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Rehab in JHB

Alcohol abuse and addiction is very real in South Africa

The wait for many South Africans is almost over. But nobody considers alcohol abuse a problem.

A sense of victory is building up for those who have had to go without a drink for several weeks due to the national lockdown and banning of alcohol sales across the country. But just what does the reopening of bottle stores and the reselling of alcohol mean to those who are addicted to alcohol, especially in the month of June, which ironically enough is Drug Awareness Month?
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Why are Drugs Addictive

Why are Drugs Addictive

Why are Drugs Addictive and some people get addicted while others do not.

  1. Environmental Reasons  – People, places, and things are huge impacts on people who decide to pick up drugs or alcohol. The occurrence of poverty, abuse, exposure, and peer pressure can all play a major role in the growth of addiction.
  2. Neurological Reasons– The effect that drugs have on neurotransmitters inside of the brain is perhaps of the biggest fundamental cause of addiction.
  3. Biological Reasons– This includes risk factors ascribed to genes, gender, ethnicity as well as any kind of mental disorders that may be existing.

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online outpatient programme

Online Outpatient Programme 2020

Houghton House Virtual Outpatient Programmeaddiction treatment services

Providing real-time intensive outpatient sessions via Zoom.   

The 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world. Job security is under pressure, social interaction has been all but reduced to nil as we battle on towards a healthier world. With that being said, although we have changed our lives to adapt to the ending of the pandemic through the National Lockdown and all the restrictions it brings with it, drug addiction and recovery has not suddenly paused. Rather, new and inspiring ways to work through addiction have been created and Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres is at the forefront of these new innovations with our Virtual Outpatient Programme. Continue reading “Online Outpatient Programme 2020”

time-to-enter-recovery-is-now clean up houghton house

Facing COVID-19 – the time to enter recovery is now!

Lockdown – time to clean up and enter recovery

Enter recovery now Houghton House Rehabilitation Centre is keeping its facilities open during the COVID-19 lockdown. Their facilities remain safe and with professional staff employed the team remains strong for those who they currently treat and for those yet to come. Continue reading “Facing COVID-19 – the time to enter recovery is now!”

addict during lockdown

Diary of recovering addict during lockdown

It’s 9am. On a Tuesday. I think.

Since the Lockdown

Time has kind of gelled together and it’s starting to get a bit fuzzy. I’m sitting on a chair facing the front lawn and watching my family chat. There’s tension in the house and it’s not about me for once. There’s a distinct mood floating around and it’s the same mood I had when I first began my journey to sobriety. Continue reading “Diary of recovering addict during lockdown”

open during lockdown

Rehabilitation Centre Open During Coronovirus Lockdown in Gauteng South Africa

Our doors remain open during Coronovirus lockdown – your dealer’s does not.

Houghton House is a safe secure environment during the COVID-19 lockdown period for alcoholics, addicts, users and abusers to effectively detox.

This is the official statement from the government as received through the DDG:

“The following services [may be open during this time]…

…Services rendered by mental and relation institutions- Continue reading “Rehabilitation Centre Open During Coronovirus Lockdown in Gauteng South Africa”


Common misconceptions of addiction.

There are several common misconceptions and misunderstandings by the general public about addiction. Houghton House as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre with extensive experience in this area would like to highlight some of these misconceptions around addiction in order to help loved ones understand the problems the addict has, how to deal with the issue and what they can do about it. Continue reading “Common misconceptions of addiction.”


Behavioural Addiction can be difficult to identify

Behavioural Addictions 

A typical reaction when hearing the word ‘addiction’ often involves the thought that the addict is using alcohol or drugs. What is often a surprise to people is that behaviours can also be addictive. Even professionals in the mental health field sometimes struggle with the concept that behaviours are potentially addictive.

Can watching porn be considered an addiction?

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Withdrawal, how to get a loved one successfully sober.

Why withdrawal is deadly

Often a person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs may live in a state of denial for a long period of time. Addiction and alcoholism is the only disease people fight to keep, especially when they are in a place of denial. They will come up with a hundred excuses why it is ok to drink and just as many lies to hide the fact that they are addicted to drugs. Continue reading “Withdrawal, how to get a loved one successfully sober.”

Struggling with addiction? Things you should be saying to your addicted loved one

Do you have a loved one that is struggling with addiction?

It is often very difficult to talk to them about their struggles with addiction. In part because addiction involves a number of defense mechanisms that serve to protect the addict and their addictive behavior. It doesn’t matter if they are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the mechanisms act in the same way. Continue reading “Struggling with addiction? Things you should be saying to your addicted loved one”

peer pressure

Drug addiction starts with Peer Pressure.

The effect peer pressure has on an individual’s drug use.

Drug abuse doesn’t just happen. No drug (including alcohol) is immediately addiction-causing. For the vast majority of people, the drugs they do try and the wild drinking binges they might do, don’t result in addiction. But groups, that is those who cause peer pressure, do play a significant role in the start of many an addict or alcoholic’s big life misadventure. Continue reading “Drug addiction starts with Peer Pressure.”


Addiction Therapy Treatment

The Importance of Extending Your Addiction Therapy Treatment

For many addicts, that first step towards recovering from this life-threatening condition is simply going into rehab. But is one stint in a primary facility enough? Because there are several tiers of treatment that addicts can undergo, each giving the addict a greater chance of successfully avoiding relapse. Continue reading “Addiction Therapy Treatment”

Internet & Gaming Addictions

Internet & Gaming Addictions

Internet addiction disorder

The fastest-growing addiction worldwide

A very recent trend  “Internet addiction disorder”(IAD) is characterised by the obsessive and disproportionate use of the internet. Other existing mental health issues can be linked with Internet and Gaming like addiction,  depression and other related disorders.
It is of crucial importance to consult a mental health professional in cases of IAD. A professional therapist is required to identify the root problem and suggest strategies and techniques that will further the addict’s recovery process. Continue reading “Internet & Gaming Addictions”

codependent behavior

Codependent – helping the addict stay sick.

An introduction to codependent behavior.

While this article will primarily focus on the codependent behavior between an addict and their family, it will touch on other aspects of codependent behavior as well. this behavior isn’t just restricted to addicts, nor is it even restricted to the relationship between addicts and those they’re close to. Continue reading “Codependent – helping the addict stay sick.”

Say NO to drinking and drugging

Say NO to drinking and drugging

 Strategies To Say No To Alcohol And Drugs This Festive Season

Saying No to alcohol and drugs is always tough, the road to recovery is tough at any stage however it becomes an even bigger challenge as the festive season takes over.

It is at these times that a strong support network of friends who understand the struggles of addiction recovery is so important to have nearby.
Good friends are not only important as a way for a former drug user to voice his or her frustrations about life in recovery, but they play an integral part during that person’s journey in recreating a new life for him or herself. Continue reading “Say NO to drinking and drugging”

sober festive activities

Sober Festive Season Activities

Ideas For Sober Festive Season Activities

An issue that many recovering alcoholics have to deal with is the concept of creating new holiday memories minus alcohol. Think about the holiday parties, the office parties, the wines and ciders, the braais and good times – how many of those don’t involve alcohol? These can be tough waters to navigate as a newly sober (or just sober for that matter) person, so you are going to need a bit of help getting creative with your social life and festive season planning. Continue reading “Sober Festive Season Activities”

Enable an Addiction

Could You Unwittingly be Enabling an Addiction

So are you enabling an addiction?

There is a very difficult and often missed line which is crossed during the fight to end addiction. It sits between you, the person trying to help an addict, and the addict themselves. It is the question of enabling and it can often quickly and unwittingly be crossed, leading to pain, anger and a host of negative consequences if not spotted and acted upon. If you are trying to help someone who is struggling with an addiction you need to make sure that the love and support you are providing is not enabling them further as this can actually prolong the addiction and heighten the associated risks. Continue reading “Could You Unwittingly be Enabling an Addiction”


Are you Drinking too much Alcohol?

Could you be drinking too much and drinking yourself into trouble?

Drinking too much alcohol, known as the “social lubricant.” often used to ‘break the ice’  – particularly on holidays or at parties.  Bouts of excessive drinking can often feel like a “necessary” part of the celebration.
Here’s the thing though; drinking too much alcohol at a party, a get-together, a wedding, a birthday or at any time really, can be a sign of Alcohol Use Disorder.  That’s drinking too much Alcohol

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Addict needs help

Do You Need Rehab? Top Reasons You May Need Addiction Treatment.


Accepting that you may need help with substance abuse or alcoholism may at first be difficult.  It is, however, a step that must be taken sooner rather than later if you intend on living. Yes. If you intend on living. Addiction has the innate ability to destroy your health, meltdown your professional life and cut down your personal life. Countless times lives have been taken away, families separated and even more tragically, kids have been irreparably affected because an addiction has not been tamed and removed. Before these addictions claim your life you should take measures to remove them and in order to do that you need to opt for treatment. Continue reading “Do You Need Rehab? Top Reasons You May Need Addiction Treatment.”

Communicate with an Addict

How To Communicate With Loved Ones Who Have Drug Problems

Tough conversations: How to Communicate with an Addict

You can rise above anything in life with a positive attitude.

If you have a deep desire to help someone dear to you who is dealing with an addiction the most valuable piece of advice to heed is to keep the door open. What door you ask? Your own one. The way you communicate with an addict, offering much-needed support and appropriate advice can change a person’s outlook on life and may swing an addict towards rehabilitation and the light of recovery. It may be one of the toughest things to do if it has been before (or many times before) and the results have been negative. It is also hard to keep a hand outstretched if it keeps being bitten. Continue reading “How To Communicate With Loved Ones Who Have Drug Problems”

GHB Rehab in JHB

GHB Addiction – Liquid Ecstasy – The Date Rape Drug

What is GHB?

GHB is the acronym for Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, a potent central nervous system depressant.  It’s considered a club drug and is sought out for its alcohol-like effects, but it often causes people to lose consciousness. GHB is highly addictive and causes severe withdrawal symptoms. It commonly comes as a colourless, odourless, bitter or salty tasting liquid, usually sold in small bottles or vials. It also comes as a bright blue liquid (sometimes called “blue nitro”) and less commonly as a crystal powder. Continue reading “GHB Addiction – Liquid Ecstasy – The Date Rape Drug”

Stigma Rehab in JHB

Stigma -The Issue of Shame and Addiction

Definition of Stigma

If you look up the definition of ‘Stigma’ in the dictionary you will see it as being defined as “a mark of shame or discredit.”  It’s been prevalent in human culture since the very beginnings of society, and it’s use and branding of people can be easily traced back to Ancient Greece, where a stigma was an unfortunate brand or mark used on slaves or other individuals whom ‘authorities’ deemed as inferior or morally corrupt to all others in society. Continue reading “Stigma -The Issue of Shame and Addiction”

an addiction Rehab in JHB

What to do when a loved one has an addiction

Addiction is like a nuclear bomb.

