep you answerable and accountable and they can provide you the reinforcement you need to resist your cravings.

Get Professional Treatment

  • If your cocaine cravings are too powerful and you feel you will begin to abuse drugs or alcohol again put your name down for professional help and treatment. Houghton House Treatment Centers can provide you with support and our professional staff can help you with the necessary tools to defeat cravings.

Of course, refrain from the use of all drugs and alcohol – not just cocaine. Abuse of other narcotics or substances will only cause your cocaine cravings to be more powerful.

Houghton House is based in Gauteng and specializes in addiction services. The services include cocaine addiction problems. The treatment services that form the group provide specialist assistance in cocaine and other substance addictions. The centre has been assisting people with overcoming their cravings and defeating the addiction for the past 20 years.

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