Red Flags to look for when selecting the Best Rehab for You

Selecting the best rehab for you

It must be said that the step a person takes to sign up for drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a brave one. Looking for the best rehab for you requires courage and the ability to look forward to a better future, despite the current situation a person may be going through.

best rehab for youAlthough it is courageous, it must not be done without research. Like any other orgaisation and centre in the world, there are good and not-so-good places to go to. Great assistance can be rendered or, not so great, and in some cases, detrimental effects can be felt if someone goes to the wrong centre and you don’t the best rehab. Some organisations may have good intentions, others may have ulterior motives. In order to make sure you or your loved one finds the best rehab centre for recovery, we have put together a red flag awareness guide to make sure that you have all the information you need to sign up with the best rehab centre possible. Houghton House believes in proper recovery, with proper management and service. Here’s our guide to recognising red flags when looking for a rehab centre.

Lacking proper credentials

A certain number of rehab centres offer great ‘fixes’ and recovery plans yet lack the proper ethical and legal requirements to best serve the patients they see.  Of particular concern is the offering of dual diagnosis therapy but the correct qualifications and credentials are not present. This can severely hamper recovery and can aid in relapse or worsening of conditions. Seek out and research the credentials of the centre you intend on attending. It is crucial.

Unqualified staff : maybe not the best rehab for you

Unfortunately, this goes hand in hand with the lack of proper credentials. An under-qualified staff member will easily fit into a centre that has not received the correct training or does not hold the right credentials. An unqualified staff member will not be challenged on a task if the task does not have the correct legislation and credentials to operate. The result can be devastating. Like an unqualified teacher lecturing students, an unqualified staff member can teach a patient the wrong procedures and hamper their recovery.

Offering discount coupons

This is a big NO-NO. Rehab is not a supermarket. You should not try and get a discount on your health. With that being said, you should not be conned by a centre offering a discount in return for your enrolment. It is unethical and a marketing gimmick. It is advised to think before rushing into a centre that sells a discount in exchange for a guaranteed sign up.

Trying to upsell from the get-go instead of one step at a time

The problems with upselling from the get-go are twofold. Should you upsell before knowing the future, you are guessing the outcome of each step of recovery. Surely an Impossible task… The second is that there is an upsell made on pre-ordained outcomes – and that means that the centre wants you to go in one direction. A direction you may not need to go… Be aware of a rehab centre that tries to sell you a business deal rather than a better future through the best rehab, most practical methods.

Offering unrealistic privileges at the best rehab (like Wi-Fi in primary care)

You are not there for a holiday. You are there to get better, and distractions are specific and must not be there to bribe you towards enrolment. The idea that you should be as comfortable as possible is an old trick that plays on the fear that some patients may have of the unknown when it comes to rehab. Certain comforts should exist, but there must be limits. You should not have WIFI in primary care or a bar like activities region in the recess rooms; they can not only trigger but exacerbate existing issues, addictions and other harmful issues patients may have. A rehab that offers these “privileges may not be the best rehab to go to for recovery

Overuse of advertising

The best rehab would have a solid brand and should not have to sell itself too hard. Word of mouth, industry news and reviews should suffice, particularly when it comes to rehab. Nothing should be more of a red flag than a centre putting up a giant billboard on the side of a rehab to try and bring in tonnes of new patients. It would be safe to say that you should be treated as a patient, not a customer. Worse yet, if a centre does not have a good word of mouth backing, there may be more to the centre…

Unbelievably good results promised

Rehab is complex. It is not guaranteed. Should you be told that you will get certain results, question it immediately. No rehab in the world can guarantee your success. That is up to you. What the best rehab should do is offer the best possible service and skills and offer positive and optimistic results that are mediated by realistic goals, and constant effort.

The best rehab Messing up the consultation.. not good!

First impressions last. This could not be truer in terms of rehabilitation. When someone goes to a centre for an assessment, it is crucial that it is done correctly, by a well-trained specialist who listens, learns and understands your requirements. There is simply no excuse for a bungled consultation and you should be very wary if this occurs, this may not be the best rehab to choose.

Charlatan techniques and the boasting of innovation

Once again, like the dangerous travelling snake-oil seller of old, the idea of being sold innovative techniques and never before seen methods should be taken in with caution. Tried and tested methods work in rehabilitation however that is not to say that rehab centres do not, or should not seek innovation. The key here is that boasting about innovation and never before seen/revolutionary techniques are tools of marketers, and can be misconstrued or misread by patients needing treatment. You should not be wowed by rehab, you should be made to feel secure in the knowledge that at the best rehab you choose the centre works.

Being censored or sued and bad reviews

The idea that an organisation is censored or sued speaks for itself. Rehab centres are there to help and the law is a guide so that the boundaries of abuse are not blurred. Stay away from anyone that justifies censorship or legal issue being faced by the centre. In addition, bad reviews are a telling factor. Peer reviews are always reliable. They speak the truth from those who have directly experienced the centre. Watch out for places with lots of bad reviews. ALSO, watch out for no bad reviews. Shiny positive reviews are equally as damning, even the best rehab and every place will have minor niggles and customers who are difficult especially in this industry, but when all negatives are removed, it speaks volumes about the integrity of the centre.

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