Yes the person who sets it off suffers from an addiction, but the radiation, the fallout is devastating for all those around them. Fallout comes in the form of manipulation, guilt, the rubble of relationships left over and the cracks which are created in the souls of those around the addict. The sad reality of it all is that love acts like an accelerant, fuelling the addict who knows that they are loved, and therefore can capitalise on it. Continue reading “What to do when a loved one has an addiction”

Anxiety Disorder Rehab in JHB

Substance Induced Anxiety Disorder

Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder

The term ‘substance (or medication-induced) anxiety disorder’ is the medical diagnosis for the serious anxiety or panic which is directly caused by alcohol, drugs, or medication.  When a person abuses drugs, medication and/or alcohol it can, and most likely will, cause mental health problems which include substance-induced anxiety disorder. When a person is addicted to a substance, their brain’s pleasure and reward centre change and this causes a significant neurotransmitter imbalance. Continue reading “Substance Induced Anxiety Disorder”

Using Cannabis Oil Rehab in JHB

Using Cannabis an overview from one of South Africa’s top Psychiatrists

The consequences of cannabis use

The following is a technical overview of cannabis use from a leading South African psychiatrist. It includes the reasoning behind the exclusion of cannabis as a form of treatment by psychiatrists.

Please note: This writer has no affiliation or relationship to Houghton House group of treatment centres.

Studies on Cannabis

Most studies which discuss the advantages of cannabis were conducted in the 1970’s. Back then, the average ‘joint’ contained 120 to 2500 cannabinoids. Today, as a result of cross-breeding and tampering, the average cannabinoid count per joint sits between12 000 and 120 000.  To illustrate, the difference is the equivalent disparity between 1 cup of coffee and over 1000 cups. In relative terms, the first is “safe” and the second is considered extreme. There are at least 113 different cannabinoids known to man,  many of which are unstudied and their effects, unknown. Continue reading “Using Cannabis an overview from one of South Africa’s top Psychiatrists”

Dry Drunk Rehab in JHB

Dry Drunk Syndrome

What is Dry Drunk Syndrome and is there a solution?

Addicts who do not receive the necessary treatment for the emotional and psychological aspects of their addiction in sobriety can often struggle with what’s known as dry drunk syndrome. Heading into the light of sobriety after being accustomed to the darkness of addiction or struggle with alcohol can be extremely harsh. Continue reading “Dry Drunk Syndrome”


Addiction Recovery – Long term sobriety

Addiction Recovery: A target sometimes missed.

We have all heard of a person who has relapsed after beginning their road to recovery and sobriety. Are these relapses the same, regardless of recovery level? Can a person in addiction recovery develop chronic relapse? To better understand why some people are falling short of long term addiction recovery, we need to get you some answers to these pertinent questions. Continue reading “Addiction Recovery – Long term sobriety”

cannabis getting decriminalised

Cannabis – Why Marijuana Is Not So Innocent

Legal Cannabis Drug Overview?

With the recent news and publicity about cannabis getting decriminalised  (but not, I stress actually legalised) in South Africa.  There is no real legal position or delineation for or with the use of cannabis. (dagga, marijuana, weed, dope) Further, there are no limitations or age restriction laws or controls, as there is for alcohol.
It’s a thorny issue.

Traditionally cannabis has been seen as a “natural herb”, less harmful and healthier than the more seriously regarded illicit heroin or cocaine type drugs. Though much drug literature and research suggest that cannabis use is likely to precede the use of other substances. Any form of unregulated cannabis use can potentially be a dangerous gateway to further and more serious drug use. Continue reading “Cannabis – Why Marijuana Is Not So Innocent”

Dual Diagnosis Treatment What’s the real purpose?

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

What is Dual Diagnosis?

People with a dual diagnosis face an addiction problem along with a psychiatric disorder. The abuse of drugs with a psychiatric disorder reinforces each other and complicates the dual diagnosis treatment. The fact is that these are very vulnerable people who have difficulty maintaining a normal life in society.

Dual diagnosis patients have problems in almost all areas of life: housing, employment and income, daytime activities and relationships with family and friends. The dual diagnosis treatment will focus on the psychiatric symptoms and the addiction. Treating both areas leads to a favorable outcome.

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Avoiding Addiction Triggers

We receive so much information about Relapse Prevention in Recovery, everyone wants to stay clean and not be Triggered.

So…What is an Addiction Trigger?

An Addiction Trigger is something that sets off a memory or flashback placing the person back in the event of her/his original experience. Triggers are all different and very personal; different things trigger different people. Triggers can be activated through one or more of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Continue reading “Avoiding Addiction Triggers”


Addiction in us all

There’s possibly a bit of addiction in us all

While the ‘big boys’ of addiction, opioids and alcohol grab the spotlight most of the time, the sneaky little drug called marijuana is getting its own encore of late. But as we look at the overall issue of addiction doesn’t it start to look like there is an addiction, a compulsion or a disorder for every soul that walks on this blue and green planet? Isn’t safe to suggest that there’s possibly a bit of addiction in all of us.

Shock and horror! What a broad statement. Continue reading “Addiction in us all”


The Signs of Functional Alcoholism

How to recognise the signs

What is functional alcoholism? How can you tell when someone is a functional alcoholic? These are important questions that need answering however it’s not one that has a cut and paste answer. Spotting the traits of functional alcoholism is tricky and can be difficult to spot.Strictly speaking, functional alcoholism is the act of appearing the same as a non alcoholic but having a habit of abusing alcohol. Referred to as high-functioning or functional alcoholics, these addicts appear to have normal lives, like anyone else, filled with jobs, friends and family. Continue reading “The Signs of Functional Alcoholism”

Life and the lies of a high functioning addict.

The picture of addiction

Hollywood has certainly often painted the picture of addiction and functioning addicts in a certain stereotypical fashion. We as an audience are shown addicts as down and out people, the afterthoughts of society, often dregs of a community. Or on the polar opposite side of society as the big rock star who falls from the fame pedestal into a swamp of despair or more commonly seen, and used as a metaphor far too often, as the rock bottom moment in life. Continue reading “Life and the lies of a high functioning addict.”


Alcohol. The most deadly drug of them all.

Alcohol Abuse

Don’t kid yourself. Alcohol, booze, the devil’s juice – whatever you call it, alcohol is a deadly drug and is the leading protagonist when it comes to death.  If you want (or need) proof as to why alcohol is the most deadly drug around, read on.

Booze in its many forms has been around for thousands of years. Almost 10 000 years to be exact. Although we are not saying it should be wiped out and banned from being drunk (it’s not a prohibition speech, promise) we are here to let you know that there are a few truths that need to be told to you about alcohol. In the end you need to be fully aware of everything before you make a choice. Knowledge is power after all. Continue reading “Alcohol. The most deadly drug of them all.”

using friend

Signs of someone using Drugs

Can you tell if your friend is using?

Is my friend using drugs and how can I tell?

Can you tell if your friend is using? Many substance abusers are almost professional at their ability to hide their usage from family and close friends. Sometimes, when the tragedy of an overdose occurs, disbelief is the first reaction a family member will experience because they simply didn’t know. If not for any other reason than to equip you with knowledge, here are a bunch of signs you can look out for to find out if your friend is using and abusing a substance.

Continue reading “Signs of someone using Drugs”

recovering addict

Recovering Addict Strategies to Cope

Recovery is a family affair:  Tips and strategies to cope with a recovering addict.

If you talk about addiction, you will notice that the spotlight shines mostly on the treatment plan for the recovering addict. And rightfully so. An addict needs to understand and acknowledge every aspect of addiction however families of addicts are often subject to less attention when it comes to recovery.

The crisis of addiction affects loved ones, particularly the family unit, Continue reading “Recovering Addict Strategies to Cope”

gaming addiction

Gaming Addiction A Winning Addiction?

Video games: Gaming Addiction

Ever since the early 70’s video games have captured the world’s imagination. America is considered the birth place of commercial video game activity and research paints the real origin of the world of gaming to be as early as the 50s – borne out of research needs from eager scientists who wanted to find new ways to discover and use simulations to further their work. Although the work back then on video games can be seen as primitive compared to present day technology , Continue reading “Gaming Addiction A Winning Addiction?”


Stop Smoking Give up. Quit.

Stop Smoking


The words are easy enough to say, but to actually put that last cigarettes out and break the habit is not something to scoff at. It’s hard. And not just because we say so. Did you know that 7 out of ten smokers you meet want to stop smoking but only 7% actually stop on their first attempt? Scary stats. We know. But there is a silver lining. The moment you put out that last smoke your body starts changing. And it’s an incredible change.

So, you want to Stop Smoking and quit right?

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addiction triggers

Addiction Triggers – You need to know.

Addiction Triggers

Addiction triggersWhen you or someone you know is in recovery you will often hear of something called an “addiction trigger” or just a “trigger”. Most people in recovery will try their best to avoid these triggers at all costs but what are triggers and why do they matter?

Simply put, a trigger can be anything that throws back memories, thoughts, or feelings that have to do with addiction. Continue reading “Addiction Triggers – You need to know.”

after rehab welcome

Welcoming home a loved one from Rehab

A guideline for Coming Home After Rehab

A guideline for welcoming home a loved one after rehab.

It’s been weeks, even months and finally, the day has arrived. The one you love is coming home after spending what feels like years battling the demons of addiction. You have been there, patiently waiting and watching as their light slowly fades away, along with the penalties of addiction: Job loss, friendship breakdowns, relationship drama, financial woes.

As the addiction grew, you found yourself aging and feeling as if you spent your life attached and consumed by their addiction. Continue reading “Welcoming home a loved one from Rehab”

quit smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

You know why you should Quit Smoking.

You know what happens to your body when you Quit Smoking. But still, as you read this your palms become sweaty and your anxiety levels are on par with your blood pressure levels. Imagine having to give up that packet of smokes lying in front of you. Maybe it’s been something you have done for years. Maybe you have tried to give up several times. It doesn’t matter. Let’s just focus on the right here and right now. Continue reading “Tips to Quit Smoking Cigarettes”

designer drugs

Designer Drugs:  An ugly truth

What’s in a name: Designer Drugs and their effects

Designer drugs. You may have heard the term in passing conversation, or know someone who is on them. You may even be on them and need help getting off them but don’t know what they are. A designer drug is a synthetic substance that is sold (mostly) illegally as a way to get high. Bath salts, synthetic marijuana, and synthetic hallucinogens are examples of designer drugs. They are not classified as being the same as the drugs they are supposed to mimic and are much more variable, unpredictable, and as a result, dangerous. It is vitally important for anyone who uses these drugs to stop, and for those who cannot stop to get help before the adverse effects cause real and lasting damage. Continue reading “Designer Drugs:  An ugly truth”

consequences of addiction

Consequences of addiction

Dealing with the consequences of addiction.

