About So Much More than Just Food

Body Image Crisis: We live in an era where millions of women and men are silently suffering through a personal body image crisis. You may not be diagnosed with an eating disorder but just because you don’t meet the full criteria for anorexia or bulimia doesn’t mean that your struggle isn’t real!

Today the benchmark for beauty is strongly set by the media. Let’s face it, it’s powerful enough that you cannot go even one day without being bombarded by countless miracle weight loss products, mind-bending before and afters, the latest life-changing cosmetic surgeries, trending diets taking top restaurants by storm, or the most delicious fat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free recipes promising a thinner, better you.

And, although we see these beautiful bodies everywhere, it’s only really one body that we’re seeing, over and over again. Our own!


Know Your Eating Attitude

You may not know or realize it, but the way you feel about yourself has a huge impact on your life. It influences your choices and decisions, affects the little (or sometimes very loud) voice in your head, and ultimately how you project yourself to the world around you.

Interestingly, approximately 91% of people are unhappy with their bodies, but in reality only 5% of people naturally possess the ideal body type portrayed by the media! The chances of it being YOU are close to zero. And the affects are devastating for those who have a genetic predisposition to developing an eating disorder, as the continuous comparisons may ultimately lead to the onset or development of an out-of-control disorder.

Time and again research exposes the compelling link between weight control behaviours and the development of eating disorders. But, telling us ‘curvy is better’, or patronising us by suggesting we are our own worst body critics and should magically ‘snap out of it’, isn’t going to help.

So what will?


Start Feeling Good About Yourself!

Changing learnt behaviours is challenging enough, and recovery in an environment of fitness fanatics and calorie counters is rather daunting, but feeling good about yourself is well within your reach. The first step is to access a framework of like-minded support structures where group therapy forces you to look within, while highlighting many shared common denominators.

Here you will find support, advice and guidance where the focus is kept on healthy choices, positive re-enforcement and a less obsessed mindset with unobtainable (if not unrealistic) standards of beauty. The collective space is one that will ultimately lead you on a wonderful path of personal development. Your body image crisis soon becomes a manageable thought process. And, you may not believe it now, but how you relate to food and your body will not only become an uplifting experience but an empowering exercise of self-reflection.