If you have ever dealt with someone who has been involved in the world of addiction you will know that it is a complicated disease.  Addicts cannot stop taking a substance or carrying out behaviour which causes damage to themselves or those around them. It can set off a range of adverse effects on all that it infects, ranging from psychological, physiological, and personal.

The complications and consequences of addiction which come about often depend on the type of substance or behaviour. Continue reading “Consequences of addiction”

stay sober in rehabilitation

Stay Sober in a Toxic Environment

Party Season … it can be a Toxic and unhealthy Environment for all us Addicts

Picture driving along in a car and you reach a fork in the road. You can go left or right and you cannot turn around once you make a decision. The road on the left loops you around back to this point, after a few potholes and a series of horrible and unnecessary turns. The one on the right is the road of your future, filled with forests and beautiful towns and colours and little streams.

The road on the left is relapse and bad decisions and will lead you back to the start of the journey. Continue reading “Stay Sober in a Toxic Environment”

Addiction and how families deal with addicts.

If there is one thing the world needs to shout loudly about addiction,
it is this:

Addiction doesn’t only affect one person, the addict,
but also their entire family.

Being addicted to alcohol or drugs deteriorates the physical health of the addict. It spoils the spirit and impairs their mental activities. It also eats away and destroys relationships in their life and makes it quite difficult to maintain steady employment, Continue reading “Addiction and how families deal with addicts.”

someone in recovery

Healthy holiday gift ideas for someone in recovery

Holiday shopping can be super tricky for someone in recovery.

We all have that someone who is difficult to shop for. Now imagine someone who is going through the journey of addiction recovery – it can be a HUGE hiccup when festive season shopping. If you happen to have a loved one who is on the road to recovery and you are unsure about the ideal Christmas gift, stress no more, we have a bunch of ideas for you to take inspiration from. Continue reading “Healthy holiday gift ideas for someone in recovery”

Rehab in JHB sober

Tips for surviving a sober holiday

Sober for the Festive Season

If you are newly sober, firstly congratulations, this is a marvelous and world-changing achievement, and secondly, don’t stress about the festive season, We have a bunch of great tips to make sure you go into the silly season sober, and you come out of it just as sober!

  1. Walk into the season with the confidence that you know you are not going to drink.

Highlight this in your mind. I cannot repeat it often enough because you have been sitting on the fence of festive season drinking, Continue reading “Tips for surviving a sober holiday”

synthetic marijuana

Understanding Synthetic Marijuana (Spice, K2, Mojo)

Everything you need to know about Synthetic Marijuana

The chemicals in synthetic marijuana are designed to have similar qualities to that of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Most commonly spice is ingested via smoking but it can also be added to drinks or added to food as an edible drug.

Marijuana is a drug which comes from a plant right? Yes. Well sort of.

Continue reading “Understanding Synthetic Marijuana (Spice, K2, Mojo)”

addiction Rehab

Stay Sober during Halloween

How do I stay sober this Halloween and more generally, over the festive period?

There is a strange, almost eerie period after getting sober at a drug addiction treatment centre. It’s that first holiday after you reach sobriety.  With Halloween happening this week, and more relevantly, party season almost upon us, let’s try stay sober and delve into the not so spooky challenge of overcoming the urges associated with festive season fun. After all, you are on a journey to sobriety and a holiday should not be a break from that journey! Here’s our guide to staying sober during Halloween. Continue reading “Stay Sober during Halloween”

avoid alcohol

It’s the time of year where many people find it almost impossible to avoid alcohol.

Types of drinker you may encounter in The Festive season

Avoid Alcohol – it’s that time of year. It’s the festive season and it has many ups. And downs.  As you sip on your next drink are you seeing it as simply a festive drink with family or is there a more sinister reason which could be behind it? We all know that the festive season is used as an excuse for overindulgence for many people and unfortunately alcoholics can often disappear in the fog of normality during this time because so many people around them are overindulging in alcohol. If you think about it – it is an ideal period for addicts because they can fade into the background and not be noticed or called on their addiction. Remember: An acceptable excuse to drink is the worst possible thing that can happen to an addict, as it leads to uncontrollable drinking with often serious consequences. According to some addiction counselors, there are 3 types of drinkers. Continue reading “It’s the time of year where many people find it almost impossible to avoid alcohol.”

Porn Addiction Johannesburg addiction Centre

Porn & Sex Addiction in the Workplace

Porn and Sex Addiction is a Huge Workplace Issue

Kenneth Wilson on Workplace Porn & Sex Addiction at Houghton house johannesburg addiction centre
Kenneth Wilson – Director of Houghton House Outpatient Services.

How to deal with Porn in the Workplace

As one of the registered Counselling Psychologists at Houghton House  Kenneth treats patients with Porn issues, Love addiction and sex addiction. These addictions are seen as are intimacy disorders and needs for control, power, love or affection. Like all addictions, intimacy disorders like sex addiction and love addiction are progressive in nature. More Details at  Continue reading “Porn & Sex Addiction in the Workplace”


Decriminalisation of Private use of Marijuana

South Africa’s highest court, the Constitutional Court of South Africa recently decriminalised marijuana /cannabis (dagga) use and legalizes private cultivation

reason behind the decriminalisation of recreational and medical marijuana? It said the ban was in contradiction to its constitution which gives citizens the right to privacy. But what does this mean to us? And more importantly, with South African Courts legalizing marijuana does this change anything when it comes to how we should view the plant in terms of addiction? Continue reading “Decriminalisation of Private use of Marijuana”

after drug rehab continuing care

Life after Drug Rehab – the Inpatient Programme

 After Drug Rehab What are your options

Continuing Care Programme / Residential Inpatient Treatment Programme

(No. 2 ongoing from the previous article – “What to Expect when you get to Rehab“)

Your last day at a drug and alcohol rehab at residential treatment facility can be just as unnerving as the first one. After drug rehab having been successfully rehabilitated in a safe environment, you are now ready to enter back into the real world. At a residential treatment center your life outside will have been assessed and you will have been given the necessary suggestions on how to enter back in without alcohol or drug abuse, in such a way that you maintain your recovery. But the truth is, it is hard and therefore of utmost importance that you take responsibility by instilling long lasting support structures that will keep supporting clean living. Continue reading “Life after Drug Rehab – the Inpatient Programme”

Rehab in JHB

South Africa’s Leading Rehab in Johannesburg


Houghton House Leading Rehab in Johannesburg – Saving Lives since 1995

Founded by Alex Hamlyn 23 years ago. Houghton House Rehab in Johannesburg has grown from its modest beginnings. From a halfway house started by Alex Hamlyn and Russell Unterslak in 1995 to the group of treatment centres it is now.

At the time Alex had moved to South Africa from London and was in the early phases of his own substance abuse recovery. Discovering that residents in recovery from drug addiction and alcohol addiction that were coming from the rehab centre to the halfway house had experienced subpar primary care treatment. Continue reading “South Africa’s Leading Rehab in Johannesburg”

to rehab

What to Expect when you get to Rehab

So the question is always “what can I expect when I get to rehab?”

(First in a series of what to expect –  No.2 – Life after Drug Rehab – the Inpatient Programme)

Leaving your comfort zone for the treatment centres of a rehab facility is an unnerving prospect, but it is often the only solution for addicts and alcoholics trapped in the claws of addiction. It’s not unusual to wonder about what exactly lies on the other side of the rehab doors, especially if you are facing residential treatment programmes that will last between 28 and 42 days. So, here’s a little about what you can expect when you get to Houghton House. Continue reading “What to Expect when you get to Rehab”

Rehab in JHB for drunks

Kick the Drinking Habit – 6 Reasons Why

Why sobriety leads to a better life.

The Drinking habit – It’s a pastime that many South Africans take part in. For some, it’s considered an ‘ice breaker,’ while for others it’s a way to find a connection in a crowd of strangers. One thing is for sure, it has become such a common pastime around the world that to abstain from drinking is called, almost negatively, “teetotalling.”

What you may not be aware of is that there are real and significant life-enhancing benefits to kicking a drinking habit.  Sobriety can literally lead you to a better life.  Here are a few of the things that make sobriety a lifestyle worth pursuing, not just for the sake of conquering addiction, but for anyone! Continue reading “Kick the Drinking Habit – 6 Reasons Why”

4 Tips for Single Moms in Early Recovery

4 Tips for Single Moms in Early Recovery

Maintaining long-term sobriety particularly in early recovery

This is a challenge for anyone struggling with alcohol and/or substance abuse. As addiction spreads rampant across the globe, many renowned scientists and psychologists have been huge advocates in identifying the illness as a disease of the brain rather than an issue of morality. For seemingly hopeless addicts such as myself, this discovery has proven to be vital in relinquishing the stigmas and promoting recovery rather than disciplinary responses to the epidemic. From experiences in my own recovery, I’ve learned that each addict has their own journey, ultimately leading to the preservation of their own sobriety. As a single mother in recovery, I’ve come to the realisation that sustaining abstinence takes discipline rather than “will-power” and a simple 12 step program. I’m going to share my tips for single Moms in early recovery, with you. Continue reading “4 Tips for Single Moms in Early Recovery”

need rehab

Tell-tale signs that you need rehab right now

Do you need rehab right now?

Repeat after me, you need rehab. ADDICTS NEED HELP. Say it loudly. And proudly. Most rehabilitation centres offer exclusive treatment for addicts which sits on a level tucked between the intensity of inpatient medical care and the more independent level gained from outpatient treatment.

What needs to be made very clear is that being actively involved in a formalised drug rehabilitation programme is a prerequisite and fundamental stepping stone if you will, for many people who are looking to find a way forward to recover from substance abuse. Unfortunately, there is a hitch. Although addicts need help, many avoid the formal care that a rehabilitation centre can offer. Instead, they will prefer to take on the dragon of addiction alone. Whilst this is a brave and noble idea heed this warning:  Continue reading “Tell-tale signs that you need rehab right now”

Is Drunk Me the Real Me,

Is Drunk Me the Real Me, Taking a Deeper Look at Yourself

Alcohol is an omnipresent part of the society we live in. But if you can’t stop after just one or two drinks, you may eventually fall down the rabbit hole of a blackout, only to wake to the harsh reality in the morning, laced with the ugly, embarrassing truths of the things that you have done the night before. And can’t remember. Thinking to yourself “is drunk me the real me”?

Psychologists say that there are four ‘drunk personality types’ and this is based on how you handle your liquor. Continue reading “Is Drunk Me the Real Me, Taking a Deeper Look at Yourself”

Mixing Benzodiazepines and Alcohol, and Why it's Bad for you

Mixing Benzodiazepines and Alcohol, and Why it’s Bad for you

Benzodiazepines and Alcohol … a bad mix

There is a very specific reason why you will see alarmingly bright warning signs on the sides of prescription bottles.

Like a poisonous fish,  the colours are a warning to be careful before you consume and to be careful about what you consume when taking the medication.  One of those warnings relates to mixing Benzodiazepines and Alcohol and it’s something you should take extra heed of. Continue reading “Mixing Benzodiazepines and Alcohol, and Why it’s Bad for you”

help for addiction

Do you have a friend who you think needs help for addiction?

Are you an Addict who needs Help or does a Friend need help for Addiction?

There are many forms of addiction, and it covers a wide range of obsession and dependence. From enjoying something as apparently innocent as shopping or working – all the way to alcohol and hard drugs, they are all degrees of enslavement.

I enjoy my work, and my wife loves shopping. Does that mean we’re addicts? No, not necessarily, but the devil is in the detail… if we consistently seem to be enjoying those activities over and above all others, then I believe we would need to take a good hard look at the possibility of being addicted. Continue reading “Do you have a friend who you think needs help for addiction?”

The connection between addiction and mental health

The Connection Between Addiction and Mental Health

What if I told you that the substance abuse may not be your only problem? What if the drug and/or alcohol addiction you have was preceded by something else? A mental disorder? Or the other way around? There is a strong connection between addiction and mental health. For many years, it was suggested that you would need to beat or overcome one disorder before you were able to take on the other. As Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a changing,” and there is now a real connection between addiction, mental health and treatment of both at the same time. It’s called dual diagnosis. Continue reading “The Connection Between Addiction and Mental Health”

What you should know about addiction support as an outsider.

What you should know about addiction support as an outsider.

Addiction Support. The words are thrown around by the media, by your friends and by almost everyone in some form. Joe is addicted to ice cream. Mary is addicted to exercise. But what about when it comes to substance addiction? If you have never been addicted to a drug or alcohol can you understand what it feels like? Fret not, come take a trip down addiction lane and find out what you should know about addiction support as an outsider. Continue reading “What you should know about addiction support as an outsider.”

Residential Rehab in JHB

How to use your time in residential rehab to the best of your ability

How to use your time in residential rehab to the best of your ability:

The prospect of having to be admitted into a rehab facility is daunting for any one of us. While rehab gives you the opportunity to escape everyday life to focus on yourself and your recovery, it still carries many challenges. Truth be told, this might be the most courageous thing you will do in your life!

The idea that you live in close quarters with unfamiliar people for anything from 30 – 42 days is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable. However, as unnerving as it may seem Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre has witnessed the astonishing success of residential rehab in many of its patients, since opening its doors in 1995. Continue reading “How to use your time in residential rehab to the best of your ability”

rehab centre near you

Everything you need to know about finding a drug rehab centre near you

Everything you need to know about finding a drug rehab centre near you

There is always hope.We are going to tell you everything you need to know about finding a drug rehab centre near you. It does not matter your age, financial situation or length of addiction, there is a safe and trustworthy treatment option near you.  As with most decisions in life, when deciding on which course of action you want to take to deal with your addiction, you should consider the following points which will help in choosing the right programme for you. Continue reading “Everything you need to know about finding a drug rehab centre near you”

Alcoholism and its Devastating Effects on South African Society

Alcoholism and its Devastating Effects on South African Society

Alcoholism and its devastating effects on South African society

Throughout the world alcohol and its abuse causes devastation with far-reaching socio and economic effects. Alcohol is the primary drug of abuse in South Africa1 partially due to its accessibility, legal status and social acceptability. From the high-powered businessman who enjoys Friday cocktails with clients and colleagues, the impoverished beggar on the corner all the way to children and learners as young as seven years of age, alcohol addiction affects people across all levels of South African society. Whether the person affected is a social drinker, a binge drinker or functioning alcoholic, alcoholism does not discriminate and occurs across all races, genders, ages, socio-economic boundaries and professions. Continue reading “Alcoholism and its Devastating Effects on South African Society”

Drug Addiction South Africa Leading SA Rehab Centre

Drug Addiction South Africa – A Leading SA Rehab Centre Takes A Look

Drug Addiction South Africa Leading SA Rehab Centre Takes A Look: No one can ignore the fact that alcohol, drug abuse and drug addiction are on the rise and that not only in our country but throughout the world.

While the latest, accurate statistics are very difficult to access (the latest local stats we managed to source were dated 2016) government and NGO’s cannot be outrightly blamed for this due to the clandestine nature of the epidemic and the stigma imposed upon those affected by the disease of addiction. Continue reading “Drug Addiction South Africa – A Leading SA Rehab Centre Takes A Look”

Leading SA Rehab Centre

Addiction, Recovery and Rehabilitation – A Leading SA Rehab Centre

Houghton House is the leading SA Rehab Centre. It is estimated that 15% of South Africa’s population suffer from some form of substance abuse but this is very difficult to verify due the clandestine nature of the problem and the stigma attached to it. Statistics are dated although it is claimed that drug consumption in South Africa is twice the world norm1. While we may not have accurate statistical data numbers will help to identify the scale of the problem but certainly will not help in solving it. There’s no denying that substance abuse is a huge societal issue and it’s time to address it even more vigorously, head on. Continue reading “Addiction, Recovery and Rehabilitation – A Leading SA Rehab Centre”

you need rehab

Tell-tale signs that you need rehab, now!

There is always help for a person suffering with an addiction. The choice to admit to yourself that you need rehab is not always as clear as we would like to think however once checked in, a rehabilitation centre gives a person a form of treatment which sits between two important levels, the intense care offered in inpatient hospitalisation and the more “independent” level that is outpatient treatment. Here are the tell-tale signs that you need rehab, now! Continue reading “Tell-tale signs that you need rehab, now!”

how to spot drug abuse in a loved one


Determining or how to spot drug abuse in a loved one, whether it be your offspring or a sibling, spouse, friend or colleague, is difficult given the emotional investment you’ve probably made in the relationship. Part of you is reluctant to believe such things of the person involved, and social stigma might have its way with you. People close to addicts – be they behavioural (eating disorders, gambling or sex) or substance use (pharmaceutical or recreational, ‟street‟ or fitness drugs) addicts – will, over time, develop a pathological set of coping behaviours to deal with the chaos that “your‟ addict brings with him or her. To this end, short and long term support organisations and services exist alongside primary addiction treatment to assist with this very problem – coping with an addict in one’s life. Continue reading “HOW TO SPOT DRUG ABUSE IN A LOVED ONE”

Place of Hope Rehab in JHB

A Place of Hope for South African Substance Abusers

Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre is making it even easier to find help no matter where you are with an emergency line which makes help and treatment more accessible than ever, offering  a place of hope for South African substance abusers.

Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre in Johannesburg is fast becoming the place to recommend when it comes to rehabilitation for substance abuse in SA and with a 24 hour emergency line 079 770 7532 you or someone you love can get that all important attention needed to begin the road to recovery. Whether you need advice, support or to check in yourself or a loved one, Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre‘s hotline is the number to have on your phone. Continue reading “A Place of Hope for South African Substance Abusers”

Addiction Recovery Rehabilitation

Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation

Unravelling Addiction, Recovery and Rehabilitation – Learnings from a Leading SA Rehab Centre

The sad reality is that in modern society drug and alcohol abuse are becoming more and more prevalent and impact not only on the users but also those close to them; family, friends and loved ones. Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate and spares no one regardless of race, age, gender or financial status. Addiction is a diagnosable disease and addicts need to be supported by loved ones to help them overcome their problem and feelings of low self-esteem commonly experienced by those who have been caught up in substance abuse. Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation is the way to go. Continue reading “Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation”

my son is an addict

My Son is an Addict.

My son is in jail. I love him. He is 24 years old and a drug addict.

I know him better than anyone else. He is beautiful, kind, caring and smart. He is also an addict and is going to spend half a decade in prison because he was convicted for possessing with intention to distribute drugs. My son is an addict and this is our story.

The tragic rollercoaster began when my son was 20 years old. He had been in and out of rehab so many times that I lost count. In fact you could probably say it was a year in total. He tried to get sober; in fact he was winning the battle but fell off and succumbed to substance abuse once again less than a year after going sober. Continue reading “My Son is an Addict.”

drinking is out of control

How Can I Tell if my Drinking is Out of Control

With alcohol being a legal and socially acceptable mind altering substance, it is sometimes difficult to know if your relationship with drinking is unhealthy. In the society we live in where alcohol flows freely at any get-together, how can I tell if my drinking is out of control?

Six serious signs that your drinking is out of control

Here are six warning signs to help you determine if your social consumption of alcohol has developed into a drinking problem: Continue reading “How Can I Tell if my Drinking is Out of Control”

My friend the addict

My friend the addict, what should I do?

My friend the addict, how can I help?

It can happen in an instant. You wake up one day and realise that your friend of 20 years has a substance abuse problem. So what is next? How do you, his best friend react? What do you say? What do you do?  Firstly, before you blow gasket overthinking it all, take a deep breath. You are already in first gear and it is going to be alright. If you find yourself telling yourself in the mirror “My friend is an addict, what should I do?”  Then read on. Continue reading “My friend the addict, what should I do?”

recovery from drugs

Our Extended Inpatient Care Programme for Rehab

The first and most difficult step of breaking free of addiction is to ask for help. You might begin with a simple search on the Internet with the words: find a rehab near me, or you might reach out to a loved one. However you do it, know that this is the best decision you will ever make in your life. Especially if you consider going the route of our Extended Inpatient Care Programme for Rehab once Primary Care has been completed

When you first arrive at a rehabilitation centre, Continue reading “Our Extended Inpatient Care Programme for Rehab”

halfway house Living

Why halfway houses help keep addicts clean

Life is Tough

Especially when you’ve had your crutch taken away.
That’s why halfway houses exist: to offer the support and structure needed to rebuild your life post-addiction.

All names have been changed to protect their anonymity.

Houghton House halfway Houses.

Shaun couldn’t shake his addiction to cocaine. “I tried. Multiple times. Was in and out of rehab for as long as I can remember. Kept relapsing every time. Sometimes, after a few weeks. Sometimes, a few days. The last time, pretty much the moment I got out the gate.” Continue reading “Why halfway houses help keep addicts clean”

Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction – The XXX Factor

Is porn addiction such a big deal?

The arrival of the Internet has not only changed the way humans communicate, study, do business and shop; it’s also changed our sexual behaviour dramatically. In fact, the consumption of porn online has mushroomed beyond control with more Porn Addiction sufferers that ever before.

A study in 2016 showed that a whopping 35% of ALL internet downloads consisted of “adult” material.

On the world’s largest porn site, people watched 4, 599 million hours of porn. That adds up to a staggering 525 000 years’ worth of hardcore porn viewing on a single web site in one year alone! Continue reading “Porn Addiction – The XXX Factor”

How to Help Addicts

How to Help Addicts – Recognizing who needs help.

When trying to help addicts, there’s nothing worse than that feeling of helplessness watching someone you care for destroying his or her life (and the lives of those around them) through addiction to alcohol, drugs or a combination of both.

Take heart knowing that you CAN do something to help. It won’t be easy on you or on the addicted person. But you have it in your power to help that person turn his or her life around and overcome addiction. The major challenge is, they have to want it as much as you do. Continue reading “How to Help Addicts – Recognizing who needs help.”

Process Addiction and Other Types of Addictive Behaviour

Process Addiction and Other Types of Addictive Behaviour

Games, Sex, Food: the other addictions.

It’s not only drugs and alcohol that create addicts. Some things we take for granted in our lives can too.

What does Candy Crush have in common with cocaine? How can watching porn be like mainlining heroin? And why is food, an essential part of life, a drug that can be abused?

Addiction isn’t just about chemicals. At least, not external chemicals you imbibe through snorting, smoking, or spiking. Continue reading “Process Addiction and Other Types of Addictive Behaviour”

Staying Sober Over the Silly Season

Staying Sober Over the Silly Season

It’s that time of year when everyone is gearing down for the holidays and everyone is in “party mode.” Well, not everyone. In fact, this is the worst time of year to be an addict. The constant partying and socializing means you are exposed to temptation more than at any other time. It’s also a stressful and emotional time, when issues around money and relationships with family and friends (often among the original triggers for abuse) come into focus. It’s harder than ever to stay clean and sober – but there are ways you can minimize the risk of having a destructive relapse. Continue reading “Staying Sober Over the Silly Season”

TIK Crystal Meth Abuse in South Africa

The Short Straw- Methamphetamine Addiction:

Tik has made headlines in South Africa as one of the most addictive and destructive drugs out there. Of the Tik abusers who are fortunate enough to enter a rehab programme, many will struggle and many will be unsuccessful. Unless they stay the course and do the hard work in treatment, and particularly the aftercare where many battle. It’s daunting, but we have to face up to the challenge – starting with understanding what it is, what it does and how we can support abusers in fighting their addiction.

Link to Article on Methamphetamine

Continue reading “TIK Crystal Meth Abuse in South Africa”

Houghton House Combats New zombie Drug Flakka

Flakka – “Zombie Drug”

Everything You Need To Know About Flakka

Flakka has been described as 10 times more powerful than Cocaine and more addictive than Tik (methamphetamine). It can overheat your body to the point where your organs – including your brain – literally boil. The Internet is full of videos showing users “possessed” by the drug: smashing head-first into cars, running around naked, contorting and babbling in agony and fear.

Is it really that bad? Unfortunately, yes. 

Continue reading “Flakka – “Zombie Drug””

Addiction Relapse Triggers

10 Most Common Addiction Relapse Triggers

Some people believe that addiction relapse is inevitable – but that is absolutely not true. Being aware of these 10 most common addiction relapse triggers is your first step towards long-term addiction recovery. To say relapse is part of recovery is wrong, relapse is part of addiction.

One of most effective techniques for preventing relapse is to identify your personal relapse triggers and make a detailed plan on how you will manage them. Continue reading “10 Most Common Addiction Relapse Triggers”


12 Steps Recovery from addiction has been described as a ‘voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterised by sobriety, personal health and citizenship’


David Webb 12 Steps

While in the right setting, such as a 12 steps rehabilitation clinic, many addicts have little trouble stopping drinking or using drugs, most, if not all, find maintaining sobriety, especially after reintegration back into society and return to normal life, much more difficult.
For the majority, without the long-term support and constant vigilance to curtail impulsive behaviour, it is impossible. In some addicts, incentive salience driven by changes in the limbic brain presents a lifelong vulnerability to relapse.


smoking is a problem

There Is A Fine Line Between Regular Drug Use And Drug Abuse

There is a fine line between regular use and drug abuse and addiction.

Very few addicts are able to recognize when they have crossed that line. While frequency or the amount of drugs consumed do not necessarily constitute drug abuse or addiction, they can often be indicators of drug-related problems. Drug abuse may start as a way to socially connect. Commonly, people try drugs for the first time in social situations with friends and acquaintances. A strong desire to fit in to the group can make it feel like doing the drugs with them is the only option. Problems can sometimes sneak up on you, as your drug use gradually increases over time. Continue reading “There Is A Fine Line Between Regular Drug Use And Drug Abuse”

Are creative people prone to drug and alcohol abuse?

Are creative people prone to drug and alcohol abuse?

Are creative people prone to drug and alcohol abuse?
The problem is temperate people make for uninteresting biographies, and we tend to remember the troubled lives of Van Gough or Faulkner, while forgetting the mellow lives of Monet or J.R.R. Tolkien.
So, the answer to the question may be we all tend to notice and celebrate the flamboyant addictions and destructive lifestyles of certain creative personalities because it fits our notions of what a “creative person” is supposed to be.
Often certain high profile rock stars and TV stars perpetuate and act out the myth.

Continue reading “Are creative people prone to drug and alcohol abuse?”

Mental Versus Physical Addiction: Understanding Addiction is the First Step to Ending it

Mental Versus Physical Addiction: Understanding Addiction is the First Step to Ending it.

Mental Versus Physical Addiction

Addiction is a multi-faceted and complex disease. Oftentimes the term “addiction” is oversimplified, but in reality there are many types of addiction that often lay on a spectrum. One of the most important distinctions to make when considering addiction is whether the addiction is physical, psychological or a combination of both. Continue reading “Mental Versus Physical Addiction: Understanding Addiction is the First Step to Ending it.”

Nyaope smoker Rehab in JHB

What is the Drug Nyaope?

South Africa’s Scourge of Nyaope


Nyaope is an illegal dangerous and highly addictive South African street drug also known as Whoonga.


According to the South African Police Services Forensics drug abuse team in Pretoria, Nyaope is low-grade heroin mixed with other drugs or substances. Often used intravenously or more available and popularly sold and smoked as a concoction of marijuana and heroin. Continue reading “What is the Drug Nyaope?”

Summer Fun In Recovery from Addiction

Summer Fun In Recovery from Addiction

Summer Fun In Recovery From Addiction

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy…”  so says that tune! Many of us look forward to this time as a time of relaxing, recharging and spending time with our loved ones and friends. The reality is that summer time is actually a time of increased stress. There’s a saying in recovery that if we are “spiritually fit,” we can go anywhere without fear of relapse. But, it’s probably also true that if we are spiritually fit, there are places we know we shouldn’t be hanging around unless we have a very good reason. As we enter the height of the summer months, we are likely to be presented with more outdoor parties, braais, and celebrations than we usually experience. We are going to have to make some decisions about what we are going to do. Continue reading “Summer Fun In Recovery from Addiction”

What Drives Us To Addiction?

What Drives Us To Addiction?

What Drives Us To Addiction?

Anybody can suffer from addiction, be it to alcohol, drugs, or anything else. Addiction places no importance on age, race, or background – it can happen to anybody, and it’s on the rise. That’s what makes treating the illness both difficult and rewarding; every addict will have their own story to tell, their own reasons why they’ve fallen into hard times.

That being said, there are some recurring themes we hear again and again. While the details may differ from person to person, we can construct a web of stories to create an idea of what could drive a person to addiction. Continue reading “What Drives Us To Addiction?”

Common Habits of Highly Addictive People

Common Habits of Highly Addictive People

These are seven common habits of highly addicted people:

• Withdrawing from loved ones

Individuals are consumed by their drug of choice and spend a significant amount of their time using drugs. This means they will usually skip social meetings or gatherings or will arrive late and leave early. They might not respond to emails, phone calls, or text messages. Continue reading “Common Habits of Highly Addictive People”

Tips To Stay Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety

Tips To Stay Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety

Tips To Stay Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety

Recovery is a lifelong battle.

There is no report card or final grade. A life filled with long-term recovery and a life in sobriety, is a life that will bring you happiness and joy. So much that it may leave you feeling undeserving of the gifts you have been given. Continue reading “Tips To Stay Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety”

A Day In The Life Of A Mother Of A Heroin Addict

A Day In The Life Of A Mother Of A Heroin Addict

 Heroin Addiction:  A Day In The Life Of A Mother Of A Heroin Addict

Its midnight and the rest of the world is sleeping but I am not. My thoughts have me wide awake. I know I have to work so think I should try to lay down. So I curl up on the couch making sure that I am facing the front door always fearful that one of the dealers you owe money could come late at night looking for you and kick in the door. Hoping that if that happens that my dog will be able to protect us both. I lay there begging, pleading and bargaining with God for your life telling him I will trade mine for yours.

Continue reading “A Day In The Life Of A Mother Of A Heroin Addict”

No one ever asks me why I don't shoot heroin.

No one ever asks me why I don’t shoot heroin.

…yet everybody asks me why I don’t drink alcohol!

In my social circle it’s a general opinion that heroin is extremely destructive – only junkies do heroin, those ugly homeless people with bad skin, prostitutes and low life men. The cliche of a heroin addict.

Socially, the question of using heroin, well …it never comes up!

Because I’ve quit heroin, and because I’m an addict, Continue reading “No one ever asks me why I don’t shoot heroin.”

An Addict's Version of "I'm Fine"!

An Addict’s Version of “I’m Fine”!

I’m Fine

Addict: “Just one more… and then I’ll stop … Just the one… and that will be it…

No problem…

… and as the hours fly past… and more becomes all… and all …becomes …everything…

No problem

…I’ll stop tomorrow – easy.

I’m Fine It’s all good.”

It’s never “easy” – watching someone at full flight in the centre of the maelstrom of their addiction. Whether it’s a drug, alcohol, eating or any one of a number of issues that plague the person you love it’s a harrowing stage – and one that at times seems to have no end or solution in sight.

Being strong and in charge for your loved one is good and necessary. So is understanding the fact that they are constantly in the throes of wrestling with their problem, and the chaos that becomes a regular part of life for you and your loved one – and the immediate family, is not permanent.


I’m Fine  -we all must be Fine

Families experience a divergence of emotions including sadness, guilt, hopelessness, anger, frustration, and fear. Many of the family members including you will have exhausted any coping mechanisms and resources to influence your loved one in the direction of change. Pleading, threatening, arguing, confronting and avoiding have all probably been tried with limited success. A big issue to consider is that because of the stressful environment, you and other of your family members may be besieged with your own issues including anxiety, depression and trauma in part due to and/or aggravated by the stress.

To help ease and attempt to bring things to a more normal state of being we have outlined a number of suggestions that may increase the likelihood of getting your loved one to engage in treatment (or change of any sort!) while keeping you as healthy as possible.

Your own self-care is essential.

Establish your own personal limits.

Gain an understanding of the terms “addict,” “enabler” and “co-dependent”, so to remove the stigma that so often surrounds them

Learn to converse in a non-judgmental way. Explain to your loved one and family that this struggle is different for everyone, and that there are any number of paths to change that could be helpful.

Recognize strengths of the loved one. Validate their experience. Acknowledge that their abusive behaviours do not define who they are as a person.

Make a commitment to addressing your own issues (including seeking your own treatment) with your loved one. Own your piece of the struggle.

Empathize with the predicament of ambivalence that the loved one faces.

Respond effectively to the expected ambivalence and subsequent reluctance to change from your loved one. Understand their point of view. Stay away from threats. Invitation works better.

Seek outside consultation from a clinician you trust. Learning how to communicate with your loved one in the most optimal way takes time. Learn to control the way you deliver a message.

Suggest the first visit to a mental health provider be simply “an initial consult to find out what treatment options exist.” The focus of the consult could be managing stress and anxiety and not necessarily a particular disorder.

Though there is a wealth of good and helpful information available, regrettably, there too is an abundance of dangerous misinformation and so called cures available to the general public regarding the treatment of addictive disorders.

A good, or rather, bad example are the reality television shows often that portray dramatic and provocative “interventions” that claim to effect drastic change. Unfortunately, these types of approaches rarely work and can serve to alienate and shame the individual, often leaving him or her with lower self-esteem, self-hatred and more desperate to escape. Unfortunately the person being confronted is often still under the influence of a substance leaving them compromised, disinhibited, self-justifying, and demonstrating poor judgment with an inability to comprehend the nature of the intervention.

Houghton House offers a nurturing and involved treatment plan with Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care. Support through the stages for you, your loved one and if necessary the family is also provided. Many of our patients develop an enthusiasm and want to stop abusive behaviour once they are engaged in a treatment program and exposed to the option of recovery.

I’m Fine.

Just one more and then I’ll stop.


Celebrating Sobriety with Houghton House

Celebrating Sobriety with Houghton House

Celebrating your Sobriety with Houghton House.

Making your one year sober anniversary is a monumental achievement, a milestone if you will. Getting to one year clean takes hard work. A recovering alcoholic/addict who makes it to one year, has committed to making difficult life changes. This achievement should not be underplayed but rather celebrated. In one year a recovering addict has had to basically relearn everything, sit with uncomfortable emotions and ride a tidal wave of transformation. Continue reading “Celebrating Sobriety with Houghton House”

Having Fun Sober after coming out of Rehab

Having Fun Sober after Coming out of Rehab

Having Fun Sober

My fellow addicts, we are an interesting and somewhat predictable bunch. I know what you are thinking: Don’t ever call me predictable. Thing is, we kind of are. We are predictable in the sense that we all have similar reservations when it comes to recovery.

The biggest reservation I had when going into rehabilitation was ‘I won’t ever be able to have fun again.’ Do you relate? This was the contributing factor to most of my relapses back in the day. Immediately after ‘cleaning up’ I would want to get back on the partying scene, hang out with my addict friends and experience some sort of chaotic ‘fun.’ Continue reading “Having Fun Sober after Coming out of Rehab”

The Importance of Aftercare in Recovery from Addiction

The Importance of Aftercare in Recovery from Addiction

The Importance of Aftercare In Recovery From Addiction

It is tempting for those who have come out of an intensive addiction treatment program to believe that their problems have been solved. Yes, getting help for addiction is courageous and getting through treatment is admirable, but leaving a treatment center does not mean your problems are over. Continue reading “The Importance of Aftercare in Recovery from Addiction”

The Modern Man and the Recovery from Addiction Battle

The Modern Man and the Recovery from Addiction Battle

The Modern Man and the Recovery From Addiction Battle

In regards to addiction, men are faced with a set of sensitive and unique issues. It has been proven that men are less likely to seek treatment for addiction and are more likely to experience relapse. Professionals in the field of addiction and psychology believe that part of the problem is that men face a set of modern stressors that place them under serious pressure, a pressure not experienced by previous generations. Continue reading “The Modern Man and the Recovery from Addiction Battle”

Helping your loved one seek treatment for addiction

Helping your loved one seek treatment for addiction

Helping your loved one seek treatment for addiction:

When a person is in the grips of addiction, disarray and turmoil become a regular part of life for both the struggling addict and their loved ones. Family members feel helpless and desperate watching a loved one plunge into the depths of addiction. They are inundated with feelings of frustration, anger, guilt, hopelessness and fear – an amalgamation of emotions that lead to absolute anguish. Continue reading “Helping your loved one seek treatment for addiction”

2. Drug Rehab Johannesburg

Addiction and the Family

Addiction and the Family:

In some cases, families are the primary support systems for those suffering with the disease of addiction. These families are likely to experience significant physical, social, emotional and spiritual stress due to the behavior of the addict whilst in active addiction, and in the same vein, spend a lot of time worrying about the addict in recovery and their chance at relapse. Continue reading “Addiction and the Family”

consequence films pertaining to drug and alcohol addiction

Consequence Films – Pertaining to Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Consequence Films – pertaining to drug and alcohol addiction

“Play the movie forward.”

If you have been to rehab or are involved in AA or NA, you are sure to have heard this term. Before your euphoric recall gets the better of you, before you pick up the phone and call your dealer: ‘play the movie forward.’ This will help the relapse to drug and alcohol addiction.

Yes, that initial rush may be exhilarating, but what are the consequences? Think before you act. As they say, rock bottom has a basement. Continue reading “Consequence Films – Pertaining to Drug and Alcohol Addiction”

The Devastating Drug of the South African Slums - Nyaope

The Devastating Drug of the South African Slums – Nyaope

First reported in Durban, Nyaope also known as Whoonga, the devastating drug of the South African slums is a new and lethal drug that has spread to townships and suburbia throughout South Africa. This highly toxic mind altering substance is also cheap and easily accessible, making it that much more menacing.

Whoonga: The Frightening Facts Continue reading “The Devastating Drug of the South African Slums – Nyaope”

Inhalants: The Household Agent of Death know as 'huffing'

Inhalants: The Household Agent of Death know as ‘huffing’

Inhalants: The Household Agent Of Death known as ‘huffing’

I remember being at a 13th birthday party of all places, and kids out back were inhaling something or other. I never got involved in what they were doing – although I was invited. It scared me. Kids throughout the world have been inhaling toxic fumes to experience a rush. For many, this is their first experience of a ‘high.’ Never mind weed Continue reading “Inhalants: The Household Agent of Death know as ‘huffing’”

Teens and the Party Scene, what Drugs are Popular

Teens and the Party Scene, what Drugs are Popular

Teens and the Party Scene

I went to my first club when I was 14 years old. I had a fake ID on hand and I was dressed in sky high stilettos, a tight black dress and of course, a wonder of a wonder bra. The bouncer for some strange reason, believed that I was of age and let me and my friends enter. First thing we did was go straight to the bar, ordered 2 shots of vodka each and celebrated our ‘grown up’ victory. Continue reading “Teens and the Party Scene, what Drugs are Popular”

Teens & Stereotypes: The Social Experiment

Teens & Stereotypes: The Social Experiment with Addiction

Teens & Stereotypes: The Social Experiment

Who were you in High School? I ask this loaded question because it is incredibly naive to ignore the stereotypes that exist within schools. You have the jocks, the Goths (I think they call them emo’s now), the burn outs, the artists and the book worms. I found myself morphing between the Goth and the artist, and with my ‘image’ came behaviour, or expected behaviour. Continue reading “Teens & Stereotypes: The Social Experiment with Addiction”

crying in Recovery

Heartbreak, Loss and Bullying in Recovery

Heartbreak, Loss, and Bullying in Recovery

I am currently experiencing a situation reminiscent of high school, one of heartbreak, loss and bullying.

The only difference is I am being ‘bullied’ in an environment where I should feel safe. My safe place has become a thing of teenage nightmares. I wake up fearful, anxiety-ridden and full of despair. Continue reading “Heartbreak, Loss and Bullying in Recovery”

The Dental Consequences of Addiction

The Dental Consequences of Addiction

The Dental Consequences of Addiction

I was driving on the highway, exhausted after a 3 day meth binge. The feeling was overwhelming and painful. I was grinding my teeth, I was close to falling asleep at the wheel (I think I even pulled over for a few minutes if I remember correctly) and then I heard that familiar sound. It was a crack, and an all too familiar feeling. I spat it out, dug around in my mouth and found it – one of my back teeth had broken in half. Continue reading “The Dental Consequences of Addiction”

Preventing Relapse in the New Year

Preventing Relapse in the New Year

Help With Preventing Relapse in the New Year

So, the silly season is over and we survived it! It is now time to take on the New Year. For some people, including myself, I find the New Year to be even more stressful than the festive season. It is back to work, back to reality and back to the daily grind. For some of us, we find ourselves looking for a job, the pressure of getting our kids back into routine and back to school starting, a new career or going back to school. The holiday is over and life begins abruptly – seemingly without warning. The holiday is over folks, and real-life anxiety and pressure begins. Continue reading “Preventing Relapse in the New Year”

Crack is Wack! Cocaine Addiction here are the facts

Crack is Wack! Cocaine Addiction here are the facts

Crack is Wack! Here are the Facts

To put it simply, Crack Cocaine is the crystallised form of cocaine. It usually comes in powder form, solid blocks or crystals. The colour varies from white to yellow to pale pink. The drug is heated and smoked through a ‘lolly’ or crack pipe. Crack is the most potent form of cocaine and it appears to be the most dangerous. This is because it is between 75% and 100% pure. It acts faster and is stronger than regular cocaine. Continue reading “Crack is Wack! Cocaine Addiction here are the facts”

Stop Sabotaging your Happiness with Addictive Behaviour

Stop Sabotaging your Happiness with Addictive Behaviour

Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness With Addictive Behaviour

Our generation is full of self-hate and misery. I know that in my recovery I have found myself in self-hate mode, self-pity mode and yes, self-sabotage mode. Our generation is not used to contentment and for some of us, when happiness enters our lives we are petrified of this foreign feeling. Continue reading “Stop Sabotaging your Happiness with Addictive Behaviour”

Prescription Medication: From Hollywood to Hillbrow

Prescription Medication: From Hollywood to Hillbrow

Prescription Medication: From Hollywood to Hillbrow

Like alcohol, prescription medication is standard in our lives. It is the ‘norm.’ We don’t raise an eye when we see someone chug down medication – as long as it comes in a nice prescription bottle. Doctors’ orders you know.

Society hands out prescription meds like sweets. You are tired? Have a Stillnox. You are struggling to concentrate? Have Ritalin. You are stressed? Try a Lexitan, Adderall or Valium. Or all three! The list goes on. Continue reading “Prescription Medication: From Hollywood to Hillbrow”

Bath Salts: The Zombie Apocalypse

Bath Salts

The Zombie Apocalypse

Many of us have heard tales of drugged up men and women cutting their own skin open, violently attacking each other and eating human flesh while intoxicated on bath salts. The stories are horrifying, reminiscent of a Rob Zombie feature film. But what are the facts? What are the signs? And what are the real effects of this new age drug? Continue reading “Bath Salts”

Uppers, Downers and All 'Rounders: Educate Yourself

Uppers, Downers and All ‘Rounders: Educate Yourself

Uppers, Downers and Hallucinogens

Drug abuse is a seeping stain, one that is spreading like wildfire throughout South Africa – throughout the globe. Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful and does not discriminate. Anyone is vulnerable to the scourge that is addiction. The more that you educate yourself on these mind altering substances the more you are able to protect yourself and your loved ones against them. Continue reading “Uppers, Downers and All ‘Rounders: Educate Yourself”

Alcohol and the Body: This 'Aint Pretty

Alcohol and the Body: This ‘Aint Pretty

Alcohol and the B0dy: This ‘Aint Pretty

When picturing an alcoholic I’m sure you imagine an older man or woman, with a blood red nose and dirty clothes. Yes, this is the face of alcoholism, a tired and sunken elder who can barely speak. Physical deterioration is true of alcoholism but it is important to remember that the beggar on the side of the road Continue reading “Alcohol and the Body: This ‘Aint Pretty”

Cross Addiction: Oh, the life of an addict

Cross Addiction: Oh, the life of an addict

So, your recovery is going great. You are attending regular meetings, doing step work and seeing your sponsor. Life is good. Slowly, life may become somewhat unmanageable again – and seemingly out of nowhere. You have put in the work – why has it gotten to this chaotic point? Ask yourself this: Have you traded one addiction for another? Continue reading “Cross Addiction: Oh, the life of an addict”

Sober is Sexy!

Sober is Sexy!

I remember being drunk and high, strolling into a club and thinking I was Queen Bee. I was gorgeous, the life of the party, statuesque and intimidating. I was all powerful.

Then I look at pictures and speak to friends the next day after my regular black out. I was bedraggled, haggard, unbalanced, drooling and talking absolute nonsense. I wasn’t intimidating, I was just irritating. Continue reading “Sober is Sexy!”

Workplace Addiction

Workplace Addiction

Workplace Addiction what can be done?

HR professionals are often the first port of call in dealing with crises within the organization. Substance abuse and related disorders have infiltrated the corporate world and more often, are presenting as common crises to be dealt with. Workplace Addiction in the corporate world can be dealt with constructively. And admission into treatment can be facilitated with relative ease and appropriate corporate support. Continue reading “Workplace Addiction”

Spiritual Leaders of South Africa & Substance Abuse

Spiritual Leaders of South Africa & Substance Abuse

Addiction in the Community

Spiritual Leaders of South Africa & Substance Abuse, Religious Leaders are often the first port of call in dealing with crises within the community. Substance abuse and related disorders have infiltrated our society and more often, are presenting as common crises to be dealt with. Addiction in the community can be dealt with constructively. Admission into treatment can be facilitated with relative ease and appropriate support. Continue reading “Spiritual Leaders of South Africa & Substance Abuse”

CAT or KAT Addiction

CAT or KHAT Addiction

 CAT or KHAT is not the same drug and refers to two types of drugs – though the similar name is used for both .

CAT is highly addictive.

It is a manufactured drug that is easily accessible and relatively cheap, producing similar effects to Amphetamines, MDMA and Cocaine so is often used by people who favour stimulant drugs.
Synthetically made containing Methcathinone. It is sold in a powder form. It is compared to crystal meth or cocaine. It can be injected, snorted or inhaled and is highly addictive. CAT causes an intense psychological addiction. Continue reading “CAT or KHAT Addiction”

Inpatient residential programme

The 12 Steps of AA, NA, GA, OA & CA

These are the original Twelve Steps as published by Alcoholics Anonymous:

  • We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.
  • Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  • Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.
  • Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

Continue reading “The 12 Steps of AA, NA, GA, OA & CA”

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction

There are many people living with a prescription drug addiction simply because these drugs can be obtained easily through a doctor. Even though they are legal, they may cause a strong addiction that causes withdrawal symptoms similar to heroin withdrawal.

Prescription drug addiction is wide spread and people are addicted to sleeping pills, pain killers, tranquilizers, slimming medication and antidepressants.

Continue reading “Prescription Drug Addiction”

Dangers of Hallucinogenic Drugs

Dangers of Hallucinogenic Drugs

Here we list some of the dangers of hallucinogenic drugs. All drugs are dangerous, but hallucinogenic drugs carry their own risks:

  • Getting a bad trip. Anyone can get a bad trip, but it happens more often when somebody is uncertain and when someone has psychological problems. You can for years, or in some cases even your entire lives continue to suffer from recurrent depression and /or anxiety. When you experience a bad trip from hallucinogenic drugs, you may suffer from negative feelings such as depression, anxiety, loss of self control, confusion and paranoia.

Continue reading “Dangers of Hallucinogenic Drugs”

Dangers of Ecstasy

Dangers of Ecstasy MDMA

The Dangers Of Ecstasy. 

Ecstasy is a typical party drug, aimed at a music night market and also to weekend festivals. Sleep is literally driven out of the body. Ecstasy is available as pills, in various colours and shapes, sometimes capsules or powders. If you have the real Ecstasy, it contains MDMA (3,4-methyleendioxymethylamfetamine). Continue reading “Dangers of Ecstasy MDMA”

Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin Withdrawal

Information on Heroin Withdrawal

Drugs that kick in quickly, usually cause more severe withdrawal symptoms. Heroin withdrawal symptoms occur after quitting long-term use, but can also occur as a result of administration of an opiate antagonist (e.g. naloxone).

Because of the goose bumps, the syndrome derives its name: “cold turkey”. Continue reading “Heroin Withdrawal”

Admissions For All Your Drug and Alcohol Addiction Problems

Successful Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment

Successful alcohol & drug rehab treatment deeply relies on the commitment from the addict. When you decide to start treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction, you need to be committed 100%. A rehab facility will give you all the resources you need to recover, but if you don’t have the right attitude then the treatment is pointless. Continue reading “Successful Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment”

Heroin Addiction and Withdrawal

Heroin Addiction and Withdrawal

When looking at heroin addiction and withdrawal, you can distinguish between mental and physical dependence.

We speak of physical dependence when the body protests against stopping heroin use, which leads to heroin withdrawal.

Compared to other drugs, addiction and withdrawal occurs rather quickly when it comes to heroin. Continue reading “Heroin Addiction and Withdrawal”

Effects of Heroin Abuse

Effects of Heroin Abuse

Effects Of Heroin Abuse

Heroin affects the body in many ways. Here are some of the most common effects of heroin abuse.

Pain relief
Heroin is among the most effective analgesics in medicine. Despite the advent of various chemical agents with an opiate analgesic effect, it remains the best painkiller. The precise effect of this analgesic effect is unknown. The thought of pain still exists, but the euphoric feelings make you pay less attention to the pain and therefore feel it less. Continue reading “Effects of Heroin Abuse”

Drugs and Teenagers pils

Drugs and Teenagers

Drugs and Teenagers

How do you know your teenager is experimenting with drugs?

What do you do when you discover your teenager is experimenting with drugs? What happens to the teenager who first started experimenting with drugs and then becomes addicted? What are the risks of drugs and teenagers? Where can you get help for your teenager? Continue reading “Drugs and Teenagers”

ton House Drug Addiction Recovery Centre

Drug Addiction Warning Signs

Drug Addiction Warning Signs

Knowing how to spot the drug addiction warning signs may help you spot a drug addiction in a loved before it’s too late.

Most of the drug addiction warning signs have more to do with behavior than actual physical signs.

Here are some of the most common drug addiction warning signs to look out for: Continue reading “Drug Addiction Warning Signs”

Cocaine Cravings

Cocaine Cravings

Cocaine cravings – An irresistible need

Cocaine causes excruciating cravings and the irresistible urge to use the drug, can often drive users to despair. Addicts will do anything to get that fix. Scientists explain cocaine craving based on changes in the brain from cocaine use.

Unlike heroin, Cocaine has no physical withdrawal symptoms. Continue reading “Cocaine Cravings”

Treatment Of Cocaine Addiction

Treatment Of Cocaine Addiction

Treatment Of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is a common form of drug addiction. Houghton House treats individuals suffering from cocaine addiction. Cocaine is not just in the party circuit, but this drug has also found its way into use in a business environment. Continue reading “Treatment Of Cocaine Addiction”

Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs

Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs

Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs

These cocaine addiction warning signs are just a guideline and although there’s a good chance, it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is a cocaine addict. Confronting an addict is a difficult thing to do, and having professional support, might mean the difference between recovery and eventual death. Continue reading “Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs”

Effects Of Long Term Drinking

Effects Of Long Term Drinking

Effects Of Long Term Drinking

The effects of long term drinking can be very damaging to the body and it’s important to know the risks involved.

Heavy drinkers often tend to miss meals or lack adequate diets and therefore suffer nutritional imbalance and have an impaired immune system. 

Alcohol gets transported to other parts of the body through your blood. The highest concentrations of alcohol are found in the brain, liver, heart, kidneys and muscles. Continue reading “Effects Of Long Term Drinking”

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol gets transported through the stomach and small intestine into the blood stream. Circulation causes the alcohol to spread through all parts of the body. The alcohol reaches the brain after about 10 minutes. With a full stomach, the intake of alcohol takes a little bit longer than on an empty stomach. Continue reading “Effects Of Alcohol Abuse”

Teen Binge Drinking: The Facts

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism may cause a physical and psychological dependence.
Physical dependence: this form of dependence is due to two properties of alcohol.

  1. It is increasingly necessary to achieve the desired alcohol effect. This process is called tolerance.
  2. The body protests when no more alcohol is given. The protest is reflected in detoxification or withdrawal symptoms: feeling sick, trembling, feeling frightened.

Continue reading “What is Alcoholism?”

The Importance of Aftercare in Recovery from Addiction

Family Intervention For Addictions

Family Intervention For Addictions

This type of intervention leads to better understanding and less tension between family and the suffering addict. Someone with an addiction will ultimately benefit from continued involvement from family and friends.

The approach to family interventions is usually: Continue reading “Family Intervention For Addictions”

Addiction Treatment Centres

Addiction Treatment Centres

Addiction Treatment Centres

Our Treatment Centres are all about personal care, especially at Houghton House. Finding an addiction treatment centre that’ll suit your personal needs is always a challenge. The fact of the matter is, your mind needs to be in the right place. You can only receive help, if you’re willing to give it your all. Continue reading “Addiction Treatment Centres”

Johannesburg Addiction Treatment Centre

Johannesburg Addiction Treatment Centre

Johannesburg Addiction Treatment Centre

Whether you live in Johannesburg or come from far away, a Johannesburg addiction treatment centre has a lot to offer.

Because Johannesburg is the business capital of South Africa, a lot of the country’s best practitioners are in Johannesburg. If you have an addiction, or a loved one with an addiction, choosing a Johannesburg addiction treatment centre, could be the right choice for you. Continue reading “Johannesburg Addiction Treatment Centre”

Johannesburg Addiction Clinics

Johannesburg Addiction Clinics

Johannesburg addiction clinics offer rehabilitation for various forms of addiction.

It’s not easy making the decision to go to rehab, but trying to quit any addiction on your own is much more difficult than going into an addiction clinic. At a Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres, you’ll find all the tools you need to become an addiction success story. Continue reading “Johannesburg Addiction Clinics”

Celebrating Sobriety with Houghton House

Johannesburg Rehab Centres

Johannesburg Rehab Centres

Do you know of a loved one that suffers from an addiction? Do you want to save their lives before it is too late? Houghton House Rehabilitation center is a professional rehab in Johannesburg that has been the cornerstone for many addicts’ recovery. Houghton House is recognised locally as well as globally and many patients from around the world have once called Houghton House their home. Continue reading “Johannesburg Rehab Centres”

Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury Rehab Centers

If you or a loved one have an addiction and have a bit of extra money to spend then a luxury rehab center is the way to go. Going through addiction rehabilitation is an uncomfortable process. You deal with your physical as well as mental withdrawal. You want to be as comfortable as possible whilst you go through recovery. Continue reading “Luxury Rehab Centers”

Successful Drug Rehabilitation

Successful drug rehabilitation

Successful Drug Rehabilitation

A Successful Drug Rehabilitation program is absolutely vital for drug addicts who need to recover from their addiction. Addicts receive the care, support and mentorship they need when they are in Houghton House.

Successful drug rehabilitation:
A good attitude and a positive outlook is essential to keep you motivated and prevent you from relapsing. Drug addiction is a serious disease that will break down your self-esteem. Continue reading “Successful drug rehabilitation”

World Drug Day 26th June

Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg

Rehabilitation Centres In Johannesburg

South Africa became a part of the global economy after the democracy. People from all over the world arrived in South Africa to do business in this country that was once isolated for many years.

Unfortunately with the boom in trade also came the flood of drugs. The drug market grew and drug addiction became a major problem that could not be handled by the state health system. Continue reading “Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg”

Johannesburg Addiction Treatment Centre

Rehab Clinics in Johannesburg

Rehab Clinics In Johannesburg

The hardcore drug trade arrived in South Africa in the mid nineties after it became an open society. For many years it was a closed society and isolated from the world at large. South Africa became well known for drug lords and they thrived in the new market.

This new trend brought along the social problems that go hand in hand with drug abuse. Continue reading “Rehab Clinics in Johannesburg”

Addiction Treatment Centres

Drug Rehabs in South Africa

Drug Rehabs in South Africa are available to those who seek them. There are numerous addiction treatment centres in South Africa that are equipped to deal with addiction patients. The key is finding the right treatment centre to suite your personal needs. Houghton House is one of the best addiction treatment centres, offering addiction help in South Africa. Continue reading “Drug Rehabs in South Africa”

Stop Sabotaging your Happiness with Addictive Behaviour

Long Term Treatment For Substance Abuse

Long Term Treatment For Addiction

Wondering about long term addiction treatment?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider long term treatment for substance abuse.

  •  Studies have shown that long term in-house treatment has a much higher success rate than other treatment options. When you go through recovery, you have to change your whole lifestyle and that takes time. So going for long term treatment really makes a big difference in your recovery.

Continue reading “Long Term Treatment For Substance Abuse”

Residential Drug Rehab Clinics

Residential Drug Rehab Clinics

Residential Drug Rehab Clinics

South Africa needed to take a fresh look at drug rehabilitation after drugs hit its shores in 1994.

The private sector took a major step to deal with this issue and they established several drug rehab centres within the country. In addition to this they designed programs for the treatment of drug addiction. Continue reading “Residential Drug Rehab Clinics”

Luxury Rehab Centers

Exclusive Addiction Treatment Clinics

Exclusive Addiction Treatment Clinics

The facilities of most of the addiction treatment clinics in Johannesburg are exclusive. The facilities are designed to enhance the treatment of the patient and to make the patient feel at ease. The surroundings play a major role in the process of the healing of the patient. Continue reading “Exclusive Addiction Treatment Clinics”

Cocaine Rehab Costs

Cocaine Rehab Costs

Cocaine Rehab Costs

Cocaine has been around for many years. Millions of people all over the world are addicted to this drug. It is a highly addictive stimulant derived from the cacao plant that grows in Peru and Bolivia.

Due to the apartheid, this drug was not readily available in South Africa for many years. When South Africa became part of the global society, the availability of this drug, with its social problems, became part of life in South Africa. Continue reading “Cocaine Rehab Costs”

World Drug Day 26th June

Drug Rehab Costs

Drug Rehab Costs

The state health care system in South Africa is under tremendous pressure. With the coming of the new democratic era in 1994 the state had to reach out to the previously disadvantaged population. It was virtually impossible for the state to handle the new social problem that came with the flood of drugs reaching the country. Continue reading “Drug Rehab Costs”

crying in Recovery

Non Residential Rehab Clinics

Non Residential Rehab Clinics

Houghton House Treatment Centre recognises that not all people are able to make the commitment to attend a thirty-day residential program and in light of this we facilitate an outpatient program in the evenings. The outpatient program is modelled on the same philosophy as the residential program and is there to accommodate people that are unable to become inpatients. Continue reading “Non Residential Rehab Clinics”

Johannesburg Addiction Treatment Centre

Types of Treatment For Addiction

Types Of Treatment For Addiction

The South African drug rehabilitation centers, with the rehabilitation centers of Johannesburg in the front-line, are doing sterling work. Patients from all over the world are coming to these clinics that provide excellent service and value for money treatment with outstanding, professional staff. Continue reading “Types of Treatment For Addiction”

Preventing Relapse in the New Year

Inpatient Detox Centers

Inpatient Detox Centers

Due to the severity of the effects of most of the drugs that are out there, it is very important to give treatment to patients at inpatient detox centers to help the patient overcome the problem of addiction.

These inpatient detox centers are designed to medically and environmentally enhance the healing process of the patient. It is designed in such a way to create the right atmosphere for both the patient and the staff in order to get the best results for the patient. Continue reading “Inpatient Detox Centers”

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Treatment Program

Prescription Drug Treatment Program

The abuse of prescription drugs is rampant not only in South Africa but all over the world. People are under the impression that it is safer to use because it was prescribed by a doctor. Any medication taken for any other purpose than what it was prescribed for is dangerous and can put people at risk both physically and psychologically. It is highly recommended that a prescription drug treatment program is considered. Continue reading “Prescription Drug Treatment Program”

Cocaine Cravings

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programme

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programme

If you want to save a loved one from a cocaine addiction and its potential impact on the body and mind, it is of the utmost importance to bring the addiction to an early end. There are so many possible solutions, so what do you do to get the right answers? Continue reading “Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programme”

Crystal Meth Treatment Program

Crystal Meth Treatment Program

Crystal Meth Treatment Program

The effects of addiction to Crystal Meth are physical as well as psychological. There is no blueprint for the treatment of patients. Each case has to be evaluated on its own and has to be worked out for a specific patient. Specialized medical personnel aid in this process. Continue reading “Crystal Meth Treatment Program”

Addiction Treatment Centres

Affordable Treatment For Addiction

Affordable Treatment For Addiction

Affordable addiction treatment is within reach at Houghton House Recovery Centre.

Unfortunately, our society buries its head in the sand and does not provide addicts with remotely sufficient financial resources for the affordable treatment of addiction. Large funds are spent on sanctions against those whose sins are as a direct or indirect result of their substance abuse. Continue reading “Affordable Treatment For Addiction”

Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Inpatient rehab treatment is recommended for anyone suffering from a serious addiction.

Going through recovery alone is not advisable, as the success rate is far lower than inpatient rehab treatment.

With inpatient rehab treatment, the addict books into the rehab for up to three months. During this time, they take part in various therapies including group therapy, individual therapy, relapse prevention therapy, workshops, cognitive behavioral therapy & complimentary activities, fitness programs, meditation, relaxation massages, yoga, etc. There is 24-hour supervision & assistance available as well as an extensive aftercare program. Continue reading “Inpatient Rehab Treatment”

Addictions Treatment In Johannesburg

Addictions Treatment In Johannesburg

Addictions Treatment In Johannesburg

Houghton House is a well known and safe rehabilitation centre located in Johannesburg. They assist individuals and help them overcome their addictions, be it alcoholism or substance abuse. With a proven track record of over 20 years Houghton House have seen the recovery of several individuals from across the globe. Continue reading “Addictions Treatment In Johannesburg”

Addiction Recovery Centers South Africa

Confidential Drug Rehab in Johannesburg

Confidential Drug Rehab in Johannesburg

Ensuring each patient’s absolute confidentiality is important to us at Houghton House. Each patient is assessed and a unique solution is provided in order to aid the long term recovery process.

To find out more about Houghton House being a Confidential Drug Rehab in Johannesburg please call Continue reading “Confidential Drug Rehab in Johannesburg”

2. Drug Rehab Johannesburg

Private Drug Rehab in Johannesburg

Specialised Addiction Drug Rehab in Johannesburg

The Houghton House Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg is the leading Private Drug Rehab in Johannesburg that assists individuals with overcoming their addiction. They offer a complete spectrum of patient care services and interventions for individuals and their families. Houghton House understands that addiction is a powerful disease and that an addict needs the love, support and mentor-ship to fight this battle. Continue reading “Private Drug Rehab in Johannesburg”